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FFXV x KH Headcanons That I Have But Probably Won’t Doodle Part 4

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

  • You know how sometimes in FFXV when you’re out in the woods next to animals that won’t attack you, you end up hitting one by accident while you’re fending off MTs?
        • AN ANAK CALF
    • He uses a Megalixir on it… Gladio is ready to End Him for wasting that on a stupid-looking giraffe cow!!!!
    • (Ignis: “Prompto, Noctis, go distract Sora while I take some of the mother’s meat to cook for dinner. I’ve come up with a new recipe, and the secret ingredient is ATTEMPTED INFANTICIDE.”)
  • While we’re talking about Sora and killing things– he doesn’t like to kill bugs. That puts him at odds with Noct and Prom on multiple occasions. Those two are the embodiment of those Internet memes depicting people burning their houses down to kill a single crazy-looking insect. Meanwhile Sora is over there feeling guilty about accidentally stepping on a snail
    • A talking cricket capable of reading and writing lived in Sora’s hoodie for like two years okay HE HAS A SOFT SPOT
    • Yes Sora is that guy to catch a spider and let it outside
    • Yes Gladio has killed bugs that Sora wanted to save while he scrambled around trying to find a paper towel… because yeah. He doesn’t want to touch that creepy crawly with his bare hands, even if his motives are Pure
  • Sora is able to see Gentiana and Carbuncle without the use of a camera
    • Cue the bros using Sora’s Actual Sixth Sense to their advantage by having him guide them to make silly poses with the invisible deities
      • Noctis can’t believe Gentiana plays along. What a good sport.
    • Sora checking his phone during one of Carbuncle’s visits and beginning to giggle uncontrollably
      • Noct: “How tf did he get your number”
  • Since Sora is a couple of years younger than everyone else (I headcanon him as 17/18 when he first comes to Eos), Ignis and Gladio are Very Protective of him
    • Honestly it’s like Sora has four big brothers
      • Gladio is floored by the fact that Sora is more or less a self-taught swordsman
        • He still helps train Sora because technique is important
          • He swells up with So Much Pride when he catches Sora using a move he’d taught him during training on an MT
        • Gladio is so excited to take Sora to try his first meal of Cup Noodles
          • Sora ends up being a bit of a purist; he doesn’t like meat or veggies– just ramen and broth.
      • Ignis is baffled by nearly everything Sora does and how nonchalantly he does it
        • This kid can jump nine feet in the air and even executes a fussy little flip when he does it wtf
          • Oh, well. At least Sora can pick those fruit over there by jumping and reaching so no one has to climb the tree and risk a broken neck
            • (Noctis: “I didn’t break my neck, Specs– I sprained my wrist!!”
            • Ignis: “Which wouldn’t have happened if you’d been more careful.”)
        • Sora is dared (hmm by whom?? I wonder…….) to prank Ignis by putting a rogue ingredient into the stew one night.
          • He and his cohorts (you know who they are) watch Ignis do a taste-test nonchalantly 
            • Who am I kidding they are totally obvious as they try to stop themselves from laughing
              • Dunno why you’re laughing, though, boys– that’s your dinner you’re sabotaging
          • Ignis is obviously disgusted by what he tastes. He stands there for a moment… and then he fumbles around in his pack for new ingredients
          • You bet your ass Ignis salvages the stew. In fact, it actually tastes better than before?? “I’ve come up with a new recipe, and the secret ingredient is ATTEMPTED SABOTAGE.”
            • Don’t ask Sora what the rogue ingredient was, Ignis. He’s not from around here and wouldn’t really know a Lieden pepper from a Duscaean potato
              • Prompto caves and tells him
        • The next day… how strange… it seems that Ignis only made enough dinner for himself and Gladio to enjoy… looks like it’s time for Toast for the Culinary Saboteurs
          • Ignis drags it out for a bit before giving the boys their share.
      • Noctis reminds Sora of Riku a lot.
        • Yes, by that I mean he tries to have a cool exterior but is actually a Giant Goober
        • Noct fishing while sitting at the end of the pier with Sora, long after the other bros have lost interest and wandered elsewhere
          • Long talks about friends and hopes for the future
          • Noctis feeling a little guilty because Sora seems so… comfortable with the burden of protecting not just one world, but a whole bunch.
            • Meanwhile, Noctis is reluctant to accept a king’s responsibility. He never asked for this. He just wants to be… normal.
              • Sora eventually admitting to having doubts about why the Keyblade stayed with him, and quietly wishing for the day to come that the worlds won’t need a single Keyblade master.
                • Turns out the two of them have more in common than Noct first thought.
          • Noctis trying to reel in the DEMON FISH from the VR game and Sora is in such a panic and so desperate to help that he PUNCHES THE MONSTER FISH IN THE FACE and BREAKS EVERY KNUCKLE IN HIS RIGHT HAND
      • Prompto and Sora are BEST FRIENDS and honestly IT HAPPENS SO FAST
        • Prom gives Sora some photography lessons and lets him loose in Galdin Quay
          • He ends up with a memory card full of cat photos of various angles and degrees of blurriness
        • Somehow a local reporter overhears Sora talking with Prompto about his intention to take a photo with every single Kenny Crow statue in Lucis and ends up having a little article published about him. Just seems like one of those slice-of-life stories that the media would eat up
          • They use one of Prompto’s photos of Sora and Kenny for the newspaper!!! It’s on like the 85th page nestled into a corner, but he’s!!! Officially!! A published photographer!!!
          • In the long night, there are several instances that find Prom and Sora on a hunt near a Crow’s Nest they never had a chance to visit during their road trip. Taking a photo is a matter of obligation at this point
            • Prompto scrolling through the Caw, Kids! It’s Sora Crow! folder and tearing up as he starts from the first photo and scrolls forward. By year seven of the long night, Sora’s smile as he stands under Kenny’s wing doesn’t reach his eyes
  • Starscourge!Sora headcanons that aren’t completely miserable??? Look at them, hanging out above the angst cut????
    • It eventually gets to the point that Sora’s left eye glows in the dark like a nightlight
      • Prompto finds himself using the glow of Sora’s fuckin’ daemon eye to try and read the map after his flashlight’s battery dies
        • omfg
        • It’s just so absurd that the two of them burst out laughing
        • It’s the first time either of them had laughed in a while. It felt… nice…
        • Gladio pressing a hand over Sora’s eye when they’re trying to sneak up on a daemon because it will give them away
        • Prompto’s response is to give Sora an eyepatch he swiped from the clinic for their next hunt
          • Sora: “I always wanted to be a pirate as a kid. Who says dreams don’t come true, even in this horrific post-apocalyptic hellscape”
          • Also Sora: “Srsly Gladio I can see better in the dark with this eye maybe don’t”

