Hank Greens opinion on the ever so present Jonathan Coulton vs Glee/FOX debacle.

I love Hank but…. This upsets me.

Not because I think Glee is right in this, but because for some reason…. People think that Glee is new to doing this.

They aren’t. They’ve been doing this since Season 1, which makes the whole argument of it being only worth watching the first two seasons kind of… Weak?

Now, I am no way bashing Hank or JoCo fans, because they’re both great but…. I really think this should be an all or nothing situation.

If people are going to speak on behalf of Jonathan Coulton, why not Nouvelle Vague? Or Greg Laswell? Or any and all other artists that have had their arrangements used unknowingly on Glee?

I don’t think it’s fair to have started this battle, when it should be much more than Jonathan Coulton.

Because, if you go back and watch season 1 extras on YouTube… There’s a video of I believe Kevin McHale saying, ” I get messages all the time and the fans think we’re some crazy music geniuses at Glee… We’re not. The covers we’re singing are actually just covers of covers our music supervisors found.”

Because there are very few times that Glee does their own arrangements : Mashups, originals, or songs sung by the Warblers (arranged by the Beelzebubs from season 1 of NBC’s The Singoff, hired by FOX)

It just bothers me that there’s so little light actually being shed on the situation, and it’s also unfair for all the others before Jonathan Coulton.

Also, I don’t think it’s right to throw StarKids and fellow YouTubers Joey Richter and Tessa Netting into this. Being on that episode is big for them, and now there’s all this drama around it. They really had no time to celebrate even moving their careers forward.

But that’s just my take. What are your thoughts?