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…Wait, this didn’t happen in Chapter 191? [Part 1]

I thought Han Solo’s famous quote is very fitting in this sort of situation! XD

Oh, forgot to say this! Just to clarify, Jian Yi is actually meant to be crying tears of joy because his confession has been acknowledged! :D

A patient yesterday asked me to lift his head up and then put it back down. And then yelled at me when I did it because I lifted too high. Then later asked me to fluff his pillow nicer than it was. And yelled at me for lifting his head up to fluff said pillow. And tried to demand to talk to the ICU doc about it all.

This wasn’t even my patient. His nurse was so done lol.

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I’ll catch you, darling, I’ll be waiting 
I am on your side

Important Lessons (Ch. 2)

Saizo x MC 
My darlings, here it is, chapter two. I am so SO sorry it has taken so long, but tada~ For future reference, this is now a multichapter fic that will have porn but also plot (we’re getting to the plot part, uh, eventually.) So thank y’all so much for your kindness. Please enjoy.

“So…” Oichi stared at you expectantly, you’d done a good job of avoiding her since yesterday, since you left Dr. Kirigakure’s office reeking of sex and flushed up to your ears. But you knew you couldn’t avoid her forever.

Honestly you had thought about telling her, airing it out, spilling your dirty little secret almost immediately, but something had stopped you. It was just too clandestine, too dangerous, too…precious to you for you to tell her. Which was saying something, Oichi had been your best friend since grade school.

What she didn’t know couldn’t hurt her.

So you had gone home, taken a long shower, eaten some take out, watched netflix and tried your best to compartmentalize the vivid scenes that kept playing in your head.

His head between your legs, the comfortable weight of his body leaned against yours, the look of desire in his eyes…

No, it hadn’t worked very well. Honestly even sitting here, a full 24 hours later, nursing an iced coffee you still felt a little bit hot and bothered.

“Hey, are you even listening to me?”

“Hmm?” You looked up, meeting Oichi’s worried gaze.

“Are you okay? You seem really out of it, did something happen yesterday?”

Ah yes.

Time to lie to your best friend.

“It went okay.” You sighed, doing your best to feign indifference and disappointment. “It wasn’t very encouraging, Dr. Kirigakure basically just told me the same things he said over email and on the test. So I think i’m going to get a tutor from the writing lab to help me on thursday.” You shrugged, willing your body to relax the tension rapidly building in your shoulders.

“Ah, I see. So this is a case of the over-achiever blues, hm?” Oichi leaned forward, poking you on your cheek. “Sounds like we need to go and get drunk as soon as you are done with this test on Friday.”

“I’m not sure that will fix my problems.” You snorted, shaking your head. “I don’t know how someone with such an overprotective brother seems to be able to go out every weekend.” You smiled at her, your tone joking.

“Come on, you’ve been watching me do it since we were in high school, all we have to do is avoid the places he’s at, duh.”

Oh yes, you had done your fair share of hiding from Oda Nobunaga since you were barely old enough to pretend to be old enough to get into bars. Even still…

“I’ll do it, only for you though.” You shook your head, snapping your book shut and leaning over to gaze at her. “No funny business this time, I hate having to bail you out of trouble.”

“But you’re so good at it!”


Class, right. You had to go to that.

You sighed, for what was certainly the 50th time that day, pushing the door open to the small, dare you say intimate, classroom.

There were only about 15 students left in the class, so it didn’t much matter. It wasn’t like you were packed in like sardines.. Still the smallness of the space seemed pronounced today as you slid into your desk. Right, it was just class. You went to this class every other day. You could do this.

The professor was late, unsurprising, he was rarely early. Yet, he always seemed to just appear, almost like out of thin air, right as the students started to let their guards down.

Right as you let-

“Well, what a miserable looking group we have here today.” His mock cheer tore you from your thoughts.

Yes, exactly like that.

There he was, the same cool and composed force as always, except….except where he had once been a far off longing of yours, (who didn’t have teacher fantasies, after all) now he stood in flesh and blood and heat that you had felt yourself.