Head into the misery dojo if you dare under the cut

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List of Body art friendly companies/employers

For those of you struggling to find work that is body art friendly, I have a list for all of you to take a gander at. This is a list of all the jobs I’ve found that are okay with body art (piercings/tattoos) and guys, little money is better than no money at all. They may not be the highest paying jobs, but money is money.

  • Whole Foods
  • Sally’s Beauty Supply
  • Border’s Books
  • Target
  • Claire’s Botique
  • Piercing Pagonda
  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • Albertson’s/Hagen’s
  • Big Lots
  • Barne’s and Noble
  • IKEA
  • Forever 21
  • Rue 21
  • Journeys
  • Spencer’s Gifts
  • Sam Ash
  • Staples
  • Blockbuster
  • Ticketmaster
  • Hard Rock Cafe/Hotel
  • Best Buy
  • Kohl’s
  • Anthropologie
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Petco
  • Google
  • Fed Ex (delivery)
  • UPS
  • MAC Cosmetics
  • LUSH Cosmetics
  • Tokyo Joe’s
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Half Price Books
  • Applebee’s
  • Amazon(.com)
  • Zappos(.com)
  • Gamestop
  • Trader Joe’s
  • And of course, any salon-type job as well
  • also, most convenience store jobs as well

If you have stuff to add, feel free! I hope this helps y’alls beautiful selves~

Also, I wold double check with the manager on an interview just to make sure rules haven’t changed

First Job: contracts, work life, etc.

CONGRATS!  You finished PA school, got that C, and now have 5 job offers :)

My goal is to inform you on what to look for and what to avoid if possible while you’re on that job hunt.

First: job interview. yes they are interviewing you, but you should also interview  them. Find out what exactly you will be doing on your day-to-day, hours, how many patients you will see an hr (office practice), how many other PAs there are, why the last PA left, relationship with MD, PAs, NPs, MAs, nurses etc.

