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I've had this idea for a bit idk how to describe it well but if possible can you please write an imagine where one of the boys scare "you"/me and it goes on for a while then you/ me get them Back somehow? I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense 😅 I've never requested before. Thank you lovely ❤️ if not that's okay love your page anyways

First time for everything, delighted to be your first request!

I wasn’t so sure what you meant by “scare” so I’ve guessed you meant like a prank war between them? And since you didn’t specify a boy, I’m going to do this with Joe Sugg because I want to get back into writing for him!

“Joe, it’s me!” I called as I entered the house. I got no answer, but this was usual if he had his headphones on to edit a video. I made my way to his office and barely took one step into the room when I was ambushed.
“Boo!” he yelled, jumping from behind the door. My heart started beating at a rapid rate and I jokingly pushed him away, giving him a smack on the arm.
“You caused me a bloody heart attack, idiot!”
“Oh shush, you love me!” he said through giggles, wrapping his arms around me. I hoped he’d think my blushing cheeks were from the shock and not what was really causing them. “Anyway, ready to film?”
“Not particularly.”

“Okay, so your forfeit is…” He scrolled through his phone. “…three eggs to the head!”
“No. No eggs. You promised me no eggs.”
“Yeah, but twitter didn’t,” he smirked, wiggling his phone in my face showing a screenshot of the tweet.

“Sometimes I question why I’m friends with you,” I sighed, standing in the shower in the spare clothes I’d brought.
“Because I’m fun, and you love me,” he said with a cheesy grin on his face. A smile tugged on my lips.
“Just get on with it,” I mumbled, attempting to move on before the blush crept back.
“As you wish!” The first egg was cracked over my head, the gooey liquid dripping down my neck and under my shirt.

Warm water streamed down my body as I ran my hands through my sticky hair, ridding it of egg and bits of shell. I picked up Joe’s shampoo, slightly giggling at the fact it was apricot scented, and massaged it into my hair. And that’s when the lights went out.
“What the-“ I felt small, hard objects hit my body, the awful texture giving it away.
“Joseph Sugg!” I screamed.
“Blame the Maynards!” he cried as the light turned back on and the door slammed shut. I opened the shower door, still gasping in shock, and that’s when I noticed the GoPro perched on top of the doorway.

“Right, Sugg, let’s see how you like it.” I placed the chair back under the table and positioned my phone perfectly, leant against a cup so the camera was pointing to the door. “Joe, I’m making cookie dough!”
“Oooh, cookie do-“ The door opened and the bucket of water placed on top of it fell over Joe’s head. I added to his payback by grabbing the pillow I’d ripped open and tipped its contents out, the feathers sticking to his wet clothes and skin.
“Yes!” I cried, throwing a fist into the air. “Payback, bitch!” Joe stood, mouth open but turning into a grin. “And all on camera!”
“You little shit,” Joe mumbled before grabbing me around my waist and pulling me against his body, his damp clothes soaking into mine.
“No, you’re all soggy and gross!” He began pulling clumps of feathers off of his body and putting them on mine, laughing the whole time. Eventually, after we were both equally drenched and feathered, he let me go and we were both silent before bursting out laughing.
“I can’t believe you,” he said, calming down.
“Ah, you love me,” I sighed. He looked at me with soft eyes and his lips curved into a smile.
“Yeah,” he said in a breath.

I hope this is okay! If I did get anything wrong, don’t be afraid to send in another request.