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ugh i’m trying to compose an eloquent text post about this but i’ve erased it like four times now but like. there’s nothing wrong with being a moderate - in politics and in cultural stuff like fandom and everything else. a person doesn’t need to be Dead To You for saying one wrong thing. and on the flipside (and this is more my point), a generally shitty person (like jason kenney, or fucking like john mccain or someone) shouldn’t be Your God & Bae now for saying one right thing. don’t be reactionary, and don’t be polemic. don’t be inflammatory when you’re arguing with someone; they’re not an enemy to be destroyed. the end.

Ok but how bad do you have to be at writing that you’d show Mickey and Ian’s last interaction being Ian telling Mickey he had to be paid to see him and now all of a sudden they are riding off into the sunset together??? It’s like when Ian went from beating Mickey to wanting to go on a date with Mickey to like not caring if he was shot??? Like it’s just so inconsistent???

Leo Fitz sees a murderous ghost who’s about to blow up a whole neighborhood and the first thing he says is: we can help you.

He’s not trying to threaten him or destroy him - even if these entities appear to be inherently dangerous his first instinct is to save them. And that is what the Shield represents.

Fitz and Simmons: making Cap proud since 2013.

One year ago I was almost two stone lighter in weight, I was doing my A level exams, I’d just started a new job which I loved, I had been with my boyfriend for 7 months and I was eating healthily and spending most of my free time exercising. My skin was clear, my hair was long and i couldn’t wait for a summer with my friends and boyfriend.

But i wasn’t really happy; i was only two stone lighter because i wasn’t eating properly; finding out that my mum had cancer and being stressed about my exams let me slip back into old eating habits, and i liked feeling hungry because it was similar to how empty i was feeling. My job caused loads of arguments with my parents who thought i should be focussing on school, where i’d taken on too high of a work load anyway and was just ignoring how much pressure i felt. i was going to the gym and running 24/7 because my weight was something i could focus on away from studies; goals i could achieve without using a textbook. i felt seriously insecure about the relationship with my boyfriend; i would lie or just hide things he did from my friends because part of me knew i should break up with him; that it wasn’t normal for your boyfriend to say he wished your boobs were bigger or that he was late meeting you because he preferred spending time with his friends.

Eleven months ago when my fears were confirmed and i found out that my boyfriend had been cheating on me (after ignoring multiple incidents before) I finally broke up with him, but my self esteem was so low that only now do i realise that he was still manipulating me; that saying ‘my friends have always wondered why i’m with you, they couldn’t believe i really liked you’ and ‘jesus christ we weren’t fucking married’, 'hey I’m a teenager’ to justify his behaviour were pathetic and embarrassing on his part. i spent days crying, lost even more weight and couldn’t deal with my feelings without a bottle of vodka in my hand. i thought no one would ever love me, that i’d done something terribly wrong to deserve it, and spent nearly every waking moment at work unless participating in an elaborate performance of 'i’m having loads of fun without you’: a dramatic piece i whack out any time i’m forced to see the twat that broke my tiny heart.

One hour ago i was reflecting on how much has changed and how far i have come. I still base far too much of my self worth on the way the opposite sex treat me and how much my thighs touch when I stand with my knees together and look at them in the mirror. my eyes still fill up with tears when I read the messages he sent me when I found out what he’d done and I feel a pang of resentment when I see photos of my petruding ribs.
But i have come such a long way. I eat when I want to, what I want to, and I take more rest days than non rest days. I got into my first choice uni, I passed my driving test, and I saved thousands of pounds to go travelling. I haven’t been in any more relationships but i’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve made lots of brand new friends, become closer friends with people I hardly knew this time last year, like fuck; i ended up travelling round australia for 2 weeks with a girl who last year I just thought was funny at work. I still hate asking people for directions or help in shops but I can pretty much talk to anyone if I force myself. I can tell much better now when people are having a negative impact on my life, and i keep them at arm’s length. Hey, nobody’s perfect, but i fully understand the saying “don’t set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm”. I am my priority. Of course my friends and family are a big part of my life, but, as i learned the hard way; i am the constant who is there in the worst times. It’s not that people don’t care, they just have their own problems too.