Please schedule a working interview! So important to see actually what it is like, how everyone interacts with each other, how the MD/PAs interact with their patients. If you suspect one of your coworkers are crazy, chances are you’re right; don’t second guess your gut feeling. It’s not good if that crazy mean one is your boss.

Second: Salary and benefits. NCCPA now has in your profile all the stats for your specialty in your state, including avg salary, age, number of patients seen per hr. Salary is always negotiable.

Benefits: Malpractice, health insurance, CME reimbursement, 401k should all be included at this point. Find out how much $ u would have to contribute to health insurance - this could be a big expense. Vacation, sick days, bereavement days. You usually have more vacation days in hospital setting to start.

Third: PAs really should not have a non-compete. IF they make you sign a non-compete make the radius as small as possible. Also if you have to sign a contract, make sure you can terminate it at any time. Also take note of how many days you have to give notice.

Fourth: Make sure commute is okay for you to do everyday!

“I originally studied to become a flight attendant and searched along with some other people for the job. That time was really great. My life had a particular goal. However, when I went to final interviews for a flight attendant position, I always saw the phrase ‘sorry’ on the last door. It was draining. However, while I was preparing to be a flight attendant I became really interested in makeup and skincare. Now I work as a manager for a makeup brand. The work I’m doing now is a lot of fun. I miss the days of preparing to be a flight attendant. But, the future? First I need to go forward, but I often don’t know where I’m heading.”

“원래 승무원이 되려고 공부도 했고, 다른 사람들하고 같이 취업 준비 했는데 그 때 참 좋았어요. 목표가 확실한 삶이었거든요. 하지만 승무원 채용 최종 인터뷰는 꽤 갔는데, 항상 마지막 문턱에서 ‘죄송합니다’ 문구를 봤어요. 힘이 확 빠졌죠. 근데 제가 승무원 준비하면서 화장품이나 피부관리 제품에 관심이 많아졌어요. 그러다가 지금은 아예 화장품 브랜드 매장의 관리직으로 일하는데 지금 하는 일도 너무 재밌어요. 승무원 준비 시절이 그립긴 하지만요. 미래요? 일단은 나아가지만 저도 어디로 가는 지 모를 때가 있어요” 

DID Systems

Do any of y’all have jobs? if so, Do alters cause problems at work? Does your amnesia cause problems at work? Does switching cause problems? 

I’m just wondering how we can possibly function in society. My child alter and my Main are the most unstable, emotionally (We live with mood disorders as well). They can become hysterical within a few minutes, for whatever reason. And my memory has always gotten me in trouble, even in school, so it’s much worse with the amnesia. I just want to be able to take care of myself. I feel kinda hopeless..

“I currently work as an aircraft maintenance worker, and before that I job searched for 5 years. I had prepared for it even before I transferred to another school, and I interned for 2 long years. When I was job searching, I saw a lot of articles like “Tips on finding a job quickly.” Honestly, when I saw those articles, I just wanted to curse. I thought, ‘So it worked out for you but not for me, huh?’. I’m sure the job searchers would know much better about how to get a job. When you’re job searching, you feel like you’re being cornered, and it’s difficult to not feel helpless, but it’s important to never give up. Keep your head up. It was so overwhelmingly difficult for me during that time as well. Ah, I just want to give some comfort to job searchers out there.“

"저는 지금 비행기 정비사로 일하고 있는데, 취업준비를 거의 5년간 한 셈이거든요. 편입하기 전에도 준비했고, 인턴도 장장 2년이나 해서요. 제가 취업준비할 때, 그런 기사 진짜 많이 봤어요. ‘취업한 사람들이 말하는 빨리 취업하는 팁’ 같은 거요. 근데 솔직히 이런거 보면 욕 나와요. '나는 안 됐지만, 너는 됐다 이거지?’ 이런 생각 들면서. 취업하는 방법이야 사실 취업 준비생들이 더 잘 알고 있을 거예요. 취업 준비하다보면 궁지에 몰려 있는 기분도 들고, 낙담을 안 할 순 없겠지만, 절대 포기하지 않는 게 중요하다고 말해주고 싶어요. 꼭 힘내구요. 저도 그때 정말 죽을만큼 힘들었거든요. 아, 취준생들에게 위로라도 해주고 싶네요.”