When you expect the best, you release a magnetic force in your mind which by a law of attraction tends to bring the best to you.

Norman Vincent Peale

Your beliefs activate the level of potential you’d like to access, your level of potential incites your action and your action inspires your results. In the end, it starts with your beliefs. When your thoughts change, you change.

The first step in achieving the career of your dreams has to be retraining your mind to work for you, instead of against you. If you are currently in the job hunt, or anticipate that you will be soon, here are seven mantras to start repeating right now.

anonymous asked:

Oh magnificent Duke *Curtsies* all the places I have applied to require job experience but I am a fresh noob who doesn't have any and I did put my volunteer experiences. What else should I do?

I mean, that’s kind of all you can do. Apart from making sure that your resume is clean and organized well and that you are presenting yourself professionally, you can only hope for the best. We have an odd job market these days where even entry-level positions are asking for 1-2 years’ experience–which is fucking stupid, because how are you supposed to get 1-2 years’ experience if you need 1-2 years’ experience to get an entry-level job? I feel your pain. You may have to work a few minimum-wage hourly jobs or unpaid internships that truly require no experience before you can move on to something more permanent. It absolutely sucks. But unfortunately that’s kind of the way it is right now.

Hey! So i’m doing some development work on this project called “Periodic”!

Mainly it’s about Periodic table elements evolved into these human-like creatures. BUT I NEED HELP FIGURING OUT THE STORY!!!! (cus I haven’t gotten a degree in Chemistry sooooooo i’m out of ideas on what to do!)

So what I need is a CHEMISTRY CONSULTANT!!!! So please reblog this post for anyone who you think is fit for the job or you yourself is interested in getting paid to share some knowledge on this poor uneducated soul! Reblogging to support this upcoming project is totally welcome too! 

The consultant must be alright with talking on Skype or other medias where we can talk face to face.


—> Leejanie64@yahoo.com


- Resume

- Hourly rate? (how much are you willing to get paid for?)

- A 300-500 word essay of interesting ideas for this world! (bonus points for legit chemistry facts to back it up!)

- A creative mind! I need a person that doesn’t just know the facts but who can work with me to build this world! 

Why the signs cussed out their boss
  • Aries:Kept having to stay hours because their boss is too lazy to do their work
  • Taurus:Found their bf/gf cheating on them out back with them
  • Gemini:Their boss never seems to show up for work so the Gem has to run everything, doesn't even get a promotion
  • Cancer:Saw their boss being mean to a dog
  • Leo:Their boss is constantly getting high or drunk in the workplace
  • Virgo:The boss keeps rejecting their ideas for projects and over ruling with their mediocre crud
  • Libra:the boss kept trying to hang out with them and be overly friendly when no one even likes them
  • Scorpio:Their boss kept obnoxiously kept hitting on them
  • Sagittarius:Keeps being paired with winy interns because the boss can't be bothered to deal with them
  • Capricorn:Their boss pulled a prank that went too far
  • Aquarius:Got drunk the night before and well the morning after never goes well
  • Pisces:Their boss was being an ass to everyone and they wanted to step in and defend their peers
Walk-in Interview Jobs

If you are wondering how to find a job, start off by chopping rivals, with a credible partner by your side who can unearth hidden jobs for you by tapping into strategic networks who are privy to this information.

Time to re-evaluate the how to find a job strategy, as you have been relentlessly, searching, applying and interviewing for jobs. Start by updating the resume, LinkedIn profile, highlighting what makes you special, tailoring, as you approach potential recruiters, when looking for a job.

When you are looking for a job cast your net as far and wide as possible. Pondering how to find a job, well, try online job hunting for quicker, easier and effective searches. The art to looking for a job is being as targeted as possible.


job ads now are like
  • ad:looking for juniors 18-25
  • me:it me
  • ad:must have minimum 10 years experience with 12 references and a certificate of commendation by the queen herself
  • me:wh-
  • ad:having a dog called ralph would be an advantage
  • me:
  • ad::)
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Ongoing Recruitment at Etisalat Nigeria


Etisalat Nigeria commenced commercial operations on 23 October 2008 with a promise to deliver innovative and quality services in Nigeria. Since then, we have continued to deliver the best possible experience at the most affordable price to our subscribers.