You still had the vivid feeling of his messy hair between your fingers and his body pressed to yours. And…And…You pressed your legs together, a mortified sense of dread building in you.

Everyone was going to find out.

There was no way they couldn’t tell.

The blush on your cheeks was visible, you were sure.

Okay, okay, you just had to take deep breaths. Steady yourself. He surveyed the room, leaning against the desk at the front, a bemused look on his face, and then he looked at you. You grew still, trying your best to maintain enough eye contact to appear normal before looking down at your desk.

You could swear you saw the beginnings of a smirk on his face as you looked away.

“Well, children, I see that some of you are anxious about the exam you have on Friday.” Professor Kirigakure sighed, in what was clear disappointment. “Midterms are, as you know, quite important to passing.” He stood, walking over to the whiteboard behind him. “Luckily for most of you, one of your classmates decided to be a willing sacrifice and email me.” The group of people around you were murmuring to themselves. No, none of them had emailed him, then who?

You, you had emailed him.

“Because of one student’s bravery, I’ve decided to reward you all with a review packet on what all we’ve learned.” A feeling of relief. Saizo hands out the packets, choosing to go one by one down the aisle, dropping a packet onto your desk.

You could feel his warmth as he brushed against you, his hand for just a moment grazing the flesh on your arm, goosebumps breaking out at the feeling.

You glanced up at him, only to find that he had moved on, resuming his discussion on the material at hand.

Oh, how were you going to handle this?

You flipped through the packet, scanning the words with minimal interest, until you turned to the back, the last page, where a phrase was written in a familiar script.

Naughty little ladies that don’t pay attention get punished.

Holy shit.

You all but slammed the paper of the packet shut, eyes firmly planted on the whiteboard.

He had definitely noticed your slip of attention, damn.

No matter, no matter. You shook your head, taking as many notes as you could.

After class you did your best to slip out quietly, Dr. Kirigakure swamped with questions as usual, and yet, somehow, as you reached the door a hand grasped at your arm.

“E-Eh” You looked up, meeting the crimson-copper eyes of your teacher, a growing ever-more familiar smirk on his lips. Your heart pounded in your chest at the look he was giving you. “P-Professor?” You stammered, allowing him to guide you just out of sight, your body pressed against the wall next to the door.

“You weren’t doing a very good job of appearing inconspicuous.” His tone was amused, his hand wandering up your shirt. “We should try to do better in the future, hmm” You nodded, heat coiling in your stomach. You’d do whatever he wanted, really, so long as he kep touching you.

“Yes sir.” It left your mouth before you had a chance to pull it back, a predatory gleam appearing in Saizo’s eyes at your words. His lips pressed to yours in the next moment, drawing and swallowing the gasp off of your lips. You clung to him, relishing the feeling of his body pressed against your own.

Then it was over, and you were panting as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Unfortunately, the little lady still has to be punished for not paying attention in class.” He pressed his mouth against your ear. “But that will have to wait until tomorrow night, won’t it?”


You stood in front of your mirror, a frown creasing your features. Tomorrow had come far too quickly and now you were at a dilemma.

How was one supposed to dress to have a secret rendezvous with their professor? You sighed, falling back onto the bed.

Normally, they were supposed to dress normally, because it was supposed to be inconspicuous, and why the fuck would you be dressing up just for him to take it off? You could imagine his humor already, if you showed up in your sunday best.

That hadn’t stopped you from putting on your best lingerie, might as well try to look cute where it counted, right?

You hummed to yourself, a discordant tune, opting for something that you’d call ‘dressy casual’ before stepping out of your room.

Oichi sat in the living room, eyeing you with an open interest.

“Are you going on a date?” She sat up from her spot, looking you up and down.

“Tutoring.” You responding, not even stopping to look at her. You could hear her snort, could almost imagine her shaking her head.

“Must be a cute tutor.” She was giggling as you shut the door.

You entered the address on a much crinkled piece of paper into your phone.

Deep breath.

You could do this


Saizo lived in a really nice apartment complex, not surprising considering his teaching position. But at the same time you weren’t really sure where you had pictured him living.

