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Same. Um, so that velvet voice of death would make a great radio jockey AU tbh. Serena hosts a radio program that airs at night and Bernie (or Kate, I’m not picky) hears it every night on the way home. Falls completely in love with that voice and the personality behind it. Yes, good.

and even better still: there’s a call in section where y’know, the listeners can ring up and have their say and serena is just expecting the usual until there’s this beautiful, low voice on the other end of the phone and she just stumbles over her words and tries to keep it together because hello she’s a professional, she knows this job inside out but christ is it hard when the very definition of sex is attempting to talk to you. and that’s the story of how serena campbell hosts one of her most awkward radio segments of all time because she’s a big ole gaymo

@berenaprompts someone get on this