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Joe Sugg x Reader #2

Warnings: A few swear words, but nothing I can think of otherwise 

Word Count: 1344

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#2 for AU April: CEO 

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You were having quite a morning.  

Somehow the world had been against you and it all started with your alarm clock not waking you up. Then, you were late for the bus so that’s how you found yourself in the exact position you were in: sprinting towards an elevator. Here you were on the first day of a brand new, somewhat prestigious job, and sprinting to not be late in order to meet your boss. You were about to curse your luck as the doors closed, when a hand quickly stuck out from inside, letting you on.

“Thank you so much,” you said with hurried breaths, looking at the man who had let you on.

He was dressed smartly, but a little bit more casual than you had expected for an office building. His shirt was tucked messily into his trousers, and his hair matched the messiness. Yet he still looked put together with his blazer. If you were being honest, he was kind of gorgeous.

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