His office maybe?

you sighed, stepping out of the elevator and into the hallway. Now if the numbers were in ascending order you should be there…

You paused, looking up at the door. Okay, good. You reached out a hand to knock on the door only to have it open up before you could.

You blinked, surprise evident on your features. Saizo stood in front of you, appraising you with his knowing eyes. Butterflies churned in your stomach. You stand there for a moment until he speaks.

“I suggest you step inside, unless you want my neighbors to wonder what you are doing here.” he chuckled at the look you shot him in return allowing you to follow him into the room, looking around with interest.

It was quite plain, to your surprise. Sturdy furniture, and a minimalist feel, something that you would have described as the bare essentials of living. You thought back to your own homey and cluttered space and glanced at your teacher in curiousity.

What sort of secrets were lying just underneath his cool facade?

“That look on your face can only mean trouble for you.”His cool voice at your ear makes you shiver. You turned to face him, only to find a pair of arms hooked around your waist, keeping you in place with your back pressed against him. “Of course, maybe it is trouble you’re looking for, considering that you are here.”

“Didn’t you ask me to come?” You wriggled and then stilled in his arms, stealing a glance up at his face.

“And you had to be very brazen or just a little bit stupid to actually come.” he chuckles as you flush, trying to pull away from him.  “Ah, ah, no. It’s too late now, little lady. You did come here for another lesson, didn’t you?” One of his hands trailed a path up your stocking-clad leg, stopping when his hand met flesh. “Thighhighs?” he looked down at you, raising his eyebrow. You pouted in response.

“I guess I am more brazen than stupid, sir.” You replied, a soft edge of victory at brief look of surprise on his face.

“Well I suppose I could never turn down a student so eager to learn.” He navigated you to his couch pulling you into his lap. You froze, perched comfortably against him. The intimacy of the gesture threw your emotions into a tizzy and you inhaled sharply as you tried to keep yourself in check.

Saizo sighed, tsk’ing his tongue.

“I didn’t realize how much you had to learn.” he patted you on the head “Turn around.”

“Hm?”  You shifted your body, turning around to straddle him.  “Is this what you wanted?” the blush was high on your cheeks as you brought your hands up to rest on his shoulders.  

“Mm. Getting better.” his hands rested on your hips and you took the opportunity to press your lips against his. He let you go for a moment, opening his mouth and allowing you to explore it with your tongue.

Only for a moment though.

His teeth sunk into the flesh of your bottom lip, eliciting a soft cry from you as you attempted to pull away. He held you fast, however, trailing his tongue to sooth the wound the copper taste filling your mouth. The sensation drew a moan from your lips, and when he finally let you pull away you could only look at him, letting your teeth graze over the sensitive spot he left.

“I think you’re ready.” Saizo pulled a ribbon out of his pocket, the stark red of it drawing your attention. You shivered softly at the dark look he gave you, a sudden uncertainty growing.

“Ready for what?” your voice was small, he noticed your hesitation, brushing his knuckle against your cheek.

“Your next lesson is a lesson in vocabulary.” You stared at him. What was he even talking about?

“What’s that for then?” you grasped the free end of the ribbon in your hand, a sudden thought crossing your mind.

It was like the red ribbon of fate connecting the two of you

“Sensory deprivation.” He ran his thumb across your bruised bottom lip. “Covering your eyes, letting you describe what exactly it is I am going to do to you, using more appropriate language.”

Oh that did sound pretty appealing actually.

“Oh…Okay.” You nodded, an embarrassed flush on your cheeks, “If…Ah, mmh, if you want to.” As you spoke, he was pushing up the fabric of your dress. You reached down and tugged the material over your own head, letting it fall beside you.

Yes, you were glad you had worn your good underwear.

“Well then, I suppose we are in agreement, little lady.” He looked you over with some measure of cool appreciation before securing the ribbon over your eyes, shrouding you in red-tinted darkness. “If you want to stop at any time, just say dango.”

“Dango?” You let out a nervous laugh. “Is that your favorite dessert or something?”

“Maybe.” His hands were cold enough to make you shiver as they brushed over your bare skin. “What’s a word you would use to describe this feeling?”

