Since finally my summer break has started and I’m going to spend a few days at the beach, I’ve decided to write a list of fics you may enjoy to read during your vacation too! (if you are still working or studying, I’m sure one of these fics will be a great way to relax)

Note: Some of these fics are new and will be rec in the next weeks, but some have been there for a while!

Have a great time!~

Long/Chaptered fics

- inconvenient enemy

 Lu Han is an alpha, and he hates omegas. Even their smell repulses him.  Kim Minseok is an omega, and he’s a rebel with a cause. A defender of omegas’ rights.  What will happen when both of them run for the presidency of the students counsil?  

The Other Side of Glory

Xiumin was the famed jockey of the first Triple Crown winner in 37 years. The jocky of the first filly to ever win the prestigious title in the history of the sport. He certainly hadn’t gotten to that point on his own. Being the boyfriend of multi-millionair Luhan had its perks, clearly. Just not enough to justify the costs.

- To Date A Kim

To date a Kim you must pass all the test they throw you. No matter how difficult it may be.

- Get Lucky

Luhan’s up all night to the song of poker chips and playing cards. Minseok’s up all night to get some- Luhan, that is.

- Visions of Summer

Luhan has never been good with children, but luckily he meets Minseok, an employee at the toy store who is also good with kids. As it turns out, it’s not only the kids who love Minseok.

Short fics/Oneshot

-We did it in Paris!

Luhan’s sudden phone call to Xiumin left the latter alarmed,leading him to travel almost halfway across the globe to his lover.

- Catch rate 3 part 1 | part 2

I wanna Raichu a love song…

- GO-ing to Get Lucky

Luhan is a winner. Minseok thinks CP stands for cute points. A Xiuhan Pokémon Go fic.

- Love in a Cold Climate

Love is strange. Particularly strange if you are a narwhal in love with a beluga or a polar bear in love with a penguin or…

- Overview

After being hopelessly in love with each other for a while, Minseok and Lu Han can finally be proud of themselves.

kamen-apple-kinkshaming  asked:

orb wild west au

  • naomi is the sheriff’s spunky niece who’s always getting herself into trouble
  • gai is still a wandering cowboy who plays the harmonica. no change
  • jungle jockey goes by the obviously fake name “James Jameson” but if you try to call him out on it he pulls a knife on you. he’s some kind of old-timey criminal like a cattle rustler or a stagecoach robber. probably a cattle rustler bc that fits with using monsters for misdeeds
  • you can always hear him coming bc he wears spurs and they click
  • whenever orb dispatches a monster he says “this town ain’t big enough for the both of us” and laughs

Just in time for #toonsday! It’s a blast from the far-flung past, and a 4-and-a-half for one update special. All the way from La Brea, CA….

The Fossil Fools!

The boys (Arnie, Ronnie, and Stevie) were gas jockeys/auto-mechanics. They would get into various (mis)adventures as a result of their bumbling. Vickie would often distract them during work or in need of a rescue from the boys’ egregious auto service. Rocky was Ronnie’s pet rock. He’s surprisingly mobile!

They had a short, but mildly-successful run back in the 20s! Wonder where they are now…?

JoJo’s on the name JoJo

Jonathan: Loves it, kinda flinches when someone says it like Dio would.

Joseph: Thinks it makes him sound cool, doesn’t realize he’s cramping on grandpa’s style.

Jotaro: Doesn’t care about being called it, but Joseph gets annoyed when people say it and aren’t referring to him so he makes them say Jotaro.

Josuke: Is uncomfortable with it since only his bullies call him that.

Giorno: He wanted GioGio to be his mob name but Bruno told him to cut that shit out fast.

Jolyne: Only let’s her Mom call her that cause everyone else who’s called her JoJo was a creepy ex.

Johnny: Johnny only let his fans call him JoJo when he was star jockey, but not anymore.

Jo2uke: No one has ever called him JoJo but he would love it if someone did.