jobs after uni

i love when im talking very seriously abt my plans to study art after high school and my dad goes “oh but its very hard to get by in that business. why dont you do it as a hobby? maybe only 5% of people who want to be artists actually make enough to support themselves. I’m just saying! Someones gotta say it!!” like what does he expect me to say.. “shit seriously? i never heard that before! the idea that ill have to work hard doing something i love? no thank you! oh boy i better reevaluate my life plans right now immediately. google what do i need to study to have the highest statistical probability of getting a job immediately after uni”

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The only job I could get after uni was at the same library I worked at in high school. ive been there for a year of getting shouted at but I just got a job as an editor!!! I've wanted to do that my whole life&im so excited to be out of public service