20 Different Pairings Challenge!

In an attempt to have a little fun with ALL of the characters rather than just TFW, I am announcing my 20 Different Pairings Challenge!

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How It Works:

I have created a list of 20 different pairings with lots of different characters! Starting next week, I will release a smutty one shot for each pairing! (Note: This is not an ongoing series, as each one shot will be a stand alone piece.) I get to challenge myself to write new characters, and you get some new and different smut. EVERYONE WINS.

Here’s The List:

1. Dean x reader
2. Sam x reader
3. Cas x reader
4. Crowley x reader
5. Dean x Jo x reader
6. John x reader
7. Charlie x reader
8. Benny x reader
9. Sam x Jody x reader
10. Lucifer x reader
11. Cas x Meg x reader
12. Rowena x reader
13. Dean x Sam x reader
14. Cain x reader
15. Dean x Benny x reader
16. Gabriel x reader
17. Sam x Ruby x reader
18. Dean x Donna x reader
19. Rowena x Lucifer x reader
20. Cas x Dean x reader

Here’s YOUR Job:

Send me your kinks! Have a particular kink you’d like to see with a specific character? Tell me! Have an idea for a smutty one shot that you’ve been thinking about? Send it!


Tell me the number of the pairing you are requesting for, then your kink. So, for example, let’s say I really wanted a Crowley fic that includes breath play. I would send an ask that says “Number 4, breath play”. PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST OTHER ONE SHOTS AT THIS TIME.

I will choose the ones I will write, then create a masterlist of the prompts on Sunday, so that you know what’s coming in advance! (Please don’t be offended if I don’t choose yours, I promise it isn’t personal!)

I can’t wait to write all of these smutty kinks for y’all!!

Dr. Jodie Larson and her long term boy toy Phoenix wasted a medium-sized fortune on their adop-gther and artificial insemina-son and they both feel strong resentment towards people who can have biological children for free. Dr. Larson also despises the sick, the elderly, and everyone else. One would assume that general practitioner wasn’t her first career choice but no; she loves blood and drugs.


pangako sa’yo aka the show that deserved so much better than that disastrous ending (x)

Hardt and Negri turned left defeat into an opportunity to reimagine communist politics. This reimagining needs to go further. It can go further by highlighting division, antagonism, and political organization. Nearly forty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the wide array of politicized issues and identities enables a communism that, more fully than ever before, can take the side of the oppressed, indeed, that can make the multiple struggles of the oppressed into a side.  It’s imperative that multiplicity not replace class but be understood as a class characteristic.

Our 1st birthday is coming up here at Hippiebella, and we thought there would be no better way to celebrate than to have a Brie Bella Week! It will run from March 1st to March 7th. You are free to make any edits, gifs, or videos of Brie that you like. The only rule is that you tag your edits under #HBBW! so we can reblog them for everyone to see. Have fun! 

March 1st - Favorite Brie Bella Photoshoot.

March 2nd - Favorite Brie Bella Promo.

March 3rd - Favorite Brie Bella and Nikki Bella Total Diva Moment. 

March 4th - Favorite Brie Bella Match.

March 5th - Favorite Brie Bella Attire.

March 6th - Favorite Brie Bella Year In WWE. (What year you think was the best year of her career.)

March 7th - Free Day.
Jodi Arias loses visitation privileges after making vulgar remark about correctional officer
Jodi Arias has lost visitation privileges for almost 200 days after admitting to officials that she made a vulgar remark about a correctional officer.
By Vivian Padilla

“she then said to another officer, who had informed her of the denial, that she “knew she would say no” because “she’s a c*** blocker.

Arias was later confronted about the remark, and the inmate did not want to admit to it but later did.

She claims she “did not know that word to mean anything sexual” and the officer could look up the phrase on Urban Dictionary “because that would show it means to ‘stonewall someone.’"”

These two came to watch me tonight in ‪#‎FullHouseTheMusical‬!! Was extra special having them in the audience!! It was my son’s first time seeing the show, which he loved!! So happy be was able to see papi doing his thing!!