Starbucks… Such an interesting experience. […] It’s weird, I think what happened was, because of traveling so much, I would always- Maybe that is the good thing about it. Sometimes it’s nice to see something you recognize in a very obscure, different place. And you go, ‘Oh, right, I know that! At least I know that.’ That’s why I go there all the time. Iced coffee.

Little reminders

(A/N): I feel bad about my last few posts so I wanted to hopefully redeem myself

Warnings: Fluff

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    Bucky didnt have the best memory, even with eating plums and doing the strength building exercises Bruce had recommended. It was a long term affect of the brainwashing that he’d accepted a while back. It was always a struggle to remember important things though. Bucky had training? He’d forget. He had a mission debriefing? He’d forget. Steve wanted something from the store? He’d forget. He had a date with (Y/N). He’d forget. Tony told him to stay out of the lab? He’d most definitely forgotten that one. 

   It was starting to become problematic and far more than annoying (especial to a very peeved Tony), so they needed a solution, and (Y/N) was more than happy to comply. 

    Bucky rolled out of bed that morning, groaning softly. He rubbed at his eyes tiredly, attempting to wipe away the sleep. He padded into the bathroom, his eyes squinting against the harsh light. As he turned to look at the mirror a small, blue slip of paper caught his attention. 

    ‘Training today at 12, love you,' 

   Bucky smiled warmly as he traced a finger over the signature of (Y/N)’s name. He was glad for (Y/N)’s little reminder, otherwise he’d have never remembered training today. And then he’d have gotten his ass chewed out by Tony and Steve. With yet another smile Bucky slipped into the shower, preparing for the day. 

    12 rolled around and Bucky opened the door to the workout room, his eyes glued to the phone in his hands.

    'have fun training today, love you honeybunch ;)’

    “Well, look who finally decided to show up,” the booming voice of Steve pulled Bucky from his phone, causing him to glance up at the rest of the team, all awaiting his arrival. They all had find smiles on their faces, nearly making Bucky uncomfortable.

    “Yeah, (Y/N) reminded me,” he waved his phone a bit, a shy smile upon his face. Steve smiled back, clapping his friend on the back.

    “Glad to have you here. Finally.” The next morning the same thing happened, another blue note, another message.

    'Steve needs grapes and Thor wants poptarts, don’t forget baby,’

    Another smile graced his lips and Bucky went on again to prepare for his day.

    Bucky walked up and down the isles, his eyes scanning for Thor’s Poptarts. 

   "Need some help Mr. Broody Bear?“ Bucky chuckled, shaking his head in amusement. 

    "No.” He states, folding his arms over his chest. “I can remember. He likes…” Bucky trailed off, biting his bottom lip. He remembered it was a chocolatey kind, which wasn’t helpful considering there fifty different kinds of chocolate Poptarts. “He likes the- uh…” It had some form of frosting, well all the Poptarts did, that didn’t help either. With a sigh of defeat Bucky turned to (Y/N) with puppy eyes, his gaze near pleading. “Give me one hint.” (Y/N) smiles, a thoughtful hum escaping their lips.

    “It’s a desert flavor.” Bucky’s face fell as he attempted to recall what fucking poptarts Thor ate. “Come on baby, you can remember.” Bucky’s brows creased together, confusion evident on his face.

    “I have no clue.” Bucky admits with a small smile, a soft chuckle spilling past his lips. 

    “Hot fudge sundae.”

    “Oh my god, I almost remembered that!”

    “Sure you did," 

    "I swear I did!" 

    The notes and texts became a daily, hourly, thing. Bucky was always forgetting something or some event and (Y/N) was there to make sure he remembered. Now he hardly ever forgot anything (other than occasionally his own name). So when (Y/N) stopped Bucky at his apartment door, a scowl on their face he was more than scared.

    "Aren’t you forgetting something?” Their voice is slightly irritated and Bucky nearly whimpers at the fire blazing behind (Y/N)’s eyes. 

    “U-um…” He trails off, racking his brain for something that he could have forgotten. (Y/N) sighs, their cold demeanor crumbling. 

    “God, it’s hard to prank you when you look like a kicked puppy.” (Y/N) smiles, their eyes twinkling softly. “You forget to give me a kiss you idiot,” Bucky sighs in relief, quickly wrapping his arms around (Y/N)’s waist. 

    “God I love you,” Bucky whispers as he presses a kiss to (Y/N)’s neck. 

   "Love you too, now get off me so you can properly kiss me.“