I’m glad to see this idea is finally gaining more traction but I would like to put forward a list of reasons to bring back Doctor Who Confidential

  • Gave the writers and actors a chance to explain their character and story decisions
  • Demystifies the workings behind the TV process - gives screen times to the hundreds of talented people that never get enough credit for post production etc and teaches children about all the jobs they could get creating stories they love.
  • The random interludes where they give a quick montage of how they filmed a sequence in the episode overlaid with a contemporary pop track that is linked to what’s going on by 1 word (for example 2 tribes by Frankie goes to Hollywood played when they showed the behind the scenes of dales v cyber men)
  • Anthony Head’s narration
  • You just get the actor playing the doctor being hilarious for an extra 45 minutes after the episode and frankly I think @bbcamerica owes us that Jodie content

‪BLOODY REPEATS: I’m travelling this morning and didn’t get a chance to prep the letter I wanted so I’m going to give you all another chance to enjoy this, quite possibly the best worst idea in the history of television, ever (and that includes “Spock’s Brain”) ‬

It’s still Inktober, right? : In this house, we stan Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor.

I know it’s not theatre but.

Story time! 

As a teenager, Doctor Who was super important to me, like, downright vital. And through the past 4 years or so, I’d lost my love for it. I didn’t find pleasure in watching any new episode or wasn’t excited to see new trailers. And this came back with this new series. 

With Jodie Whittaker, I’ve found my Doctor again. 

I’m thankful. 

Confused - 13th Doctor

Summary: Doctor likes the reader but doesn’t know it.

A/N: a small drabble 

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Y/N was calmly laying in her bed, her tank top and shorts clinging to her body. Some music played in the background as the girl thought about the day. Her hands laid on her stomach and her legs were crossed lie they would be while sitting. She bit the inside of her cheek and was so deep in thought she didn’t even notice when a certain Time lady walked in.

“Oh, Doctor hi,” Y/N sat up her hair in an adorable bed head mess. The girl smoothed out her clothes.

“You’ve been acting weird,” The doctor pointed out while looking around the simple yet sophisticated room Y/N had.

“You’re the one to talk.”

“I am not weird,” She said defensively. After getting a raised eyebrow from the human she sighed. “Maybe a tad.”¨

Y/N chuckled and bit her lip. Her heart was beating so fast she was sure it beat more than Doctor’s two hearts combined. Little did she know that the Doctor’s hearts were beating equally as fast as hers.

“So what brought you here?”

“I uhm,” The blonde mumbled, for once in her longtime loss for words. Y/N swung her legs over the bed and let them dangle in the air.

“I-I have this odd feeling,” She said motioning with her hands. “It-It makes me feel… odd.”

Y/N furrowed her eyebrows and she moved a couple of books from the bed, so there was more space. The doctor sat next to her, huffing out of annoyance. 

“So what do you feel then?” Y/N questioned and looked at the Time Lady sitting next to her. 

“It’s really warm and uh… It makes my hearts beat faster. And…” 

“And?” Y/N asked. The Doctor sighed and her nose crinkled up a bit. 

“It’s always there when you’re there.”

Y/N felt her heart jump in her chest. She sat up and her lips made a thin line.

”Why are you laughing?” Doctor asked dead serious, which only made Y/N even more amused. She cleared her throat and smiled widely.

”Uh, I think I know how to solve this,” the girl said and turned to the Doctor. ”Can I try one thing?”

The doctor nodded a bit confused when Y/N cupped her face gently with her hands. She felt the girl’s breathing fan her face a bit, her scent was almost drug-like.

Y/N slowly leaned forwards. Her heart was drilling out of her chest making her breathing difficult. She managed to set a small peck on Doctor’s pink lips before pulling away. She looked at Doctor’s face who seemed to be deep in thought. 

“I’ll let you think about it,” The human said and got up, quietly opening the door and walking away, leaving the Time Lady in her own thoughts. 

Little did Y/N know Doctor was already planning your first date…

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Dating The Thirteenth Doctor would include:

•For the past two thousand years the doctor has been a man, so she’s very new to all this ‘being a woman’ business.

•But you’re always there to help her through everything, weather it be bra shopping or getting her though this months period.

•Speaking of which! You guys normally sinc. Which means that you guys will lie on the sofa together with a massive bowl of Ice cream between the two of you and cry about nothing.