“nn…Ticklish?” You wriggled as he adjusted your body to fall softly against the sofa . “Soft…mm, like feathers, maybe?”

“A feather light touch that sends shivers down your spine?” His voice seemed lower than before, or maybe you just hadn’t noticed before.

“Mmmhmm.” you sighed as he continued to trail his hands lightly against your skin. You felt his lips brush lightly against your neck, followed by teeth grazing against the skin. A mewl left your throat as he applied more pressure, light kisses followed by nips at your skin.

“What about that?” He questioned, breath so hot against your ear. He had unclasped your bra in the moment, and you felt the material go slack against your arms. He pulled it off and you could hear it hit the ground as his hot kisses made their way to your breast.

“A-Ah.” You arched your back as he bit at the soft flesh, the cry leaving your throat before you even realized.

“I believe we were asked a question.”

“A-Ah, thats n-not fair, you know.” Your hands were in his hair. “It was painful, but I liked it.” the confession was stark.

“That’s all?”

“U-Uhm. It was…it was…” You struggled for a moment. “It was pleasure at the height of pain?” You ventured, trying you best to think back to the packet he had passed out. Sex novels were pretty over the top.

“Better.” He laughed, a sound that tugged at your heartstrings. “Maybe you aren’t so hopeless after all, little lady.”

“I said I wasn’t a B average student.” you ran your hand down his chest, a bit surprised to meet bare skin. When had he taken off his shirt?

Down, down you went. Trailing lower, brushing against him. A bit surprised to find him aroused. He made a noise not unlike a growl as you pressed your hand more firmly against the cloth of his pants.

“What is your plan exactly with that?” He captured your hand, bringing your arms up to rest above your head. “Do I have to tie you up as punishment for trying to distract me from the lesson?”

“W-What?” You stuttered. “I don’t know about all that, sir.”

“You can say Saizo, you know.” He continued, ignoring your comment. “We aren’t in class, and this certainly breaks the student and teacher boundary already.”  You could feel his weight shift on the couch as he leaned back, pulling your underwear off in one motion.

For a moment you were still, the sound of him shedding the rest of his clothes

“I’m not sure I can.” You stated finally.

“What is stopping you little lady?” He pulled you closer to him by your hips, and you were conscious of the feeling of the material under you. “In fact I seem to remember you moaning my name without much issue last time.” He sounded amused. “Maybe that is all I have to do.” he pressed a surprise kiss to your lips as he maneuvered your leg around his waist. You caught on quickly enough,  hooking your legs around his waist, digging your fingernails into the skin of his shoulders in anticipation.


“Same as last time sir- I mean, Professor Kirigakure.” You let out a giggle, unable to stop yourself.

“Cheeky for someone who still has an entire half a semester in my class.”  He doesn’t sound upset though, rather almost proud. “You know.” He pauses for just a moment. “I think hickies are a good look for you.” You gasp, slapping his shoulder lightly. “Or rather, my hickies are a good look for you.” Before you can respond his lips are on yours again, his body pressed so, so close.

You rock your hips against his, a impatience in your movements you hope he picks up.

He does. It doesn’t take him long to adjust your bodies, sliding into you in a way that had you panting against his lips.

“Uhhhnnn.” A muffled cry of pleasure left your mouth. You wondered, if his hickies looked good on you, did the bruises you left on his shoulders look good on him?

He wasn’t gentle, even less so than before. Maybe it was the blindfold that had you seeing stars faster than normal. It was like your awareness of your own body had increased. His movements seemed to have a sharper edge, each one bringing another sound to your lips.

“E-exquisite” You managed, sliding your hands to his chest. “Mindblowing, m-mostly.” You continued,  lifting your hips to meet his movements, each of his thrusts bringing you closer to the edge.

“At least one of those would get you an A on my exam.” He drawled, sounding a little less in control than normal.

“I hope I use the right one then.” You were barely holding on, a mess, it took quite a bit just to be able to coherently form that sentence. His hands were firmly planted on your hips, tilting them up to bring a different angle to his thrusts. He knew what he was doing, you were all but crying at his movements.

