2.02 | When I was pregnant with your brother, Valentine drugged me. He did an experiment on the baby. He injected Jonathan with demon blood. He thought demon blood would make our unborn child strong. And it did. But it also made him evil.

2.11 | I know all about stubborn and strong-willed mothers. Yeah? Is she in London? No. She, uh… Well, she’s gone now, so. Oh. I’m sorry. Oh, don’t be. She was miserable.

books v show bc i have to
  • books: Alec (who is tall, big, strong and trained) slams Clary (who is tiny, untrained, unprepared) against a wall and threatens to kill her when she confronts him about his sexuality
  • show: Alec gets flustered and the two have an amusing exchange when Clary confronts Alec about his sexuality
  • books: Clary and Izzy have a hard time getting along at first bc both of them have always been the only female in their surrounding males' lives
  • show: Izzy shows immediate support to Clary and they bond almost instantly
  • books: Alec makes a row of comments about Magnus's sexuality that have made the bisexual fans of the books uncomfortable
  • show: Alec is aware of Magnus's sexuality from the very second of their acquaintance and he doesn't give two shits
  • books: Alec is conflicted because when he dies, Magnus will probably move on and find other people to love
  • show: Alec is conflicted because when he dies, he will cause Magnus pain
  • books: Alec and Magnus get together because Magnus is the only male who'd taken interest in the shadowhunter. this grows into actual feelings only later.
  • show: Alec cares about Magnus from the start. It was evident in the little things like giving his strength to the warlock and staying behind to help him clean the apartment because he didn't want Magnus to waste any more energy and feeling the need to explain his marriage situation to Magnus although he didn't have to, the "Magnus is... quite magical. He's very very good at magic" line, etc.
  • books: portray Alec as a basically invisible installment to his siblings, only killed his first demon at 18 (which is quite late for a shadowhutner), doesn't really have any memorable traits except being a good archer (yet he gets outdone by a mundane beginner at some point)
  • show: portrays Alec as a strong, confident leader who challenges his inner conflicts instead of recoiling and becoming invisible to escape them, still always has his siblings' backs but somehow is not reduced to the background, is actually likable from the very beginning
  • books: Clary yells at her mom and storms out when she comes out of the coma
  • show: Clary hugs her mom and tells her "right now I just need my mom" when she comes out of the coma
  • books: leave such important parts of Magnus's and Alec's development as their first kiss and their first date and their first actual conversation out of the main books.
  • show: names an entire episode Malec
Tessa’s husband had been dead for long enough that his name brought back happy, faded memories instead of the raw agony she had felt for years after his passing. Other warlocks had loved and lost, but few were as hopelessly faithful as Tessa. Decades later she had not allowed anyone else to even come close to winning her heart.
—  The Bane Chronicles (The Last Stand Of The New York Institute)
all of the couples in TMI TDI and TDA have some sort of huge massive problem between them

Clace- Brother/sister arc. Not to mention every time they’re happy something happens to Jace

Malec-There’s the immortality and the lying and at the beginning there was Alec trying to deny who he was

Sizzy- Well Simons a vampire. Then he’s not a vampire but he has no memories.

jocelyn/Luke- kidnapping, potions, downworlder/shadowhunter

Jemma: Parabatai

Jessa- Eminent death upon them and one half of the ship being in love with someone else. Silent Brother.

Wessa: his “curse” and pushing everyone away in fear for them. one half of the ship being in love with someone else. immortal/mortal

Jocelyn/Valentine: Literally one half wants to destroy the world

Charlotte/Henry: both are convinced that the other married them for convenience

Sophie/Gideon: mundane

Jessamine/Nate: literally one half doesn’t want it

Camille/Magnus: One doesn’t believe in love. the other is vastly too good for the other

Helen Blackthrone/Aline Penhallow: literally being exiled

I know relationships have problems, but damn

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