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So three months ago @trash-can-queen sent me a screenshot of a tweet made by Kim Kardashian and we had the great idea to make it into mchanzo so after 1 month of putting a bit of effort in and 2 months of forgetting about it, its finally done! I didn’t do the best on it, but i had to keep it in the same style as i left it in. So here y'all go! I can’t find the original tweet or the original screenshot so y'all are gonna have to take my word on this.

Things we should think about more: 

  • Magnus experiencing racism from Shadowhunters and mundanes alike for the past several hundred years
  • Maia possibly telling someone about Jordan hurting her and nobody believing her because she’s black and he’s white
  • Magnus, Catarina, and Raphael living in America during the super racist 20th century
  • Simon being the descendant of a Holocaust survivor, only to almost be part of a Downworlder genocide himself 
  • Luke losing all respect for becoming a werewolf and having to deal with racism within the NYC police force
  • Valentine turning on Luke for being a werewolf and “stealing” Jocelyn from him vs Luke and Jocelyn getting nasty looks while out in public together
  • You know that feeling of “what if this person I just met is a Trump supporter?” Yeah, add that to “what if this person I just met is a current or former Circle member?” and you’ll see the constant fear some Downworlders have
  • Downworlders of color going through twice the racism as white Downworlders

all your gods are teenage girls: TIAMAT, Mesopotamian primordial goddess of the ocean

It’s lucky that she lives on a beach; saltwater fits her like a second skin. The school swimming coaches keep trying to get her on the team, but she knows better. Hers is not a power you can cage. Whatever runs through her veins won’t listen to rules or regulations; it could bring damnation just as easily as it could salvation. She doesn’t dare let it loose, not like the rainwater girls. She sees them and she loves them - she steals their kisses underwater and marvels at how sweet they still taste - but she is not one of them. Sometimes, on bad days, she wishes she could be soft and easy like them. But instead she is the smell of a storm that is already upon you. Monsoons hide in the pools of her eyes, designed to terrify, but everyone is drawn to them anyway. Everyone always wants to know their destruction, she sighs. Don’t they know you can never learn a hurricane?

as requested by @svcredstars

Okay but can we just take a second I’m just reading City of Glass and Clary made this Rune that lets people see the one person who they love most in the world and yeah to Luke Clary looked like Jocelyn and bla bla BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW ALEC LOOKED KINDA CONFUSED FROM CLARY TO MAGNUS AND THEN BACK TO CLARY AGAIN BECAUSE CLARY WASN’T LOOKING LIKE JACE OR HIS PARENTS OR IZZY TO HIM BUT SHE LOOKED LIKE MAGNUS EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO THROW MYSELF OFF A BUILDING