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Got this from @redwitchrising, who, due to details about their job, I’ve decided to clip:

I think of DJ using an assumed name to cause mischief and then having to call Steve to come bail him out of jail because having Cap come get him would be much simpler than having Iron Man trying to rip the jail to pieces.


If DJ got arrested for doing something, he’s calling Clint.  Clint does not ask questions.  Clint has a literal sack of cash taped to the underside of the sink labeled “Totally not bail money, Phil,” and he expects to use it.

And if DJ got arrested for something he didn’t do, he’s calling Nat.  Maybe Pepper.  Both of them.  They will show up, his vicious, brilliant, brutal moms, and make some backwoods sheriff CRY.

Okay, now I want to write my first “five and one” fic, about the Avengers showing up to bail DJ out of trouble.  And/or jail.

I should start small, just go with Tony. 8)

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Hello, do you have any advices for digital starters? Or something in general? Your art is amazing and adds 1000000 years and smiles to my life ❤

Ahh you’re such a sweetheart! I’ll try to give some advice, but please remember I’m definitely not a professional, nor expert, nor really much of anything LOL But this is some advice I tcan share:

  • My biggest piece of advice is to draw first what you love, because it makes everything easier. If you’re passionate and interested in what you’re drawing, you’ll draw it more, and then you will improve a  lot faster. 
  • Also, don’t just grind practice alone. Watch speedpaints or tutorials on youtube (or read some that artists post) and apply what you learn from them. I watch SO many speed paints (especially while eating lol) by artists I like, even if they don’t draw anything like me (or what i’d like to draw like) because I love seeing how other people work, you can always learn something from someone else.
  • Figure out how you want to color digitally - are you more interested in cel shaded style, or more painterly? I know I kind of… veer between the two a lot lol, but I think starting out definitely picking one will help a lot!
  • Try out a couple different programs and find what works for you. A lot have free trials, and there are some great actual full free programs out there (Krita is entirely free! My friend likes FireAlpaca which is also free!) I personally use Clip Studio Paint (especially for doing any comic or black/white stuff) or Sai (because I prefer the line brushes I have in sai….). 
  • I also always open up my work in photoshop after I have finished it and adjust it with a curves layer or do some selective color/color lookup on it to get the colors a bit more vibrant or deep. That’s just something I do and probably a hangover from my time doing photography in school, lol.
  • POST YOUR WORK!!!! I know it’s scary, but honestly posting my work was one of the biggest things that helped me. You get to meet other people, talk, and share what you like. It really helps me a lot. (I find I get most interaction on IG and Tumblr, personally)
  • But also, on that note, don’t like… over think or stress about notes, comments, likes, etc (whatever SM platform you’re posting on). In time, they will come. Just do what you love, share it with people and people will be drawn to that because they can see the love you put into what you do :D

I always forget that i found av in my backyard (thanks to Barney AKA Fatty my old lovie) and she was a mess.
The person who tried to clip her wings created an absolute hack job of them and clipped the wrong ones which is why she was able to fly. When they moulted it was so evident they had no idea what they were doing - I wish i kept them.
I’ve had her 9 years this year and its probably been the best 9 and noisiest years of my life. Although she doesn’t scream at 6am anymore cos she kinda loves sleep?? Anyway.
She’s my best girl ❤

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Gen Tony or Tony/Rhodey + 19

I’m not their hero/But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t brave.

Credit to @doux-amer for part of the idea.

Song is I’m Not Their Hero but since one prompt already has that title we have:

Standing In the Shadow Of A Damaged Heart

In the vastness of the hangar, Tony looked small. Before Afghanistan the man had taken up every room he stood in to the point of suffocating everyone around him but now-

-now he looked like he did thirty years ago, panicking at his impending graduation. Back then, Rhodey had wrapped him up in a hug. Now he wasn’t sure what was permitted.

“Please, just listen to me, Rhodey,” Tony was saying. Rhodey had almost written him off immediately when he came in, still angry at his friend for his decision to cut the military off from Stark-made weapons - weapons that have saved the asses of him and his men countless times over the past few years. He understood the shock Tony had received out in the desert, but surely there were better ways to go about this than just whole-sale elimination of the foundation of his company.

But Tony had looked so defeated. There were still cuts and bruises on his face from Afghanistan. Rhodey couldn’t just leave him like that. “You’ve got five minutes, Tones.”

Tony’s eyes gleamed for a brief moment as he slumped in relief. “I - I built something, out in the desert. To escape,” he began clumsily. “An armor.”

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you guys dont understand i interned for nickelodeon last summer and like, part of my job was to pull clips from tv shows and like. i watched so much of the new TMNT cartoon from the nick servers. for a brief period of time i knew aggressive amounts about the tmnt canon. i hate this. 


That’s the job” 😬

[clip made by me]

Jungkook Rapping
Jungkook Rapping

let’s clear something up feminist friends!

  1. someone hiring me for work I willingly choose to do is not the same as someone violating me

  2. even if they were violating me (which can only happen if my consent is not respected!) they would NOT “own” me after the violation.

  3. I am still my own, and not anyone’s property, if people have sexual pictures or videos of me.

  4. I am still my own, and not anyone’s property, if people have sex with me.

  5. I am still my own, and not anyone’s property, if people give me money for choosing to provide them with sexual images, phone sex, or actual sex.

  6. I am still my own if the money I choose to accept for sexual acts is pivotal to my survival.

If you refer to sex work as “buying women”, if you say that by doing sex work I “become a product”, you are dehumanizing me. My job - and the fruits of my job, like porn clips - do not dehumanize me. Being sexual for a price does not dehumanize me; I am still a person, choosing to be sexual for a reason that you don’t choose to be sexual for. People like you contribute to a culture that encourages people to see people in my line of work as less than human.

Scapegoating frequently-objectified women for the objectification all women experience at the hands of men is patriarchial respectability politics. It is victim-blaming. And does not teach anyone to treat sex workers or anyone else with real respect.

I’m offended both as a sex worker and as a rape survivor at the idea that choosing a job that departs from your misogynist ideas of sexual purity is somehow morally equivalent to being abused against my will.

I’m appalled as a rape survivor and as a sex worker that you consistently imply that I no longer belong to myself after having sex for pay or selling cam sessions, and list your inaccurate rape equivalence as the reason. Do you not see how disgusting that is, to say that rape means you now somehow belong to the rapist? Your ideas are rotten all through.

tl;dr: I do not become a product when I do this work, I am a person providing a service. Encouraging others to think of me as a product instead of a service provider contributes to my dehumanization and the dehumanization of all women who dare to be sexual in ways that threaten the heteropatriarchy.