comfort: exam season

summary: exams are kicking your ass, and even though your boyfriend’s an asshole on the outside, he really cares for you and wants to make things better

pairing: jock!bucky x reader

word count: 1364 words

warnings: language, fluff

notes: I wrote this for one of my best friends Ari ( @whyisbuckyso ) because goddamn exam season’s a bitch for her. then I decided to turn it into a little drabble as an interlude to my upcoming fics (which hopefully you’ll enjoy!)

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Burying your head in your hands, you groan, trying to ignore the flashing on your computer of the alert; “EXAM TOMORROW.”

You’ve had these alerts going off nonstop, each for a different subject, and you’re pretty sure you’re going insane. You feel like you want to shove all the piles of paper off your desk and just scream, but you’re pretty sure you’d wake up your boyfriend. He’s fast asleep, and as much as you’d like to join him, your mind is telling you to ’FUCKING MEMORISE ALL THIS, YOU DIPSHIT.’

You give yourself the grace to let out a frustrated groan, gripping the roots of your hair as you will yourself to read over the reams of notes you have.

Shoving in your earphones, you bite your lip as you finally get the grasp of one of your paragraphs, trying to celebrate that mini victory with a sip of coffee.

“Why the fuck are you awake?”

You shriek, jumping in your seat and almost falling off your chair, trying desperately to not bring your computer down with you. Luckily, your computer lands on your seat, the headphones hanging uselessly on the edge while you’re collapsed on the ground. You glare up at your boyfriend as he tries to hold in his snickers.

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A small doodle- Rey and I came up with an idea that, maybe Nightmare was a cat person and cat lover, maybe even owning one himself.

A black and white American curl cat who is blind, that compliments his personality. Affectionately name Sebastian ;3 Hope you enjoy

NaJ!Nightmare and Nerd and Jock AU belongs to @blogthegreatrouge

Original nightmare belongs to @jokublog

Art and Sebastian belong to moi~

[P.S. American Curls are a type of Cat breed with mutated curled ears, it gives them lots of charm and I love them ;3

anonymous asked:

hello just-sebaciel can you suggest 5 one-shoot fanfic for me?thank you.

Hello Anon!

The one-shoot stories in the archive are so much so that it is very difficult to download five.Nevertheless, I will share 5 stories that I like very much right now.There’s no point in the numbering on the list.I hope you enjoy!

1- Out of the Closet, Into the Locker Room : (Modern AU) Sebastian Michaelis, the star quarterback of his high school football team, has it all: devilishly good looks, popularity, and girls fawning over him wherever he turns. Yet the one thing he does not have and covets immensely is absolute acceptance for who he truly is.
Ciel Phantomhive is an openly gay, soft-spoken nerd, and while most people are kind to him or treat him as they would anyone else, one group of students have singled him out as a target: the jocks. Sebastian leads the ranks, constantly bullying the homosexual youth at any possible chance that he gets. Determined to make his life a living hell for possessing the one thing he wants most, can the two ever see eye to eye?

2-Only Temporary : (Modern AU) "He’s been messing me up for over ten years…and I’ve never stopped him once.“

Personally, if I had to talk about this story, I read it many times and I cried for what.You SHOULD read it.

3-Need:  Ciel understood that he was a disgusting human being.
Ruthless. Cunning. Manipulative. Smart. Scum. Capable. Selfish. Disgusting. Disgusting. Disgusting. Just the kind of soul only a demon would deserve. Apparently the taste a demon longs for.
Soul and body, Sebastian took both. His master could see the hunger for him burn in the demon’s eyes and it disgusted him because he didn’t understand. But Ciel needed this gleam.

4-Rough Nights 

5-The Confession : Then what he said before..he was actually serious…The demon tightened his grip on the small wrists as he began to wrap his mind around what was happening. His upper body glistening from the icy cold water as he leaned down over the boy….“Why..”

I really love rabid-bunny’s all work.You can look.

Bonus The Weather Outside is Frightful But Inside it’s Rather Delightful

Bonus :  The Author of Your Perversion :  “I couldn’t keep to myself any longer, so last night I treated myself to a taste. Just a minimal, tiny hint of a taste.”

Seb has a huge intelligence. He can take in so much information, he can absorb it and then he’ll go away and he’ll come back with a view point which is a driver’s view point which is slightly different from the engineers’. And he’s always willing to give you that. He’s always willing to share.
—  Jock Clear on Sebastian Vettel (2016) /x/
Rumor Has It, 1/4, Seblaine

Title: Rumor Has It
Starring: Cheerleader!Blaine, Jock!Sebastian
Featuring: Head Bitch!Quinn, Santana 
Chapter: 1/?
Chapter Rating:  PG-14
Word Count: 1,080
Warnings: Vague description of sexual acts, some foul language.
Comments:  This is short but future chapters will be longer. Think of it as a prologue of sorts, I guess. There’s very little Sebastian in this chapter, but it basically lays the foundation for future chapters. 


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