JODI, Folding LED Screen Study 2011, single channel HD video, running time: 10 minutes

“casting a wide net” - Postmasters gallery, NY.
November 30, 2013 - January 18, 2014

“The show brings together legendary artists from the early pioneering days of media art (Olia Lialina, JODI, Wolfgang Staehle); artists like Eva and Franco Mattes, Constant Dullaart, and Oliver Laric who have been working and showing internationally for many years; and a new generation of younger artists just gaining wider recognition (Petra Cortright, Katie Torn, Austin Lee and Rollin Leonard).”


this is my transformation tuesday on sunday featuring my best pal in the whole world! years of ‘melanjo’ the creators of the jellybean song brought right to your dashboard

Hey! It’s Jodi and Sherwood Baker from my adventure comic concept “WEST”. They’re pretty much polar opposites in that one’s a giant pink ball of energy and warmth, and the other is a stoic and serious man of religion and temperance. Still they somehow always end up working together in my mind?

Also in my opinion they’re great examples of why simple is sometimes better in character design. 

I seriously can’t stop drawing these two. Especially Jodi. She’s too much fun I tell ya.