•Having exciting adventures all over time and space.

•Her being UBER protective over you, because she doesn’t want to lose you.

•She’ll never admit that though.

•You guys met when she was in her twelfth body.

•So, needless to say, you’ve known each other for quite a while. Which means that you know a lot about each other. You trust her and she trusts you.

•The cutest couple in the universe!

•One day, when you were down in the dumps, she tried to bake you a batch of cookies.

•She ended up almost burning Down the entire TARDIS. (and that’s kinda impossible.)

•Nevertheless, you found it very sweet that she thought of you and it cheered you up greatly.

•Cute nose kisses.

•You guys like to play with each others hair.

•You Absolutely love to snuggle into her big coat, it’s so warm!

•Takes you to all her favourite places.

•Introducing her to all your favourite bands/singers/musicals etc

•You’re just as close to the TARDIS as the doctor is (Which Is rare.)

•You were so amazed when you saw it for the first time.

•Helping her with makeup.

•Lots of P.D.A. She can be super flirtatious when she wants to be.

•Always makes sure she lets you know, she loves you.

•Like every day!

•She loves you and she always will.


Hey guys, just to let you know that this was my first piece of writing on this blog, I hope you liked it.

I write headcanons and fanfics for lots of fandoms. But here is a short list:

•doctor who

•anime (don’t hesitate to ask what I write for).

•musicals (Again, don’t hesitate to ask.)

•Harry potter (Including fbawtft)

If you want to find my entire list of fandoms I write for and the instructions on how to request, the posts are in my blog.

Anyway, thank you for reading x.

The Doctor doesn’t take long to drop off Ryan, Yaz and Graham, knowing that they must be shaken to some degree by the whole being displaced into the vacuum of space and then kind of becoming part of a survival race instead of merely saying goodbye to their alien friend and going about their normal lives as best as possible thing.

Then she’s back to just the TARDIS and her and the entire universe under her feet and questions buzzing around her mind; 

Where now? When now? When to visit her new friends again, is a day too short, is a week too long? What does she like now? What does this body eat? What other features has the TARDIS got now? Has she rearranged things- no. Silly question. How has she rearranged things? What to do first in this new universe of possibilities that she can see now with new hope?

She smiles up at the central column, grin wide.

“It’s just you and me now girl.” The Doctor says, just to say something, hands spread either side of her on the console, door to her back. The Time Lord can’t help the grin on her face as she feels the presence of the TARDIS around her, safe, home and so, so beautiful. 

The TARDIS tolls, a sound which seems to ask ‘come here’ and the Doctor chuckles a little softly.

“I’m right here though.” She says warmly, beaming at the ship.

Then she hears another voice in the dim lighting that the TARDIS seems to favour now. Soft.

“So am I.” Says a voice which the Doctor could recognise anywhere in time, always- a voice which brings not hope but instead a fulfilment of hopes and dreams she’s had for a few regenerations now.

The Doctor looks up to heels on the higher walkway, black boots shining as her lips part unbidden and she takes in the rest of the figure, dressed in that same purple as always- plum, she corrects herself. Trousers- which is new- and a white shirt, hair neater than she’s seen it for a long time now.

“Missy.” The Time Lord breathes out, staring at the Master who hovers on the precipice of the stairs leading down, one hand tight around the banister. She swallows, lips thinning.

Then she’s running around the console and the Master is almost stumbling down the stairs and they hold each other so tight and there’s tears from either of them or both of them and neither can tell whose are whose but she’s just so happy to see her again even as she can feel her burning up, not long left in this form.

“Thank you.” The Doctor says to the TARDIS, face buried in the Mistress’ hair and she can tell now how close Missy is, can smell the energy rolling off her.

“I-” She chokes out, pulling away slightly, “We should get you to the Zero room right away.” The Time Lord says, still staring at Missy’s face, fingers splayed against her cheeks. She doesn’t even think about the irony of her insistence.

“Didn’t the old girl tell you where to go?” She asks as she tows the Mistress by the hand.

“Yes. She did. I waited though.” Missy says after a moment, voice still thick with tears. 

Her words don’t quite process in a way that the Doctor can understand. The Time Lord turns to look back, eyebrows pitching together with confusion and there’s silence for a few seconds before the Mistress smiles at her.

“I wanted to see you one last time with these eyes.”