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other things that need to stop in the ST fandom in 2017

  • people asking charlie and natalia if theyre dating
  • people asking charlie and joe if theyre gay
  • people asking charlie natalia and joe any questions pertaining to their sex lives whatsoever
  • people calling david harbour daddy on instagram
You Should Know Better Pt.7

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven) (Part Eight) (Part Nine) (Part Ten) (Part Eleven) (Part Twelve) (Part Thirteen) (Part Fourteen) (Part Fifteen)

Summary: Literally, just…just…just read it. 
Warnings: Fuck me up cause there’s hot smut in this.   
POV: I finally decided to use Joe’s POV this time around and I’ll continue with his POV most likely
Characters: Joe Merriweather, Natalie
Word Count: 4700ish
Quote: “Hey, Merriweather, get your ass back to the station. That arrestee you gave me is acting up and since you’re the original arresting officer, you need to deal with this mess.” 



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Friends With Benefits

No strings attached.

Friends with benefits.

That’s all it was. Easy enough. Simple and easy.

Two words Joe constantly reminded himself, even as each time Jack climbed out of bed to pull his clothes back on, he longed to pull the younger man back into bed with him.

It had started off simple and easy though.

Joe and Jack had been drunk when they first hooked up, but in the morning as they nursed their hangovers, both remembering the pleasure they had experienced the night prior, they thought about what could be.

Neither wanted a relationship, not in the beginning, but both didn’t want to let go what had happened between them.

And so they decided to continue it, but remain mates.

“We’ll be friends with benefits,” Jack said to Joe that morning. “Easy enough, right?”

“Right.” The older man nodded, the plan sounding brilliant at the time, especially since Jack was sitting there shirtless, marks scattered across his collarbone from the night before, his blue eyes shining over at Joe.

“Want to start now?” Jack asked.

“Gods, yes.” Joe replied instantly, practically jumping onto Jack, their lips crashing together.

Now, months later, Joe wondered if perhaps the plan hadn’t been that smart.

The sex was still great, if anything it had only gotten better as they learned each other’s bodies, but there was one small problem.

Joe had developed some feelings for Jack.

And now he was sitting across from the younger man, listening to him go on about a girl he was starting to see.

“This means we’ll have to stop though,” Jack said to Joe, “I don’t want to cheat on her.”

“I understand,” He nodded, ignoring the clawing feeling in his chest, “So you really like her?”

“I do,” Jack grinned, “She’s great. I’m taking her out tonight actually.”

“Oh, where to?” Joe asked, sitting back as Jack started to ramble on about where he was going to take his date and what they’d do.

Was he jealous? No. He couldn’t be. There was nothing to be jealous of.

He and Jack were just friends with benefits, nothing more.

And so what if he had some feelings, they were easy enough to ignore. Joe could simply brush them away, because this thing between him and Jack had been no strings attached. Plus, they had ended it.

Simple and easy.

Yet it wasn’t simple and easy.

Joe found it difficult to be around Jack, because he was constantly talking about the girl he was still seeing. She had even made an appearance at some of the dinners the boys all gathered for. And Joe hated that he still felt jealousy, because it was clear Jack was happy. Which should have made Joe happy, he wanted his mate to be happy after all.

But then that small voice inside of him reminded him that he didn’t want Jack to be happy with someone else, but with him. Joe hated that voice.

He started distancing himself from Jack, figuring that it would help, maybe after some time apart, the memory of Jack’s hands all over his body would disappear. Maybe Joe wouldn’t wake up gasping the younger man’s name anymore, a warm sticky feeling between his legs. And maybe the feelings he had developed would fade away.

Needless to say, they didn’t.

Joe’s plan failed miserably. The only thing it did was left him lonely and missing Jack, who was apparently too busy with his new girlfriend to notice one of his best mates had disappeared.

A small part of Joe wished he could go back to that first morning and tell Jack no, that friends with benefits would not be smart, that their hook up should have been a one time thing. But a bigger part of him was against ever having those moments taken away from him. Even if he wanted more of them.