“S-Saizo.” Finally, you broke, chanting his name over and over again like a prayer. That seemed to do the trick. You could barely comprehend his murmur of “good girl” as he brought you to climax, this time you could feel his own body stiffen as you fell off the edge, a sort of sordid satisfaction at the idea that he got just as much satisfaction as you did from this.

After a moment of silence he undid your blindfold, tugging it off in a fluid gesture.

You blinked, gazing up at his eyes, startled to see a softness in them so much like last time, when he had kissed your forehead.

“I think you are better off without the blindfold.” He said, idly pulling you back onto his lap, using the ribbon to tie up your hair.

“E-Eh?” You were almost a bit overwhelmed at his gentleness, waiting expectantly for him to continue.

“Your facial expression are too telling for me to just cover them up.” He smirked, nipping at the shell of your ear and making you moan again, a short and soft sound.

“T-Too much.” You were blushing, which seemed to only prove his point.

“It is so unfortunate that the midterm is tomorrow.” He continued, allowing you to snuggle against his chest, his hands resting lightly in your hair. You refused to garner the thought that he might stop seeing you after the test, so you did your best to ignore his words.

“But there is always the final.” You finished for him, biting your lip and relishing the soreness. “I’m sure I can still find room to improve.”

He rolled his eyes.

“With words like that I might not want you getting any better.” You frowned at him in response, which only made him smirk. “Don’t worry little lady, I’m not near done with you.”  

You didn’t like how he could read your mind so easily.

You sighed, moving to pull away from him, a yawn leaving your lips. He held you in place, allowing himself to fall back onto the couch, with you resting on top of him.

“Not so fast.” He shook his head. “You’re only dismissed when I say so.”


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They have stolen the heart from inside you, but this does not define you. This is not who you are, you know who you are.

Dear Cat,

Congratulations.  I’m afraid the blush you’ve caused is permanent.  Both Alex and Susan commented on it yesterday.  Job well done.

Don’t think for a moment that my blushing at the thought of all those delicious whispers into my ear means I plan to shy away from this… us.  I believe you fancy me a shrinking violet.  I can see why.  I’m clumsy.  I fidget and giggle.  I do that when I’m nervous.  And oh, did you always make me nervous.  You still do.  My heart races and my stomach flips and it’s all I can do to keep my hands to myself.

If I’m reading accurately between the lines, you appear to be… anxious.  It seems you are a bit unsure of yourself when it comes to physical affection.  That’s okay.  You lead in the boardroom… I’ll take over in the… well, you get the idea.

Sex wasn’t really necessary on Krypton.  I was born from a birthing matrix, a genetic codex that created scientifically perfect children.  So, at twelve, while human children would be getting ‘the talk’ and awkward sex ed classes, I was taught about gene splicing and the marriage of well-matched families.  I’m sure Kryptonians were affectionate, even sexual, but it wasn’t instinctual and certainly not done with the same joy and abandon humans find in the act.  My long-awaited point is that I have… taught myself about human approaches to love and… done considerable… reading.  And while that sounds terribly clinical and cold, the truth is, I really do know how to enjoy myself.  I think I can help you enjoy yourself too.  And now my blush is back, just so you know.

Don’t worry, Cat.  I promise you I will not let you delegate your part in this to me.  You consider yourself some sort of Pillow Queen?  No.  We’re going to be partners in this, equal ones.  I’d offer to bring some of my more useful books, but I think in your case we just need to throw the instruction manual away and just… have fun.  Trust me, if you’re as good at the rest of it as you are at making out on your couch, we haven’t got a thing to worry about.  

It’s a shame this part of your life always came with such outside motivations and rewards.  You seem never to have experienced pleasure for pleasure’s sake.  I must say I’m disappointed in John Stamos.  He certainly dropped the ball with you.  If he didn’t take full advantage of the gift he was given, well… then he really is just a beach bum.

I already know how responsive you are.  You simply need the right… incentive.  That’s where I come in.

Did you just call me a tease?  No matter, keep getting better.  I’ll see you soon.

Lost Series - Part Four

Part One  Part Two  Part Three

Pairing : Jerome x Fem. Reader

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After showering and changing into some of Tabitha’s clothing, I stepped outside for a smoke. I have been dying for a cigarette. The sun had just started to set and I let out a sigh.

