Okay, before I even get into the track can we just take a step back and acknowledge that Riff Raff (aka Jody Highroller, aka The White Russell Simmons, aka Kokayne Dawkins, aka The White Wesley Snipes, aka Cheese Nuggets) is a living breathing human being? Like this dude is doing better then I probably ever will. That’s kinda fucked up when you think about it. Anyway, this Versace rockin, purp drank sippin, chain flaunting, tatted-up entertainer has just put out his LP Neon Icon under the Mad Decent label. It’s almost as if he is growing as an artist which is good and scary at the same time. And i’ll be damned if there aren’t a handful of not-that-bad songs on it. After all, he did manage to recruit the likes of Childish Gambino and Mac Miller (not to mention all sorts of tuned-in producers [i imagine that was Mad Decent’s doing though]) to take part in the album. But I digress. Here is one of my favorite tracks from Neon icon. Sit back, turn up the bass, and let the utter bewilderment wash over you. Oh, and ladies, if you want to catch his eye, know he only fucks with hoes that rock dolce & gabbana.  

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