He was sat at home one night, after refusing an invitation to go out with the boys, sure that Jack would be there with his girlfriend, and Joe really didn’t want to see that, when his door buzzer went off.

Padding barefoot over to the small screen, he felt his breath catch at the sight of Jack.

He debated on answering the door or pretending he wasn’t home when he saw the younger man type out a quick message on his phone, Joe’s own phone buzzing in his hand a moment later.

I know you’re home, let me in.

Swallowing, Joe hit the button to buzz Jack in, watching him disappear from the screen and into the building.

He paced the floor as he waited for Jack to appear, running his hand through his hair roughly, his nerves running through his body.

“Joe?!” Jack called out angrily, the door slamming shut behind him as he stormed inside, “What the fuck?!”

Blinking in surprise at the sudden outburst, Joe stood stock still in the middle of the room.

“You asshole!”


“Yes, you!” Jack snapped, “You said you were fine with it!”

“Fine with what?!” Joe snapped back, confusion laced through his words.

“With this,” Jack waved a hand between them, “With what we had!”

“And I was!”

“Then why the hell have you disappeared suddenly!”

“Because you got a bloody girlfriend, you idiot!” Joe’s confusion changed to anger, the jealousy fuelling it. “And I didn’t want to watch you parade her around when I wanted it to be me!”

“I only asked her out because I thought we were nothing more than mates,” Jack growled back.

“We were fucking, Jack! Practically every night!” Joe spat, “I think we passed the whole friends with benefits stage.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me something sooner? I wouldn’t have asked her out.”

“You were the one that started this. You were the one that said simple and easy.”

“Yeah, well it stopped being simple and easy when I fell in love with you.” Jack stated, his words surprising Joe.

“ what?”

“But I figured you didn’t feel the same way, and so I asked her out, thinking it would help me get over you. Then suddenly you’ve disappeared, and I’m left thinking I fucked up. I never wanted to lose you, Joe.” Jack said, his tone turning softer as he stepped towards the still shocked man. “I wanted us to be more than just friends with benefits.”

“We’re really shit at communicating, aren’t we?” Joe asked weakly.

“Apparently, since we both could have still been together all this time.” Jack smirked, his fingers lacing together with Joe’s. “And gods, I have missed your body…”

“Me too.” Joe mumbled in reply before grabbing the front of Jack’s shirt, pulling him down into a long overdue and heated kiss.

They had lost time to make up for.

This time, as more than just friends with benefits.

Don’t Leave Next Time

Joe spun away from the door that had just slammed shut, the anger still coursing through his body as he gathered his various items he’d need for the day, his movements jerky.

His mind kept replaying the words that had been spat at him over and over again, fuelling his anger further, and he roughly wiped his eyes with the sleeve of his hoodie, determined to not let the tears fall.

So what if he and Jack had just had a massive fight? He had meetings to get to.

So what if he wasn’t sure where him and his boyfriend stood, it was only a fight.

And so what if Joe was secretly terrified that Jack wouldn’t come back, the day still had to go on.

When he felt a wetness on his hand, Joe realized he had stopped what he was doing, the tears falling freely now.

Closing his eyes tightly, he tried to take in a deep breath, to calm himself.

It was just a fight.

But then his mind quickly supplied him with the words that had been thrown towards each other, cutting into their skin, leaving them hurt and angry, causing Jack to storm out.

Shaking his head, Joe picked up his bag and tossed on his shoes, he couldn’t dwell on the fight. He had a day of meetings to attend.

The day dragged on though, and his mind constantly drifted between anger and sadness, mixing the two together.

There was multiple times when Joe would pick up his phone to send a text or snapchat to Jack, before he would remember the look of anger on his boyfriends face, the one sent in his direction only moments prior to the door being slam shut.

Then Joe would let the phone fall on to the table, or back in to his bag, and he’d move on.

Part of him wanted to reach out and apologize, because he didn’t like fighting with Jack, but he was angry too, at the things that had been said, at how the fight had started, and at Jack for walking out, when they should have tried to work through it.

