HIP-HOP the four elements

Dj / Mc’s / Graffiti / Break Dance

“A lot of times, when people say Hip-Hop, they don’t know what they’re talking about. They just think of the rappers. When you talk about hip-hop, you’re talking about the whole culture and movement. You have to take the whole culture for what it is.” Afrika Bambaataa


here, have some specials

Good morning early risers! Not even 5:00 in the morning and it is full daylight! The best thing about waking up in familiar surroundings is to that you start the day already in sync. Being back in the house of my father, the house I spent my childhood gives me the feeling that I can just reach up to the skies. Today it is all too hot so I decided to wake up very early to do my exercise while the temperatures are not too extreme. So this is how I’m starting my day! Have a wonderful Saturday everyone! #adamasztalos #heiligersee #potsdam #wansee #germany #deutschland #model #malemodel #abs #muscle #muscles #blond #blondhair #blueeyes #mustache #beard #bighands #hairylegs #mensfashion #menswear #jockey @jockey #briefs #boxerbriefs #earlymorning #dawn #twilight #morningexercises (at Heiliger See)


In 1935, Coopers Inc. of Kenosha, Wisconsin designed a new type of underwear for men that they would name the “jockey short.” Marshall Field’s on State Street would be the first retailer to display and sell the innovative new design. 

As the story goes, “(they) first hit store shelves at Marshall Field’s department store in Chicago on January 19, 1935. Store personnel were so excited that the entire store window was decorated to promote the innovative new style. However, it was a moment that almost never came to be.  A huge snowstorm struck the city the night before they were to go on sale and the store manager asked that the briefs in the window be swapped out to showcase winter outerwear. Before the employees could make the change, they noticed something: shoppers had already snatched up all the briefs on the floor and had started to take the underwear out of the window display! In fact, 600 pairs were sold that day and a whopping 30,000 in the first three months. The briefs were so popular the company had to hire a local aviatrix and her plane, The Masculiner, to more rapidly distribute the briefs to retailers. The rest, as they say, is history!” via

After changing how men dressed beneath their clothes, 80 years later, Coopers is now known as Jockey Brands Ltd, and is still headquartered in Kenosha.