So, at a national anti-fracking summit in Dallas, the keynote speaker was a green capitalist. Some things that were said, “Warren Buffet is investing in solar.” (Ok? We’re all mostly broke. hydrological fracturing tends to affect rural & poor communities, and people of color) “Your membership are our customers. You give us customers & we donate to your NGOs.” (Kickbacks from capitalists? Nah, you not gonna get that. We don’t sell you our people.) “Solar is cheap because German factories are locked into making them, and now there’s too many in the market. Sure it causes some people to hurt, but it’s a nessisary sacrifice.” (I guess some people are loosing their jobs in green energy but there exploitation is needed right?) And my personal favorite, “There may or may not be slavery involved in silicone production but I haven’t seen it & even if there was, that’s a trade off I’m willing to make.” Just…what? This man just advocated for SLAVERY? REALLY? Not even a, “pretty sure no but we naturally want to use union workers, and we should make sure the jobs created are jobs with justice.” Nope. Room full of people, and advocating slavery & talking about China like it’s fully of stupid barbarians. Like there weren’t countries like, oh, America more than happy to exploit them until they’re in dire straits. So. This is what socialists look like during that talk. We’re basically flooding their twitter & trying to get the mic.