“Miss. L/N. I hope you found everything you need.” Theo spoke, stepping out of the shadows.

I smiled at him, “yes, thank you. Not just for the petty things, but for breaking us out of Arkham.”

He smiled, “It was no problem.”

“Can I ask you something, Theo?” I asked, exhaling the smoke. He nodded his head.

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Hey! :) Could i request a headcanon or scenario where MC had a part-time/temporary/full-time job as a Retail Assistant in Toy store or Clothing store or Book store (either 1). MC never had a job before, so she is feeling anxious and doesn't know where to start. She told all these to RFA members + saeran, what will their reactions and response be?

aaaaaa of course~ i’m sorry this literally took forever .-.

also: ToyRUs because I LOVE THAT PLACE??? leggo


  • right so she’s at the shop just minding her own business 
  • lmao low key avoiding customers like
  • questions?? you got a question ok don’t ask me cuz idunno anythinggggg 
  • someone send her help pls
  • anyway this guy comes up and he’s like “Excuse me miss, where do you sell Legos here?”
  • MC is f r e a k i n g the hell out cuz she doesn’t know???? (literally just got the job yesterday and she missed orientation ok)
  • and then:
  • “Sir, I can help you over here!”
  • it waS YOOSUNG/???!?!!!
  • that’s right, this boy got a job just for you MC


  • MC was nervous for the ENTIRE NIGHT before the first day of work
  • and he was tryna calm her nerves (started using some ‘actors-stress-relief’ tactic on her)
  • he walks her to her work place and gives her a special charm to wear so she can think of him whenever she gets lost or scared
  • also did i mention
  • the charm is a fuckin-
  • like that’s great Zen but this ain’t a charm it’s just your face
  • k well she takes it anyway because at this point she’s so desperate she will take anything to calm her internal screaming
  • 2 minutes into working on the shop floor and she hears footsteps approaching so she’s grabbing onto the charm for her dear life
  • and when she turns around it’s literally Zen
  • “Can I ask you something about the store for your entire shift?”
  • yas


  • she doesn’t get it
  • “MC it’s just work, I do it all the time - literally.”
  • okok but she’s not actually that savage
  • so she makes sure that MC has some coffee and whatever so that she can have a smooth day at work
  • and she drops by during lunch to take her out!!!
  • “MC, how’s the day been so far?”
  • “It’s horrible, customers make me nervous and my boss says that I-”
  • Jaehee cuts her off by squishing her cheeks
  • “It’s only your first day, don’t worry, you’ll get used to it soon enough, trust me… seriously.”


  • “MC, why don’t you just work at my office?”
  • “.. don’t I need a diploma of some sort first?”
  • “But I don’t want you to go abroad to attend university like I did.”
  • MC:
  • ??????
  • ok what?
  • anyway so she finally goes to work and-
  • “jumin wHAT R U DOIN”
  • “Oh, MC, when is it your turn to be the cashier? I would like you to help me with these items”


  • MC’s getting a job?
  • trololololol
  • time for some fun
  • Mr. Prankster here does not have any sympathy
  • so while MC is working yenno kinda unsure about everything
  • he goes in and messes with her
  • “MC! MC! Where can I find the shoes section?”
  • “… shoe section? um, I don’t- SEVEN THIS IS A TOY SHOP GET OUT.”
  • hehe right
  • 5 mins later:
  • go awayyyy u poohead


  • lmao he’s so protective
  • he literally just went into the shop and just
  • “kisa shouta-ed” MC (u know what im sayin if u watched SIH)
  • anyway MC was kinda happy because every time she turned a corner she’d see him and it made her feel really relieved
  • but that wasn’t what the manager thought
  • soooo he asked him to leave
  • then he stayed outside and just kinda watched through the windows lmao
  • the manager did that “i-can-see-u” point thing 
  • but the sweetheart stayed outside until her shift was over aweee

saeran u fluffy piece of shit is2g

~Cherry L.

