joe batie


I am Not.

But, in high school a lot of my friends were because I was on the dance team. So i am familiar with a lot of mannerisms and traditions. Calling everyone’s parents “Auntie” and “Uncle” became a habit. I enjoyed visiting the food, i even tried to pick up the language. And no matter how far i tried to distance myself from it. The Filipino- ness always come back.

When i went to CSUSM , i joined their Filipino-American Club Called Kamalayan Alliance dated the president who was of filipino decent. and did everything the org did in the filipino community. when i came to northridge, i began loving being japanese. cause my roommate and brho is japanese and there are some girls i know who are japanese (:

but i just got enrolled in the Pilipino Culture Night and became apart of CSUN’s FASA. everyone i meet thinks im some sort of i wanna dance a lot more and the community is full of filipinos. oh my

being filipino or mistaken is no big deal or bad at all.
just gotta embrace my japanese side a lil more is the goal. 


These Two Dudes are the real definition of BROTHERs. Since the first week we embarked in our process, to our formals day, to those drunken nights, to the days putting in work for APsiRho, they’ve always been there. No excuses and no matter what they’ve always had my back pushing me to go farther and harder. No need for presents when you have people like this in your life. 

too much on my mind, too man people to thank. i love you guys forever. 

college boy.

so today is the start of the semester for me. im so excited :D
My Schedule isnt the best; but when life gives you lemons, PAINT THAT SHIT GOLD.

I am enrolled in:
History ( M/W ) 9:35 - 11:15
Philosophy ( M )  

I am also active in Beta Chapter Alpha Psi Rho holding:
Fundraising Chair
Social Chair
Public Relations


I just need a job.
Maybe a lil romance (;

someone referred to me as a typical “college/frat boy”
and i just shrugged and said im just “JOE BATIE" 

when im gone, love me none.

a lot of people don’t even know me, or care to now a days. i’ve been out of my natural habitat for at least 3 weeks and have planted my feet and brainstormed a plan for this new land. and even in this land there aren’t many people who i’m bringing in real close. i feel that i dont know how to maintain friendships or relationships with people. noone ever really hits me up. i always text people first and dont really know where to take the conversation. wish people who were my “friends” paid more attention to me. I moved away and not one of my 1714 facebook friends knew. and waited until the fact that i told them to be sad and told me “why did you leave?” “ima miss you” “sad you’re not here anymore” like i stated in the balls in your court, whether i move location or leave this earth, its up to you to care about me. im kinda over here doing my own thing by myself until people ask to come in closer. so if you dont really know me or know whats up with me dont be afraid to ask, sometimes ill be busy or ill be distracted but dont let that one time discourage you from attempting to grow alongside of me. we only get one chance. PLAY FOR KEEPS.

random thought, turned rant, turned rambling.