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have you ever made a trans/nonbinary character in your lets plays? (or are you planning to?) - ur local transboy book jockey

I’m going to be completely honest with you - I haven’t. And I don’t want to sit here and make excuses, but it’s solely because I don’t know how. I’m really ignorant on this subject and I need to learn more. I don’t want to make this character and do/say something wrong, you know? If I’m going to represent a person/group to the 35,000+ people that watch me (many of them being as ignorant as I am) I want to do it right.

And I would love to have a nonbinary character in my next Let’s Play, but it’s Mostly Ghostly (a murder mystery type LP I do every Halloween). I don’t want the first one to get murdered. It’s kind of a touchy subject and that’s probably not a good idea.

Steel Ball Run

A paraplegic jockey, a gay Italian doctor, a dinosaur with his name on his head and a nun with silly string go on a Catholic quest to defeat the President of the United States of America

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You can tell a lot about a person from their music. Hit shuffle on your music library and put the first 10 songs; no skipping. Tag 10 people to do the same and pass it on.

  1. Jimmy Kane (Muse)
  2. Exhausted (Foo Fighters)
  3. Around the World (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  4. Novelty (Joy Division)
  5. Up the Hill Backwards (David Bowie)
  6. Heroes (David Bowie)
  7. Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight (Ryan Adams)
  8. Possibility (Lykke Li)
  9. Soil to the Sun (Cage the Elephant)
  10. Jockey Full of Bourbon (Tom Waits)

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HIP-HOP the four elements

Dj / Mc’s / Graffiti / Break Dance

“A lot of times, when people say Hip-Hop, they don’t know what they’re talking about. They just think of the rappers. When you talk about hip-hop, you’re talking about the whole culture and movement. You have to take the whole culture for what it is.” Afrika Bambaataa