The avengers as people from school
  • Parker: Teachers pet, year book photographer, just wants to fit in
  • Thor: The jock who looks far to old to still be in school
  • Tony: Self-proclaimed cool kid who everyone thinks is an asshat, is somehow still popular
  • Quill: class clown, not the smartest, moved schools a lot
  • Steve rogers: Class president, works to make the school a better place, confused about sexuality, he's the one dude super into history
  • Bucky: Best friend of 'famous' class president, gets forgotten a lot, feels like a sidekick but loves Steve, a little depressed
  • Natasha: Sexy chick who got boobs at age 10, emo attitude/look intimidates the boys, has random talents, but doesn't realize how amazing she is, trust issues
  • Wanda: Has a problem with drug abuse, struggles without her parents, acts childish/younger than she is, keeps to herself,
  • Vision: geek with huge potential, is crazy Inlove with the chick not everyone notices as much as Natasha (Wanda), dreamer, mostly fantasizes about their future marriage,
  • Scott Lang: has no future plans, is not prepared for reality or bills, steals bikes and pranks for fun, is sure he will become rich and famous but no one understands how
  • Sam Wilson: short tempered, doesn't appreciate Scott's intense laid back attitude, gossips like his life depends on it, is in a boy group with Steve, Bucky, and tony (although Tony can hang with anyone), shy, patriotic, the kid with lots of pets
  • Bruce: went up a year because he's so smart, is infuriated easily by stupid comments, clumsy and tends to spill chemicals in the lab despite concentrating, girls predict he'll get super buff
  • Clint Barton: so nice and polite that everyone loves him, average but accepted, isnt made fun of to much because people think he's sensitive, always happy, talks about his simple love of food a lot
Fic Masterpost Updated– May-November 2014

I’m finally updating with a second masterpost of the fic I’ve written the last few months.

Pairings included are Thor/Loki and Tom Hiddleston/Chris Hemsworth.

First fic masterpost here.

Main AO3 account.

Writing tag.


Not Allowed; Teen, Oneshot. Hipster Loki, Jock Thor, high school AU.

If Thor wasn’t shoving someone’s face in the dirt after school, then he was kicking or throwing a ball around and throwing himself right after it.

Resonance; Explicit, Oneshot. Intersex Jotun Loki, angry Thor, repressed feelings.

Prompt: Loki is forced to appear as a frost giant.

Untitled; General, Oneshot. Teen Thor, Teen Loki, bonding time, flirting.

Prompt: Loki teaching Thor to braid his hair or vice versa?

Passing Fancy; Explicit, Oneshot. Flirting, age difference, business man Loki.

Then the young man turns and is heading towards their table. Loki drains his glass. He knows what his plans are for the rest of the day.

Untitled; Teen, Oneshot. Angst, The Dark World.

Loki dies in Thor’s arms.

WiltMature, Oneshot. Hannibal-inspired prompt, religious themes, fallen angel Loki, human Thor.

There is a point when the sun is creeping below the far away hills that he sees the human in the doorway again. He is holding cloth, folded as if a satchel and fear clings low. He knows what it is before Thor even enters the room.

Bird HeartMature, Oneshot. Loki’s POV, over the years fic, hunting.

They knew each other. They would seek each other out.

Fire Sky; Mature, Oneshot. Post-apocalypse, disturbing content, crowd panic, survival fic, depression.

The atmosphere broke apart and the world was left to survive in the spaces they could.

Thor lost Loki in the first panic and now he doesn’t know why he keeps on after all these years.

Beast; Explicit, Oneshot. Elemental god Thor, Jotun Loki.

Prompt: Thor is some ancient magical creature that Loki accidentally wakes up.


Let Me Live That Fantasy; Explicit, WIP. Jotun Loki, intersex Loki, Thor coming into his own as well as Loki, earning Mjolnir fic, hurt/comfort, angst, worldbuilding, coming of age.

Asgard has its King and Jotunheim still has many secrets left untold.

A Hundred Times A Hundred Lives; Explicit, WIP, 3/100 chapters. Every chapter is a standalone oneshot.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Seashells; Thor is going through adolescence when Loki shows up for the winter season, only slightly younger and covered in the lines of Jotunheim’s royal house.

Chapter 3: The Forest;Thor visits Loki in Latvia, but they haven’t seen each other in two years.


Simple; Explicit, 4 chapters, complete.

Tom is drunk and Chris helps him to his room.

suckonthesefireballs  asked:

jock thor and hipster loki too cool to go to his football games

When Thor turned eleven he got a true taste for dirt. He’d always had it really. One way or another he’d be covered in it, tracking it through the house on the bottoms of his shoes, rubbed into the weaving of his wool coats, scuffed onto his bare knees and split knuckles.

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