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I heard there was a Hogwarts/Mad Max AU floating around? 

Here’s my two cents for that. *throws* This is what happens when I decide to marathon the HP movies over the week and also have a “Little Witch Academia” anime poster in front of my work space.

*lies down* I have spent too much energy and time on this.


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Pete discusses Brendon Urie’s performance in Broadways Kinky Boots with Music Choice!

I Just Want To Go Home | Joe Sugg

A/N: I realised after writing this that I wrote that ‘your tipsy boyfriend fell through the door at 2am’ and proceeded to write about him driving home. I’m obviously not condoning drunk driving, but it was the only thing that fitted with the story, so for fictional purposes please ignore that!! :) x

Joe was awoken by the sound of sniffling, and the rustling of the sheets. He opened his eyes slowly, his mind registering the absence of his girlfriend by his side. He scanned the room quickly to see her sat up near the edge of the bed, her head in her hands.

“Baby, what’s wrong? Hey, come here” Joe spoke quietly, shuffling down the bed to meet you and pulling your hands away from you slowly, forcing you to look up at him.

“I feel so ill” you choked. You were at the Gleam christmas party. You’d been bedridden for a few days prior with extreme tonsillitis, but it wasn’t like you to miss out on a big event, so you’d forced yourself to come. At first you were okay, chatting with people as you ate your dinner. You’d managed about an hour at the party before retiring to bed, your throat burning and your energy levels drastically low. You’d been trying to sleep since 11pm, and when your tipsy boyfriend fell through the door to your room at around 2am, you pretended to be asleep so he wouldn’t worry. And that was why you were crying at 3am. You were exhausted, missing home and in a ridiculous amount of pain.

“Oh gorgeous, come here” Joe sighed, pulling you into his chest as you wrapped your arm loosely around his waist.

I just want to go home” you sniffled against him as he ran his fingers through your hair.

“Is it really that bad?” he asked.

“Yeah” you mumbled against his skin.

“Okay, how about you sit here while I get our stuff together, then we’ll go, yeah? You can have a sleep in the car and I’ll drive” he suggested, pulling away to look you in the eyes, stroking your face.

“You can’t” you protested, shaking your head.


“Cause it’s not fair on you. I don’t want to drag you away from seeing people tomorrow just to drive home in silence at 3am. Also you can’t drive my car, you’re not insured”

“Baby I don’t mind at all. This is what relationships are, being there for each other. If you need me then I’ll take you home, okay? And don’t worry about the car, it’s only a 40 minute drive, probably less at this time of night. It’ll be fine”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes baby”

You sat back in bed as Joe packed up your things. Whilst still under the covers you managed to throw on some leggings and a sugg life hoodie, sipping on your water as Joe got the last of the things from the bathroom.

Once he was done, you both made your way out into the driveway of the mansion you were all staying at, Joe adamant that he was carrying all the bags. He loaded them into the boot as you took your seat in the passenger side, curling your knees up to your chest and leaning your head on the door. As Joe closed the boot and sat down in the driver’s seat, putting on his seatbelt, a thought occurred to you.

“Joe, you’ve never driven my car before” you said, raising your head to face him.

“Yeah, how different can it be?”

“It’s really fast you know” you warned. You hadn’t splashed out on many things since you’d started earning a good amount from your YouTube channel, however you had invested in a ferrari 458 italia roughly 2 years ago.

“Yeah I know, it’ll be fine. It’s just country roads for most of the journey anyway. And the motorway will be dead”

“Just be careful, yeah?”

“I know” Joe rolled his eyes, smiling slightly to show that he wasn’t annoyed, and was instead flattered by your concern.

You leaned your head against the window again and closed your eyes, falling asleep almost instantly to the sound of the engine starting. The next thing you knew, you were opening your eyes in the garage of your apartment complex. Joe had opened the door, and was kneeling beside you, stroking your hair and unbuckling your seatbelt.

“Wake up babe, we’re back” he whispered, partially as it was 4am, and partially to avoid startling you.

“Okay” you mumbled, shuffling in your seat.

“I’ve got all the bags okay, so when we get in you get straight into bed and I’ll bring you some water” he instructed.

He helped you out of the car and locked up, carrying the bags up to your apartment as you followed him. Once he’d unlocked the door, he let you in first and you went straight to bed, still in your clothes from the journey home. You heard him locking the door, setting down the bags in the living room and filling up a water bottle before you heard his footsteps in the room.

“Are you sure you don’t want to get out of those clothes?” he asked, placing something down on the bedside table.

“No, I’m cold” you mumbled into the pillow, too drained to give a detailed response.

“Okay. There’s some water and paracetamol there for if you wake up again, and if you need anything else just wake me up, okay?”

“Yeah” you replied.

You heard him taking off his clothes, and felt the bed dip as he snuggled under the covers beside you. His arm wrapped loosely around your waist and he pulled you into him.

“Thank you for looking after me” you mumbled.

“No problem gorgeous, I’m always here if you need me. Try and get some sleep now, yeah?”

“Okay. Love you”

“Love you too”