Jodorovski: l'arte che cura. Il battito del cuore



It began with a single arresting image of four women in bright red exotic elaborate middle eastern style tribal costumes and one mystery figure behind them in black. Not a single part of their bodies, heads or faces showing they were positioned by a turquoise blue retro era swimming pool, cream coloured walls complete with painted metal lace-work in the background. Culture-Clash! An overt display of minimal location and maximum impact fashion leads to an interesting image. The image led to a film and the film led to a director, my new favourite.

The Fall (created in collaboration with film legend Spike Jonze) is the film and Tarsem its fabulous director who whilst creating a wonderful original cinema epic seems to have been fantastically influenced by two other favourite directors of mine, Alejandro Jodorovsky and Wes Andersen and a favourite film Baraka. Shot in incredible locations across the globe, with stunning scenery, and an action packed storyline this mix makes for one very compelling visual experience. Watch the trailer here and more about Tarsem here.



Jodorovski e il senso della vita