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twerkyvulture  asked:

tbh your "horrible" drawings are some of the most inspiring things i've seen. such an expressive style, i love it so much!

thank you vm, they’re genuinely fun to do!!

(if any of y’all want your pets Horribly Drawn, I’m still doing them - toss your beloved animals here)

little things on the job

how i feel when i’m being pulled in 10 directions at once on dead line

look on my inner muse’s face when coworkers are talking about another employee I don’t like

when news pops up on my desk that wants to handled before the 1 million other things that I am working on at the moment

me having a difference of opinion with my new supervisor from hell

me after I clock out of work and I know that what goes around come around and these idiots will be butt fucked by karma when it’s the right time

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So I'm an extrovert with a group of introvert friends, and recently I just stopped talking to them, dropped off the radar and such. It's a normal thing for introverts to do so they haven't really paid much mind, but I'm so broken right now and and could really use their help cause that little voice that says 'jump!' is getting really loud. Anyway, moral of the story is that if your extrovert shuts up that's a giant warning sign.

Well anon, I’m not certain why you sent this to me, but hang in there. 

Assuming they are online, online friendships can be somewhat intermittent or even fleeting. I’ve experienced numerous people just up and vanishing; sometimes I never learned what happened to them, and sometimes I learned they got a demanding new job or university bogged them down or they simply were tired of our mutual interests and just kind of neglected to check in to chats. Sometimes they come back and sometimes they don’t.

So sometimes someone gregarious disappearing is completely benign, too, which might be why they’ve not reached out to you. You might have to swallow the stone and reach out to them first, if only to explain your absence as that of having a hard time. Once they know the reason for your absence, they will likely feel less intrusive checking in on you.

But! That’s my take from an Introvert Perspective. Introverts thrive on reasons for things; if there’s no reason for interacting, then it’s low priority.

Yo, hi. Yes, another masterlist from yours truly. Under the cut is informal words / sentences or phrases a British person would say, requested by anonymous. If there’s things in here that people in your country say, don’t freak out, we’re not completely different to America, Canada and Australia. It’s kind of in alphabetical order. If you happen to use this, a like or reblog would be hella rad.

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