So he didn’t reach out, he left it alone, threw himself into his meetings and work. And when Joe arrived home to an empty flat, he brushed it off and made himself dinner, edited a video or two, and then he sat there, the silence hanging around him.

He was in his office, contemplating starting another gaming video, since it was only just after midnight, and he really didn’t think he’d be able to go to sleep without Jack, when he heard the sound of his intercom.

Pushing himself out of his chair, Joe made his way over to the small box, clicking the button to turn on the video, and he was surprised at the face displayed.

His hand clenched into a fist, anger returning full force, but his eyes also suddenly felt wet, unshed tears filling them.

Silently, Joe clicked the button to unlock the door, and he watched the body quickly pull the door open, disappearing from the camera.

Once his own front door was unlocked, he began to pace, nervous of what was to come.


“In here.”

Footsteps preceded Jack’s entrance, and Joe stood in the middle of the room, staring over at the man that had left in such a rush only that morning.


“What are you doing here, Jack?”

“I…I didn’t…”

“Have nothing to say now?” Joe felt his hands clench into fists once more, his anger returning, “You had plenty to say earlier!”

“I know, alright?! And I’m sorry!” Jack shouted back, “I wanted to come talk to you all day, but I didn’t because I’m a bloody idiot. But then I was going to bed, and realized that we hadn’t talked…that I hadn’t apologized. And I refused to go to bed angry. Not when you’re involved.”

Joe felt the anger seep out of him slowly, a few tears falling slowly down his cheeks.

Taking in a breath, Jack took a step forward, “I don’t want to go to bed angry, or alone, Joe. I want to go to bed with you, and with you knowing that I love you and am sorry. I should have never said what I did earlier.”

“No, you shouldn’t have…”

“I’m sorry, babe, so incredibly sorry,” Jack stepped closer, “I hated not being able to talk to you today. It felt wrong.”

“Yeah,” Joe offered a weak and watery laugh, “It did.”

“Can we move past this then? Because I really want to go to bed…”

“Don’t leave next time.” Joe said fiercely, his eyes locked on to Jack’s, “I don’t care how angry we get at each other, what we’ve said, neither of us leave next time. Not until we talk it out.”

“Alright,” Jack nodded, his arms moving around Joe now that he was close enough, “We don’t leave until we love each other again.”

“I never stopped…”

“Neither did I,” Jack smiled, kissing Joe quickly, “But I’m still sorry.”

“I know you are,” Joe replied, relaxing into the embrace, “I’m glad you came back. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to go to bed without you…”

“You don’t have to.” Jack assured him, turning his head to press a simple kiss to Joe’s temple, “I’m right here.”

Shocking Lie Detector

“Is this going to hurt me?” My hand hovers over the device as I look up at Joe, who is looking way to happy about what was happening.

“No, love. Now please, it needs to read your vitals.” He encourages, inching it closer towards my hand.

Hesitantly, I lower my hand until it connects with the device, jumping slightly as it starts to beep. Next to me, my boyfriend chuckles softly, earning a glare.

“This isn’t funny, Joe.”

“It is a little bit, Y/N. Come on, you saw my sister and Alfie do it, it’ll be fine! Oh look, it’s ready!” He bounces a little in his seat as the lie detector beeps. We are sat on the end of his bed, camera and lights pointed at me, filming a video for his channel. All week Joe had been asking me to do the lie detector shock challenge, saying he had borrowed the device from Alfie last time he was visiting them. At first, I had refused; especially after the shock pads video he had forced me into long ago.

But as the days went on, he kept asking, and I finally caved, on his solemn swear that it would not hurt me.

“Just, ask the question so this is done with.” It was to be a one sided question video, with Joe asking me all the questions. And then if the fans liked it, he said we could potentially do one where I ask him the questions. I personally thought it was unfair, but he knew how to persuade me.

“Right. First question,” He looks from his phone up to me. “Start off easy. Do you love me, despite doing this video?”

I roll my eyes at him before answering. “For some reason, yes.” We watch as the lights go around, the machine processing my answer before it beeps truth.

“Awe, you love me!” Joe grins, leaning over to place a kiss on my cheek.

