joe batie


I am Not.

But, in high school a lot of my friends were because I was on the dance team. So i am familiar with a lot of mannerisms and traditions. Calling everyone’s parents “Auntie” and “Uncle” became a habit. I enjoyed visiting the food, i even tried to pick up the language. And no matter how far i tried to distance myself from it. The Filipino- ness always come back.

When i went to CSUSM , i joined their Filipino-American Club Called Kamalayan Alliance dated the president who was of filipino decent. and did everything the org did in the filipino community. when i came to northridge, i began loving being japanese. cause my roommate and brho is japanese and there are some girls i know who are japanese (:

but i just got enrolled in the Pilipino Culture Night and became apart of CSUN’s FASA. everyone i meet thinks im some sort of i wanna dance a lot more and the community is full of filipinos. oh my

being filipino or mistaken is no big deal or bad at all.
just gotta embrace my japanese side a lil more is the goal.