In the last three months i have visited 7 countries. I have seen places I’ve only ever imagined, I’ve met so many people I otherwise never would have. I’ve realised how truly massive the world is, and how problems, even ones which make you want to spend 3 days in bed crying every 20 minutes (we’ve all been there) are actually very tiny. If one person lets you down at least you’ve got 7 billion spare. I’m more independent than I ever imagined possible.

There are a million tiny problems with my life, but no big ones. If the last year of my life had been a movie then the credits could now roll. I am, finally, at peace.

aces keep bringing up the “aces are more likely to get turned down for jobs!!” argument and. again i guess i would just like to like. at what point in the interview process did it come up that you don’t experience sexual attraction and why did you think that was an appropriate thing to discuss with your potential employer i just do not understand

truly think about it, do you think it might just be because you’re discussing your sexual preferences with a complete stranger whose job is to decide if they want to hire you, and then you clearly display that you don’t know what is and is not appropriate to talk about in an employment setting?



Four days ago, @terrible-icecube gave me a challenge to put Undyne in another armour then the one in game.
The thought of doing a fantasy version of this RPG was brewing in my head for a while, and so, I decided to do the main characters as if they were in some kind of fantastic world.
Each of them has a job assigned to them regarding of their attitude and powers.

Undyne: Dragoon
I didn’t want her to have knight once again, so I went with my favourite rpg class which is Dragoon. They are the dragon hunters/tamers, they have jumping abilities and use spears as a weapon of choice.

Alphys: Scholar/ Alchemist
Honestly, she could be a biochemist, an alchemist or a scholar, all of those could fit this sweet little nerd. She’s a scientist in quest for knowledge (scholar), but I guess she would have the powers of an alchemist (because of the amalgamates).

Mettaton: Dancer
It’s the only job fitting him…no arguments…he’s perfect for the role, too fab for anything else.
In this world, he wouldn’t be a robot, but a human-ish creation made by Alphys. Meaning that all the robot marks he would have in Undertale, well in this AU it would be tattoos.

Toriel: White Mage
Because of her kind and caring nature. Although White Mages are mostly healers, they can use some light magic as an offense. Meaning that Mama Goat can still be badass.

Frisk: Priest
Like White Mages, Priest use their magic to heal, but they can also create barriers and invoke spirits as defence. Priest are not made for offense and since Frisk is pacifist, Priest fits them most.

Monster Kid: Taekwon Kid/Monk
No arms? Use them legs kid. Who needs hands to be badass.

Papyrus: Knight
He may not be part of the royal guard in Undertale, but I granted him his wish in this AU. That does not mean he’s not a merciful Knight though. He’s though and strong enough having also a lot of compassion and heart to be a Knight.

Sans: Dark Meister/Black Wizard
Aaaaah Sans. You good sir are a special one. Being mysterious, intelligent, having a lot of knowledge and is a hell powerful, this guy deserved the title of high sorcerer, a Wizard. Since he’s known for using only offensive magic (even if he laze a lot around), that makes him automatically a Dark/Black Wizard.

If people are interested in this AU, I think I’ll keep on doing drawings about it.

You can post some ask in my inbox to inspire me, I might doodle some of them~

I gotta brag.

Chris was the middle child of three. Her older brother was six feet tall, covered in tattoos, and had a huge bushy beard. He was exactly twenty eight. And her little sister was five eight and a blond bombshell, which drove Chris absolutely insane. She was fucking gorgeous, while Chris had a squared jaw and mousy blonde hair.

But Chris had a good job, at least. She worked under Drake William, the W in W & J Fashions. She often attended meetings in his place, worked with the models (His favorite of which happened to be a FANTASTIC chef who brought her treats sometimes), and often dealt with situations with Drake’s husband when the to of them got into argument. Her job was pretty easy, thankfully.

