jock liam

1DHQ exit sabotage:

Harry - smelly with mental issues
Liam - dumb jock who is a homophobe
Louis - irresponsible and reckless deadbeat dad
Zayn - a cheater who quit
Niall - according to an article, unlike the rest of the guys he is drama free except he pees in public

you know how @bakagamieru made that wonderful detailed post about niall’s all black outfits and how it is leading up to zayn’s (aborted) returned? there is a similar pattern for the appearance of jock!liam this tour in relation to soap’s appearance/absence….

i just want to touch on this quickly re: liam’s image

it has been happening FOR MONTHS. in fact, I’ve been talking about that for that  long. Just to summarize months  worth of posts: Liam is basically a NO GO zone in the UK press - meaning, he is not being dragged for anything; nothing sticks to him. Only typical frontman gets that treatment. Next, Liam’s image has been slowly changing - with the way he dressed (no more jock liam on stage, hello preppy Liam since OTRA NA), with how he is presented to the public (called classically handsome more than once, got the nod of gay men in Attitude 100), getting praised for his vocals consistently. 

In fact, I would say the current press he is getting (with his new edgy tattoos being featured alongside - AGAIN - how handsome he is to be in a boyband) is just a culmination of all those subtle tweaks that was being done with Liam’s image for months on end. So I know it’s supposed to be not that deep but I did take offense when I see people saying that this change in Liam’s image is a new thing. It’s not. Just because on the surface it’s not happening does not mean it’s not happening at all. That’s why I’ve been maniacal in glee whenever Liam gets press because it’s another piece of the puzzle to Liam’s public persona as being cultivated by Liam’s new team. He is being positioned for something in relation to 1D - to be another frontman. 

Haven’t you noticed Liam’s been getting steady press since his birthday? And if October is really the transition to a new management team, then the next question is: why is Liam’s narrative the bookend for the stunt?