jocelyn look

  • Luke and Jocelyn living in a cramped little apartment their first year in New York while they were still adjusting to the mundane life style
  • Luke working a bunch of jobs to make ends meet while Jocelyn is pregnant
  • Jocelyn waiting impatiently for Luke to get home from work the first time she feels Clary kick so he can feel too
  • Luke picking out the perfect stuffed animal for Clary and bringing it home her first day out of the hospital (it’s a little bear that she still sleeps with)
  • Luke staying up late with baby Clary while he studied for his written test to become a police officer so Jocelyn could get some sleep
  • Jocelyn struggling to balance grieving her family and raising the daughter she loves with all her heart, and Luke supporting her every step of the way
  • Jocelyn and Luke keeping track of all of Clary’s milestones in one of those Baby’s First books 
  • Their first christmas as a mundane family included watching the christmas specials on a tiny tv (Clary cried at all the claymation cartoons)

all your gods are teenage girls: TIAMAT, Mesopotamian primordial goddess of the ocean

It’s lucky that she lives on a beach; saltwater fits her like a second skin. The school swimming coaches keep trying to get her on the team, but she knows better. Hers is not a power you can cage. Whatever runs through her veins won’t listen to rules or regulations; it could bring damnation just as easily as it could salvation. She doesn’t dare let it loose, not like the rainwater girls. She sees them and she loves them - she steals their kisses underwater and marvels at how sweet they still taste - but she is not one of them. Sometimes, on bad days, she wishes she could be soft and easy like them. But instead she is the smell of a storm that is already upon you. Monsoons hide in the pools of her eyes, designed to terrify, but everyone is drawn to them anyway. Everyone always wants to know their destruction, she sighs. Don’t they know you can never learn a hurricane?

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Magnus Bane + outfits

6. I Sleep In Silk and Sin
Though Magnus may wind down in the evenings, his taste for exquisite things does not; whether he’s expecting company or not, nothing less than the finest silk and an expensive drink (or four) will do.


If you think I am having more fun than anyone on this planet, you are absolutely correct. (x)

[Caption: 6 stacked gifs with text overlay from the Shadowhunters TV show.

1. Jocelyn Fray talking and smiling.

2. Luke Garroway talking and smiling.

3. Luke and Jocelyn talking to each other, looking very serious.

4.Jocelyn and Luke standing in the doorway of Clary’s bedroom, looking at the bed, where she is laying. The two of them are talking to each other, looking very serious.

5. Clary is hugging Jocelyn. Luke is looking at them.

6. A picture of Luke, Jocelyn and Clary hugging. They are standing in front of a field of white flowers, smiling at the camera.

The text reads: “And the sun/ and the moon/ sometimes argue/ over who will/ tuck me in/ at night”.]

Shadowhunters 2x03 "Parabatai Lost"

Just watch carefully the new sneak peak.There’s a conversation between Magnus and Jocelyn. Look carefully at Magnus’ face when he’s talking about Alec. He’s so pissed but he’s also suffering because he’s trying to help Alec and we can see pain in his eyes.
I’m looking forward to see Magnus’ reaction when he finds out that Alec is in danger and he can die. And also Alec’s reaction when he’ll wake and he’ll see Magnus next to him.
And of course Magnus when Alec will wake.
Can’t wait a whole week!!!!

I was really looking forward to seeing my lesbian grandmas together and happy, but it looks like Jocelyn isn’t in this season, although Maggie is

I guess as long as Maggie says “yeah we’re married and in love she’s just not here because we couldn’t afford Charlotte Rampling she’s at work” it’ll be all right

Magnus Bane in Shadowhunters 1x13
  • Magnus: *reassuring Alec that he doesn't have romantic feelings for Camille anymore*
  • me: oh god, he's so sweet isn't he
  • Magnus: *displaying his great magic power to wake Jocelyn, while speaking in a foreign language*
  • me: fuck damn he's hot
this innocent blood (1)

fandom: shadowhunters

rel: luke/jocelyn, magnus/alec, various platonic relationships


Are you okay?“ Jocelyn asks, words against his neck. "Luke, are you okay?”

“Valentine’s dead.”

Jocelyn pulls back suddenly, looks him in the eyes. Eyes so full of love. A true, real love.

“He’s dead? Luke, did you…”

“I killed him,” he says softly. “It’s all over now.”

“Was it… hard?” she asks, taking his hands.

“The opposite, actually,” he replies. “It was easy. It was… relieving.”

“I love you,” Jocelyn whispers, and hugs him again. It feels like it has been centuries without him, without stability.

Or: they all adjust to Valentine’s death and Camille’s release, the Fray-Garroways reunite, and Jace and Clary do the logical thing to do in their situation and take a DNA test. The first installment of what Shadowhunters season 2 should’ve been like, in my opinion. Canon rewrite.


A thing that I am certain occurred
  • Luke: Jocelyn. Look at your man. Now back to me. Now back at your man. Now back to me.
  • Jocelyn: