So I got picked to be an extra for the finale performance. I may die from excitement.


A short “ comic strip “ for a Jock!Cole and Nerdy!Jay. Yeah. I couldn’t come up with any good names so.

“ That was a really good game Cole! Good job! “ - Person A

(But you guys sure are swarming.. I need some space.) - Cole

“ Thanks guys, it wasn’t too difficult this time. “ - Cole

(Inaudible) - Jay

“ H-hey Cole.. Good job out there. “ - Jay

(Cute..) - Cole

“ T-thanks Jay.. Glad you think so.. “ - Cole

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Hey there! I've just arrived at The Studio and I'm kinda overwhelmed. I think I'll stop at the Cafe and get my bearings while I drink a Menciato.

A Menciato? 

Very adventurous of you, especially for a first-timer.

Nonetheless as you find yourself being served by the near naked yet impossibly beautiful barista with his muscles bulging underneath his apron, he gives you a wink as he prepares and gives you a Menciato. As you take it, your fingers brushing against each other, you can’t help but find the smell alluring, it smelled of the sea, of beautiful waves and summery tides.

It’s when you open your eyes after taking the first sip, letting the warm liquid trickle down your throat and flow through your body that you suddenly feel water underfoot, calming tides slowly moving against you and pulling you in somewhat. 

By the time you look down you suddenly see your feet, your large feet in the water and where you think you see the water playing tricks on your mind, you feel your feet start to stretch and grow, the toes poking forward as they start to grow larger and larger as the tide continues to pull you further in, washing against you and now reaching up to your calves.

Your calves already start to grow muscular, becoming larger and with it, you suddenly glance down and try to pull yourself out of the water, but you can’t. In fact your feet refuse to, planted down in the water they begin moving in the opposite direction, and even when you try to tell yourself this is wrong, that you don’t want to go into the water and you never had muscular calves, you actually remember you do…

Memories start to appear of playing football and going to the gym.

Wait since when did you go to the gym?

The waves wash over your legs.

Since when do you not?

Yeah bro, even now as you see water sprinkling over your thighs and watch your formal suit pants suddenly begin to shrink becoming thinner and adapting to your leaner legs as you feel the thighs grow and enlarge with muscularity, the skin being pulled tight over it as a sun baked skin tone starts to slowly fill your body, you remember yeah you go to the gym all the time bro.

What’s the matter? Why do you look confused?

Is it because you’re becoming dumber, starting to realise you’re losing the will to even think of resisting as more of your body starts to leave your control, walking further into the waters. You never even realised you say bro, or even questioned it because you knew that you couldn’t hold on, feeling your cock throb in your new Calvin Klein boxers that barely peeked above your pants which your ass slowly started to fill out, becoming larger and growing as the two cheeks formed the well tone bubble butt from all your squatting.

Bro, you don’t even realise what is happening, your hand being splashed by another wave of water as it drips down your arms, losing any and all fat and instead starting to become toned with the same sunbaked skin, the skin stretching once again as you see your fingers, like your toes, stretch and find them able to easily grab the plastic cup of beer in your larger hand.

Your cock continues to throb, the pleasure causing you to be distracted, continuing to lose your smarts as you can see the outline of your thick cock get wet with more water and with it, it starts to snake down towards your thigh, thickening in girth.

No wait, you had to focus, you hate beer…

You groan, feeling your other hand come down to rub at your cock through your athletic pants, unable to stop yourself, you give in feeling with every wave after wave of water, waves of pleasure start to dominate your mind, as the water dominates your body.

No…you definitely hated beer, you weren’t dumb…you weren’t dumb…

Another wave comes in, some of the salty water coming into your mouth as you feel your lips as you look down, unable to stop as you could hear your groans changing, your voice growing deeper as you felt your lips grow slightly, the teeth in your mouth transforming into a  pearly white as they started to straighten. Your accent was changing, becoming more Californian, more typical of the dumb jocks in those mov- in the frat, your frat, your bros.

By now as you continued to wrestle with the waves of both pleasure and water, your body gave in, smirking down as you could see water only define your growing pecs, your abs shifting as they became a six pack with the deep ridges almost being carved out to perfection. 

All you could last remember was your face being washed with water and with it, so were your memories, your identity, your name becoming simpler and shorter, your jawline sharpening as brown hairs began to poke out along the jaw, along your curved and cocky smile. You felt your cap covering your hair as your hair changed, almost styling itself as it spiked upwards, and with it as you let one final moan you couldn’t help but feel your cock throb once more and you were gone…entrapped in total bliss.

All you remember bro was the feeling of hot cum drip through, staining your leg as you seemed to cum endlessly, your entire mind simply leaving your body through pleasure, your memories, your identity all disappearing as you felt yourself cumming again and again. 

By the fifth or sixth time, not that you bothered to do much counting anymore, you finally found yourself blinking, the standing at the edge of the beach alone, the cup of beer in your hand as you suddenly saw your bros on the beach, shirtless and waving at you to come back.

You had a beach party to get to, after all you were now just a simple-minded jock on spring break.



I was tagged by the lovely @stariousfalls!! Thanks Syd!
So my backgrounds are pretty self explanatory and I’ve been on a Daughtry kick recently. And then there’s me being a lump watching the Flash!
I shall tag @cellochicita, @icecreamsundays, @rivvydarling, @immaplatypus, @smileynerd256, and anyone else who cares to do it! And of course, only do it if you want to and feel comfortable doing so.

Okay but like....

Are Kendrick and Snow exempt from doing a lot of the Official Pitch Perfect social media content?

Like don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the other girls, but you’d think getting the main stars to do it would generate more page hits?

It seems to be the same people doing it over and over again.

Also, I need my Kendrick & Snow fix 😊