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been watching this with my gf and diggin it, so i decided to get some practice drawing actual humans for once


we rise and we fall and we break
and we make our mistakes
and if there’s a reason I’m still alive
when so many have died
then I’m willing to wait for it

all of the couples in TMI TDI and TDA have some sort of huge massive problem between them

Clace- Brother/sister arc. Not to mention every time they’re happy something happens to Jace

Malec-There’s the immortality and the lying and at the beginning there was Alec trying to deny who he was

Sizzy- Well Simons a vampire. Then he’s not a vampire but he has no memories.

jocelyn/Luke- kidnapping, potions, downworlder/shadowhunter

Jemma: Parabatai

Jessa- Eminent death upon them and one half of the ship being in love with someone else. Silent Brother.

Wessa: his “curse” and pushing everyone away in fear for them. one half of the ship being in love with someone else. immortal/mortal

Jocelyn/Valentine: Literally one half wants to destroy the world

Charlotte/Henry: both are convinced that the other married them for convenience

Sophie/Gideon: mundane

Jessamine/Nate: literally one half doesn’t want it

Camille/Magnus: One doesn’t believe in love. the other is vastly too good for the other

Helen Blackthrone/Aline Penhallow: literally being exiled

I know relationships have problems, but damn


Gif Request Meme: @jacelightwoods asked:
→ Shadowhunters + Favourite Familial Relationship 

↳ Lucelyn Family
“Clary… you know I love Simon like a son.”
“Having you and Jocelyn in my life kept me from using this. Knowing that you both needed me.”
“She was always kind of like a second mom to me.”


Shadowhunters 2A + Quotes

Okay but haunted house AU anyone?

When Robert and Maryse Lightwood tell their kids they’re moving from their bustling Brooklyn lifestyle to a small town by the sea due to their father’s job being relocated, they’re less than thrilled. Promising the kids a new adventure, they find themselves moving into a manor that could more accurately ​be described as a miniature castle. But the kids aren’t sure what has them more curious: the old house, or the residents living inside it.

Magnus Bane, the owner of the house, welcomes the Lightwoods into his home, and happens to catch their eldest son’s eye. Alec isn’t sure what’s drawing him to Magnus - other than the fact that he’s gorgeous and the two can’t seem to stop flirting - but Alec knows there’s something more. He swears he’s caught Magnus doing things that aren’t physically possible; making things appear and disappear with the wave of his hand, bright lights emanating from his palms. He hears Magnus speaking in languages behind closed doors he’s never heard, jumping from room to room almost if by magic. And Alec knows there has to be a logical explanation for the old books on the shelves that look like spell books, and the Pentagram on the floor, and the potions brewing away he accidentally stumbled upon, right?


Until Alec learns the truth: that Magnus is a warlock who’s been alive for centuries. But to Alec, it doesn’t matter; the attraction he feels for Magnus is stronger than any possible love potion in the world.

Meanwhile, Jace finds himself constantly bored, wanting more than anything to go back home and be away from this place. Until he meets Simon, a boy living down the hall, and finds himself falling for his nerdy charm and nervous stuttering. But Jace knows there’s more to Simon than meets the eye; like why he never eats around anyone, and always tries to hide his smile, and why there’s packs of blood with Simon’s name written on them stowed in the fridge down in the basement. Until Jace finds out the truth: Simon is a vampire who, by some miracle, can walk in daylight. And when Jace first sees Simon smile, it’s like a stake right to his own heart.

Isabelle finds herself drawn to the beautiful paintings hanging all over the manor, meeting the two responsible for them: Jocelyn and Clary Fray, two fiery redheads with a great gift for art. Along with Jocelyn’s detective husband, Luke, the three seem like any typical family. But Isabelle swears she can hear howling at night, and worse, finds strange creatures walking all over the house. She thinks she’s dreaming, until she finds a room that seems more like a cage in the basement, with claw marks all over the wall. And then Isabelle learns the truth: Luke is a werewolf, and Clary and Jocelyn can make their drawings come to life.

Promising to keep the secrets of the house, the Lightwood siblings find themselves thrown into the adventure their parents promised. What they never expected to find in the end, though, is love.

Okay, so since I have seen a lot of confusion on this here are all the character birthdays we know from the Mortal Instruments :

  • September 12, 1989 ~ Alec Lightwood
  • August 23, 1991 ~ Clary Fray
  • February 5, 1971 ~ Hodge Starkweather
  • May 15, 1991 ~ Isabelle Lightwood
  • April 4, 1990 ~ Jace Lightwood Herondale
  • February 2, 1970 ~ Jocelyn Fairchild
  • January 3, 1970 ~ Luke Garroway
  • December 8 (sometime in the 1600s) ~ Magnus Bane
  • October 30, 1968 ~ Maryse Lightwood
  • 1937 (estimated) ~ Raphael Santiago
  • September 17, 1965 ~ Robert Lightwood
  • October 17, 1990 ~ Simon Lewis
  • November 29, 1968 ~ Valentine Morgenstern

i saw something like this before and decided to do my own. these are the ships i like/enjoy. ( simon is very shippable tbh ) ( i also can’t can’t bring myself to ship raphael with anyone else but simon ) ( i also can’t ship rizzy. just my opinion. )


( sebastian x trash 5eva otp )


the mortal instruments: city of bones birthday post (½)

happy fourth birthday to the movie that introduced me to the shadow world and of course cassandra clare’s amazing work, if it wasn’t for city of bones, i would have never read the mortal instruments books, never really started to enjoy reading and most likely never found my passion, also thanks to the movie i’ve met a bunch of amazing people who inspire me day by day, including my best friend, so it’s safe to say that city of bones really did change my life in every way possible and i don’t even know how to describe just how much this all means to me, so  from the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who worked so hard on this production and happy fourth premiere anniversary!