joe bishara

The Devil's Carnival - abridged

so in short

i screamed A LOT

everyone was so nice 

Terrance fucking WINKED at me when he was walking in and asked me to get the door for him (my dad beat me to it)

Spooky Dan stamped 666 on my hand

Terrance put his arm around me for the first picture and can i just say, i love how humble and grateful they were that we were all there and that’s what makes them so amazing

Darren wrote “Eve, screw it, eat the apple! Testify!!!” on my poster ;D

Joe asked me about my MCR shirt and how awesome it was

Darren exfoliates and has a line of Biore products that he uses five times a day

Terrance masturbates to crime scene photos

All in all, perfect men, perfect night