jocelyn wildenstein


I have WAY too many side-blogs that I can’t even handle right now.. So I figured, why not give them new and better owners!? The blogs up for grabs are the following:

If you want a blog, tell me why you want it and why I should give it to you and not someone else!

i can’t wait to see what simon cowell looks like 10 years from now. like, it’s bad enough currently but damn he’s either going to go the jocelyn wildenstein route with an overabundance of fillers and surgery in a desperate attempt to look like something out my nightmares young or he’ll chill out on the botox and actually start to look old (which we know terrifies him more than anything). either way it’s  going to be interesting and i for one am looking forward to that almost as much as i am seeing what his pec implants look like as they start to sag with age.