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Joe Brooks - Holes Inside Guitar Chords

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Intro and verse:

C and Am:

C                                                                          Am
    When all that you’ve tried leaves nothing but holes inside

C                                                               Am
    It seems like you’re wired to stay here held in time 


I’m not entirely sure of the names of these but I think they’re F and G. They’re the same chord shape but on different frets.

                             F                 G
Nothing seems to change, oh no

                           F               G
Nothing’s gonna change at all

I can see it in your face

That hope has gone away

Play these for “Everything will be ok, I know that it’s so easy to say, but the pain inside will fade, please tell me that you’ll stay” as well.


C G Am and the two previous chords (F and G?)

               C               G             Am                    F                G
But if we hold tight, shadows will be lost in the light,          oh,

           C                 G                    Am              F             G
Cause sometimes, fate and your dreams will collide. 

                      F               G
So don’t walk away from me,

                  F                G
Don’t walk away from me,

                  F       G
Don’t walk away

From me 

If anyone has any questions I’ll be happy to help if I can :)

Joe Brooks - Superman Guitar Chords *updated version*

I think I made some mistakes in my previous one so here is the updated version. :)

Here is how to play the intro.

Here is how to play the verse and pre-chorus.

Here is how to play the chorus.

Here is how to play the bridge.

Here is how to play the outro.

It says to put the capo on the 11th fret because that’s how Joe plays it in the Superman video but he puts it on the 10th fret when playing it live.

Please ask me if you need any help :)


Joe Brooks - You Make Me High cover - tutorial

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Joe Brooks - Shades of Sky Guitar Chords

Here is part 1.

Here is part 2.

Play part one and part two again, then:

Here is part 3.

Here is part 4.

I’ve also uploaded it in normal speed and slow speed

For the verses, just strum the chord in part 1 twice then the chord in part 2 once for most of it. Ask me if you need any more help and I’ll try to get to you.


Joe Brooks - The Island guitar tutorial

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