Job Title: Head – Transmission


Job Field
Engineering, Technical, ICT, Computer

Job Summary        
Coordinate the design, planning and optimisation of the transmission network of Etisalat
Principal Functions       
Provide inputs in the development of strategies and plans towards the implementation of a working WAN, and transmission links E1s, Backbones etc. to support operational and business needs.
Ensure that Etisalat’s microwave network design strategy is in line with accepted local and international standards.
Develop short, medium and long term transmission solutions for Network evolution e.g. for General Packet Radio Service GPRS, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System UMTS etc
Lead the conceptualization, planning and development of customized technical solutions for enterprise business customers
Review the end to end technical design proposal to meet specific requirements of the enterprise customers.
Manage the execution of the unit’s work programs and plans.
Coordinate the evaluation of local and global telecommunications trends and development and implement strategies to counter/minimize possible impact on the architecture and integrity of the access network
Keep abreast of global and local best practice as it relates to transmission planning and design.
Identify required resources, personnel, funding to achieve the unit, function’s strategy.
Establish and maintain relationship with key internal and external stakeholders.
Manage the day to day activities of the unit and ensure alignment with the overall goals and objectives of the department and the organisation as a whole.
Maintain in-depth knowledge and database of existing transmission infrastructure in various Etisalat target areas that can be leveraged for transmission services for network development and expansion.
Analyse and determine the type of equipment to be used for transmission services.
Define and direct transmission planning to support Etisalat network rollout.
Oversee the design and planning of Etisalat’s microwave transmission network.
Oversee the design and planning of the links between the Base Transceiver Stations BTS and Mobile Switching Centres MSC to achieve full optimisation.
Oversee the design and planning of Etisalat’s cable transmission network.
Facilitate the design of backbone and Synchronous Digital Hierarchy SDH network.
Coordinate the mapping out of Internet Protocol IP service connectivity.
Oversee the design and planning of the integration of Etisalat’s IP network
Oversee the development and maintenance of a structured expansion plan for future traffic growth and technology evolution.
Plan and manage the human and material resources of the team/ function to optimise performance, morale and enhance productivity.
Manage inter-functional relations to ensure synergy across the various departmental functions.
Provide leadership and guidance to team members and manage subordinate’s performance towards the achievement of overall team objectives.
Monitor and control the budgetary needs of the unit/function.
Prepare/compile agreed periodic activity and performance reports for the attention of the Director, Engineering.
Perform any other duties as assigned by the Director, Engineering    

Educational Requirements       
First degree or equivalent in Electrical Engineering
Postgraduate degree, relevant professional qualification  

Experience, Skills & Competencies       
9 to 12 years relevant work experience with at least three years in a managerial position
IP Technologies
Network Capacity Management
Telecommunications & Mobile Network Standards & Specifications
Leadership and People Management
Change Management
Passion for Excellence
Empowering people
Growing people
Team work
Customer Focus


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Why cant I make money playing video games like cool YouTube people? :(


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Jobs For The Signs

Aries: pilot, marketer, sportsperson, entrepreneur
Taurus: architect, cosmetic designer, accountant, real estate broker
Gemini: reporter, author, comedian, salesperson
Cancer: teacher, chef, childcare, archeologist
Leo: politician, CEO, recording artist, salesperson
Virgo: magazine editor, critic, interior designer, researcher
Libra: diplomat, public relations, creative directer, fashion designer
Scorpio: surgeon, detective, engineer, secret agent
Sagittarius: hotel manager, entertainer, travel guide, publisher
Capricorn: banker, TV producer, businessmen, lawyer
Aquarius: performer, humanitarian, inventor, film-maker
Pisces: psychologist, artist, astrologer, nurse