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Number 67 for jimon please

BB ILY but but this is almost 3000 words of IDEK 😂😂😂


Clary’s the apple of Luke’s eye, his whole world along with Joselyn. What can he say? She’s his baby girl, his one and only. He loves her.  So when his bright eyed, ingenuous little girl brings home a gap toothed, chatter box spazz after clary’s first day of pre-school, and declared him her bestest friend for ever and ever… Luke was reasonably worried. But five years later, and a whole lot of play dates, and shared temper tantrums—with just as many hug out sessions in-between, well Luke’d like to say that he knows Simon now, like a son of sorts. Luke knows that the kid’s deathly allergic to Bees, that he has a chip on his front tooth because him and Clary were playing recklessly the weekend Luke and Jocelyn took them out to their lake house. Knows that Simon wants to be a musician just like his pa, and thinks that his sister is the coolest chick  on the whole wide world.  And Luke trusts Simon because Luke knows that Simon thinks Clary is all sunlight and bubblegum and all the magic in the universe combined. He’s proud to call him his surrogate son.

But then the third grade hits, and suddenly Simon can’t  stop talking about electric, mismatched eyes, and golden hair and this cool sport thingy called fencing, which he’s so totally gonna try to convince his parents that he has to learn pronto cause it’s the coolest.

and Luke seriously starts thinking that Clary’s got some competition regarding all of Simon’s attention from here  on out.

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