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I Have You Figured Out

Montgomery Scott x Reader

Words: 843
Plot: Scotty needs help fixing something. Or at least, that’s the excuse he’s using to get a member of command to come and spend time with him. Fluffy fluff mcfluffafluff.
A/N: @youre-on-a-starship, I know you wanted a tag so here’s a lil tag for you. We were complaining about the lack of Scotty fics in the world. Let your friends know Scotty fans are out there. We are out there and we love Simon Pegg, He Who Is Good And Pure And True. I also decided to try out writing from the reader perspective here to see if I like it (since I’m always doing it the other way around) so we’ll see how we go.

Originally posted by rattles-the-stars

Keying in the flight logs from the last few days was a monotonous job; the screens whirring as (y/n) yawned slightly, propping up her chin with one hand. Navigation points, status reports - she loved her job, no two ways about it. But sometimes everyone needs a break; and she had barely managed to squeeze one in since she’d been promoted to Lieutenant.
“Scotty, status report” the Captain murmered, leaning back in his chair and taking a bite out of his sandwich. They were doing lunch on the job today - just like yesterday, and every day as far as she could remember.
The intercom cracked, but she could barely make out Montgomery Scott’s voice through Kirk’s PADD.
“She’s running fine, Captain. Got her flying true and fast. Although, would yer mind if I were to borrow our fine Comms Lieutenant for a moment? Think one of the wee communications matrices is off and may need a language reprogram for safety. I’d send one of my guys but-”
“-But they’re all patching the hull breach. Got it.” Kirk replied, swallowing hard and spinning casually in his chair.
Crossing his legs, he gestured to (y/n) with his sandwich-filled hand, pointing the crust at her.
“Lieutenant, engineering on deck 4. Your lucky break from all the fun and games of flight logs just came”.
(y/n) laughed, keying in the log out code and turning to face the Captain.
“Who’d have known a minor hull breach could be so handy?” she grinned while Kirk rolled his eyes.


When she walked into engineering, she noticed Keenser pulling at some wiring, with no sign of Scotty in sight. Brushing at her uniform, she opened her mouth to ask where he was, before a shout came from down the corridor.
“Lass! I’m through this way!” a familiar voice called, followed by a metallic clanging that made her ears ring. She shook her head, following the turn of the corridor until she came to a small maintenance room that held the communications array for the deck.
Leaning under the main communications console, Scotty was eagerly pushing some of the wiring together, a screwdriver between his teeth. He pulled it out of his mouth and tightened something; the screen briefly flickering before going dark again.
“She’s really throwing a tantrum today, lass. Normally I wouldn’t get a fancy goldshirt like yourself gracing us in the bowels of this here ship, but I canneh finish the wiring without programming her first” he huffed, looking up and half-smiling, half-grimacing as he kicked a metal panel at his feet.
(y/n) laughed, wiping the sweat from her forehead. She had barely realised how warm it could get down here; the ensigns must really swelter in the heat. She’d have to bring that up with the Commander at some point and see if they could get better cooling systems.
“You saved me from hours of writing up flight logs, Scotty. I owe you one” she added, walking over to one of the monitors and keying in her access code. The screen booted up, showing a dozen or so bizarre prompts that it shouldn’t.
“Well, I’ve found your problem. I can fix these up as best as I can, but you’ll probably want to get someone from engineering to check them over. I’m very rusty at this.”
Sheheard a metallic clanking, and Scotty swore under his breath. She spun around to see him with his finger in his mouth; he’d cut it on some unprotected wiring. Ugh, more forms.
“Oh god, are you okay?” she asked, rushing over to where Scotty knelt and kneeling beside him.
“Really went and nicked it, bloody useless thing!” Scotty spat, looking at his finger in concern. It had a thin cut down the side; nothing too serious, but just enough that it looked as though it’d be fairly painful.
“Sorry lass” Scotty breathed “didn’t mean to scare the life outta yer like that”.
“As I said before; I owe you one” she smiled, tucking a strand of stray hair behind her ear. Scotty looked up at her, then; his eyes meeting hers. She felt her heart quiver for a second; his brown eyes soft in the white light, the slight dusting of grey from the wiring on his cheek from where his hands had touched it. That moment lingered, until it was more than a moment; more than just two colleagues in a passing gesture.
“You know” Scotty breathed, his features softening “lass, I didn’t just call ye down here because I canneh find someone else.”
(y/n) chucked, reaching her hand out slowly to brush against his knee.
“I noticed Keenser in the corridor. I have you figured out, Montgomery Scott”.
Scotty flushed red, shrugging his shoulders with a smile.
“Guess I’m not as smooth as I’d believe then, lass” Scotty said, leaning closer to her, his hand reaching out to cup her face.
(y/n) closed her eyes, her breath hitched-
“This is the Captain speaking, all crew brace for emergency defensive manouvers. All command crew to the bridge.”