“Ask me again after this video. Next question.”

“Alright..uhm, are you, or have you ever been, jealous of ‘Jaspar’?” He asks, and I instantly know this is a fan submitted question.

“Of all the questions, you chose that one?”

“There’s more coming. Now answer it.”

“No, I have never been jealous of ‘Jaspar’.”

After a moment, the machine lets out a different one, and I jump as it sends a shock up my arm.

“Ow! Shit, that does hurt!” I pull my hand away, rubbing it while Joe falls backwards laughing.

“I knew you were jealous!”

“I am not! This thing is broken!”

“The lie detector doesn’t lie, love.” He sits up, smiling over at me. “Just admit it, you have been jealous.”

“Why should I be? I’m the one that got you in the end.” I smirk.

“I’m leaving that in. Caspar is going to be so mad when he sees it.” Joe shakes his head, laughing to himself.

“Are we finishing this or not?” I ask, wincing as I place my hand back on the machine.

“Now you’re getting into it!” He lifts his phone up, looking for the next question. I let out a groan as he glances over at me, a smirk on his face. This next one is going to suck.

“Have you,” Joe pauses for a moment. “Ever sexted?”

I feel my face flush as I gape at him. “You can’t ask that!”

“Fair game, Y/N. Answer it. Truthfully. Or lie, but remember, you’ll get shocked.”

“I hate you so much.”

“That’s not an answer.”

“Ugh. Fine.” I glance down at the machine, knowing either way my answer will be revealed. Deciding to get it done and over with quickly, I squeak out a small ‘yes’ before Joe hits the button to analyze my question.

Closing my eyes, I fall back onto the bed as it confirms the truth.

“Well, aren’t you an adventurous little thing.”

“Just you wait until it’s your turn, Sugg. Then everyone can find out the real truth.”

Joe just laughs at that while I sit back up.

The game continues for a while, and apparently he had managed to find as many embarrassing questions as possible for me to answer. I end up getting shocked quite a few times, mostly because I can’t bear to vocally confirm or deny some answers, so I let the machine do it for me. Joe for the most part laughs, clearly enjoying making me go through this.

Finally, he tosses his phone to the side, indicating that we’re done.

“Alright, I think I’ve tortured my girlfriend long enough!”

“Damn right.” I mumble, massaging my hand.

“It wasn’t that bad.”

“Alright, let’s do one question for you before the video is done then.” I hold the machine up for him, shooting him a daring look. Never one to back down, Joe places his hand on it, and I reset the machine for him.

I look him right in the eye, a smirk on my lips, as I ask the question.

“Who is more attractive, me or Mila Kunis?”

I laugh to myself as his eyes widen, clearly not wanting to answer the question.

“That’s just mean. Unfair advantage.”

“You called fair game, Sugg. Answer the question.”

“You are.” Joe says, but his tone lifts at the end, so it’s almost like he’s asking his own question. I press the button, and wait for it to do its thing, already knowing what will happen.

And as expected, my boyfriend lets out a yelp as he pulls his hand away quickly.

“There you have it, folks. Joe Sugg thinks Mila Kunis is more attractive than his own girlfriend.” I shake my head in mock disappointment.

“Oh come on! That was not a fair question.”

“Close out the video.”

Joe pouts but turns to face the camera. “If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up. And if you hit….one hundred thousand, I’ll let Y/N ask the questions. Remember, if you haven’t subscribed already, it’s free! I’ll see you next week with another Sugg Sunday Special!”

“Where you’ll find out if he still has a girlfriend!” I chime in, my words laced with a teasing tone.

“Cheers, bye!” Joe finishes before hitting the button to stop recording. “You’re right. That machine is broken.” He says to me immediately, going to wrap his arms around me. But I jump off the bed quickly and head for the door.

“Hmm, I’m pretty sure it tells the truth, Joe. So go give your new girlfriend a hug instead.” I tell him, smiling over my shoulder as I walk out of the room.

“I’m sorry!”

“I’ll forgive you…one day!”

Joe’s groan echoes off the walls, mixing with my laughter.