Steve had been really looking forward to getting in some practice before his big tennis match on Sunday.

He’d agreed to meet his boss and a few of his friends at the court after work to practice his serve. They’d offered him the chance to go to the gym with them first, but Steve lied and said he’d nip home to get his stuff and change. The real reason is he didn’t want his boss to see him naked, so he decided to change at the side of the court!

Steve had had his tank top on under his shirt and he’d worn his jock under his suit pants as he knew there weren’t any changing rooms at the tennis courts. All he had to do was kick off his dress shoes, pull down his suit pants and pull on his shorts and his trainers.

After checking no one was around, he bent over, his firm bubble butt pushing against the seams of his tight navy suit pants, and unlaced his dress shoes. He kicked them off and unbuckled his brown leather belt.

Steve made sure he had his shorts nearby and ready to pull on quickly. Although, he thought, I’ll slip my trainers on first. I don’t want anyone to know I changed here.

Steve knelt down, his belt swinging open and slipped on his trainers and tied them up.

With his trainers done up, Steve heard the rumble of an engine and the slam of a car door. He quickly undid his flies and the button on his pants, pushing the material to his ankles.

His jock clad bubble butt was bare to the world and Steve was suddenly very conscious of how much he was exposing himself. As he bent over, his cheeks fully presented, he realised how stupid he’d been putting on his trainers first. His suit pants were tangled around his ankles and his trainers.

Hearing the sound of his boss and friends laughing and joking as they approached, Steve started to panic. He stumbled slightly as he managed to free one trainer clad foot from his pants, but the other was caught. He gripped his shorts in his hands as he tried to use his free foot to untangle the other.

“What the hell are you doing, Steve?” His boss’ deep bass voice rumbled behind him.

Steve jumped and dropped his shorts, before stumbling forward, his pants flicking off his ankle to the side of the court. Steve came to a stop on the court, his back to his boss and another 4 guys!

“Boss, I can explain!”

“You better have a good reason for this fat ass!”