Well, shit.

In the Rain (Tucker & Wash)
Amy Orford

This is a work in progress for the wonderful @littlefists inspired by her masterpiece “Put My Guns in the Ground.” 

Originally I wasn’t going to post any of it until it was finished, but with current events in my life, I just kind of needed a bit of a mental boost, and I think sharing this will be a bit of that. 

It is EXTREMELY rough and no part of what you hear, synths or vocals, are even close to being finished - this isn’t even a skeleton so far.  I set up a mic to record vocals, but unfortunately the only place I had to set it up was right next to the tower, so there’s a lot of obvious noise.  Since none of that is staying, I really don’t care.  This is just to give people an idea what is in the works. Also, my voice got a bit hoarse after I did vocals for twenty minutes, but for anyone who doesn’t yet know, I just lost my job yesterday, so I’ve been crying a bit and that’s just part of the package right now, I’m afraid. This will be a lot better in about two months when I hope to be done with it.

This thing is in three parts, and this is only the first part.  There’s the lullaby (this piece), the nightmare, and the dream.  And the end, you hear a very short piece of the very start of the transition between the lullaby and the beginning of the nightmare, and then a rather ridiculous ending, because I had to have something to cap it off.  Again… this isn’t done.  Nowhere near it.

Thanks for everyone who has been so kind in this shitty time.

And thank you especially, to @littlefists .

Gigi’s elbow hit a bottle of cheap vodka, sending it crashing to the floor in a shatter, wincing at not only the sound but the splash of cheap vodka against her feet. Her first shift at the bar was….not going well, to say the least. Her mother had been encouraging her to get a job, to find something to distract herself with and have reason to get out of the house more often. She looked up at the customer who she was supposed to be serving, a slightly sheepish expression crossing her face. “I’m shit at this. Coyote Ugly was one of my favorite movies, but I never really wanted to be Violet. Except the dancing on the bar thing, which I managed to do without being a bartender. And we don’t even do that here,” she said with a sigh as she reached for the broom to sweep up the broken glass. 

I could really use some prayers. I started a new position about a month ago at the hospital I work at in the medical records department. I was really liking the new job up until yesterday when I was told by my manager and her boss that the other women think I’m being “pushy”, and I need to “slow down”. I asked for clarification because seriously all I’m doing is asking questions about how to do my work, and apparently these women think that I think I know it all? When I genuinely don’t believe this whatsoever? It’s becoming a really toxic environment for me to be in, and I am convinced that the real reason they complained is because they don’t like me even though I’m nice to them and try to get along with everyone. It’s a really difficult situation that is hard to explain, but it’s to the point now where I need to start actively looking for a new job, and just the thought of going to work makes me feel sick to my stomach. I’m just so scared that they are going to keep finding reasons to complain about me to the bosses and it’ll be their word against mine. Anyway, please pray for me. Pray that I have the strength to stick up for myself if I’m single out again. And pray that I am able to find a new job somewhere else and soon. I can’t even stomach to think about being there for much longer and I really need the money. 

waddup losers, in celebration of living thru my speech n doing an actual good job yesterday as well as reaching 500 followers recently, i’m here w a lil ff (graphic design is my passion). 500 may not seem like a lot to u big losers, but it’s incredible that an individual would find my blog, or my annoying, boring ass worth a follow. anyways, onto the stars of the show, the people i follow!! they make my experience on this hellsite tolerable and i thank them for that.

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