And they hated the girls at Jewel Fashion. Mostly because they were all fucking snobs. Chris had been denied a job there because she didn’t fit into some cookie mold for the girls. And she hated, especially, the girl who worked under the owner. There was something about her that grated her the wrong way.

Yet, there she was. Sitting in her blue and white dress with her legs crossed at the ankles, chewing on her lower lip as they all sat in silent, Drake staring across the table at Melinda Jewels. Chris had tied her hair back into a loose bun, and by now, a couple pieces were hanging in her face. She’d grown bored and kept playing with her flesh toned pumps under the table, close to falling asleep if someone didn’t start talking soon.


And she did a great job!! NO ARGUMENTS HERE!
Art by

Got check her blog out to learn more!

Baby Fi  was played by Adermoro!

Link  was played by philsterman01/10

You know what is funny? We all have fought against antis and their “very valid” arguments since the beginning of season 5. Marrish is illegal? We dealt with it. The age gap is awful? Done. Parrish is a creep/predator/etc? Veni, vidi, vici.

Here I was, thinking that there is absolutely nothing else that they can throw at us but… here we have dear Jeff, our precious sinnamon roll, that loves to blow shit up. Marrishers, brace yourselves, shit missiles like: Parrish is a zombie, this is necrophilia, Jordan Parrish doesn’t exist, Marrish is based on lies etc. were fired and are flying into our directions.

And you know what? GOOD. I was getting bored with the old shit. So far, we have done splendid job with the anti arguments and I’m sure we will do the same in the near future. The most beautiful thing? The more people shit on this ship, the more cool, awesome and beautiful ideas we create. Let’s keep it.

I’m freaking proud of us *tears*

I do not understand the ‘but you still have this other character’ or ‘but you still have this other show’ or ‘but at least you had that one character from ____; you should be happy you had that’ or ‘I get that you’re mad, I do, because it sucked, but making a big deal about it could cause problems and lose people their jobs’ kind of arguments in response to outrage over things such as negative representation of the already under and poorly represented, death of the under and poorly represented, and perpetuation of harmful tropes concerning the under and poorly represented and marginalized.

Place the same arguments in different but similar contexts, and you can see how ridiculous and reductive they are as well as how ignorant of real-world issues concerning society’s treatment of the under and poorly represented and marginalized.

Problem: I am starving. I cannot afford to buy food.

Response: Okay, but I mean, at least you got to eat a meal that one time a few months back. You should be happy you got that one meal.

Problem: The man who killed my sister was let off by a bribed jury and corrupt judge. I’m going to expose the truth. I want justice for my sister.

Response: I get that your sister was killed and that sucks. I mean, I feel for you, but like, if you expose this, people could lose their jobs. That’s a judge. He has a family and a reputation, and that could ruin him. Do you really think it’s okay to ruin someone’s life like that?

Problem: My sister was murdered.

Response: That sucks. It really does, but like, you still have a brother.

Stop speaking over the under and poorly represented and marginalized. Stop arguing that we don’t understand our lack of representation, or the poor and harmful representation we do receive, or what is actually harmful to us and what is not and why. Stop telling us we can’t feel how we feel or fight for what we want and what we know we deserve (or fight against what we know we don’t deserve).

Instead, try listening and learning. Chances are that if you do not understand the outrage over an issue concerning the under and poorly represented, then you do not truly understand the issue itself, what it means on both large and small scales, and the depth and range of its reach.


Maybe Falcon needs a talk from Papa Pope.

All-New Captain America #5 addresses the common talking point that Sam Wilson was only made Captain America because of political correctness, and not because he was Steve Roger’s longtime partner for decades, and was the best person for the job. This man’s arguments totally mirror what we read about, whenever someone mentions Falcon as Captain America. Clearly Marvel listens to the fan reactions, positive and negative, and the best way to address it is through the comics. The question is, how good does Sam have to be,to get fully embraced as Captain America, and not just a black man wearing Captain America’s suit.