joe dorman

Four years ago when Mary Fallin returned from Washington, D.C. and became Governor of Oklahoma, she brought back with her the national GOP platform of policies that place politics over people. The type of policies of extreme mandates that seek to divide us rather than unite us. If you care about the increasingly sharp, four-decade long widening of the income inequality gap across this country, then you must care about what’s happening today in Oklahoma.

Joe Dorman, at Huffington Post: Why I Am Running for Governor of Oklahoma

One more Joe Dorman spam and then I’m done. Did not see this until today.

So today Oklahoma Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Dorman was tailgating about a block from my house

But I didn’t wake up until noon so I missed the opportunity to go meet him and tell him that I’m voting for him even though he’s still too conservative for my tastes, but I like how he wants to promote education funding, and the current governor is a bloody fascist who needs to be physically thrown out of office.

Oh well.

Also: OU lost its homecoming game – in embarrassing fashion – to Kansas State. I wonder if they’re all sitting around in their tailgates, moping into their Bud Lights and Keystones, and listening to Morrissey.