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Day 23: Color

Here’s some shades of gray


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Shit. I’m broke. Happy, but broke. 

Right now, it is a pretty popular opinion, that I don’t entirely disagree with, that in an interview, when the cast read fanfiction, it was inappropriate and disrespectful. The claim is that the entire interview was meant to mock the fans, however, I don’t see it that way at all. There’s even a boycott. (Which  I strongly urge everyone to not participate in.)

You can tell, watching the video, that that is not the purpose at all. Firstly, Jocelyn Davis, the interviewer, has been covering the show since season one, and is on very good terms with the cast. Secondly, in the opening, the fanfiction is introduced as such. 

Let’s talk about the fans a little bit, because comic con really is all about the fans.You guys have some of the most dedicated fans out there. Um, I read recently that the three shows on television that have the biggest fan followings, specifically having to do with fanfiction are you guys, Sherlock Holmes, and Supernatural. 

The purpose of the interview is to celebrate fan-created work, not mock it. 

Here is basically what was said in the video. 

  • Tyler Hoechlin was confused by an au. 
  • Jeff Davis said that a gymnastics AU was really good. 
  • They made a GOT reference in a seemly incestuous scene 
  • They were confused by a fanfic with blanks in the text, they guessed it was mad libs. 

Beyond that, nothing happened, and Posey especially, was really excited about it. So, yeah. Let’s stop shaming the cast, because it is their job to do those interviews at Comic Con. Their job. Also, the MTV PR Team did not write or have any involvement with the actual content of the interview. THIS IS NOT ON THE CAST, CREW, OR PR TEAM. THIS WAS CLEVVER’S IDEA, AND IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A GENUINE ACT OF SUPPORT FOR THE FANS. Okay?

And this “disrespect” by the cast and PR team? Is nothing compared to our disrespect. People ignore and vilify Posey because he gets in the way of Sterek. 

  • People ignore and vilify Posey because he gets in the way of Sterek.  (HE GETS LOTS OF SUPER RACIST SHIT TOO.)
  • #killallison (which was paraded around to Crystal)
  • Cast members have left, in part, because of hate. 
  • People sent mean tweets to Posey’s Mom after he said he didn’t ship Sterek. 
  • Hoechlin had to apologize because he got so much hate for saying that ships are not a large factor in his interpretation of Derek. 
  • Stalia, Malia, and Shelley hate. 
  • Initial Kira and Arden hate. 

And that’s just the short list. Fans constantly sending death threats to the cast and writers. That is plain disrespectful. 

And guess who has followed our lead in treating the cast like shit? The media. 

 Do you remember that interview with Posey, DOB, and Crystal from before 3b? The one with the slut question? And the guys kind of try to laugh to laugh it off, but Crystal actually looks really hurt? And like Dylan tries to make her feel better? BUT IT WAS EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE TO WATCH BECAUSE THEY WERE ALL CLEARLY UNCOMFORTABLE. THEY DON’T DESERVE THIS. 

It is our toxicity spreading. Not the cast, not the media, not the pr team, not mtv. 


This is on us. We tore down the fourth wall, not them. 

So, please, don’t boycott, and don’t put these people’s jobs in danger. It actually makes me sick to see how toxic and disrespectful this fandom can be.