I’ve started slowly archiving important DW/Tumblr posts I’ve made to Evernote this morning. One of the features of Evernote is that when you tell it to archive some text, it compares the text to previously archived material and tries to suggest which of your existing tags should be applied to it. 

So far it has tried to archive the “I punched a pigeon in the face” post as Clint Barton and my guide to jobhunting as Hurt/Comfort.

I mean. It’s not wrong. 

All the Web Series

Hey everyone!

So my lovely sister suggested that I make a masterpost of all my favourite web series, so I started off by listing all the web series I’ve ever watched………and there are a lot. So many that I think I might have an eensy bit of a problem. But moving swiftly along, here’s my own not so little list of all the webseries I’ve watched all-the-way-through and want to ramble about in alphabetical order. As always, these are my own thoughts and opinions, and you are perfectly entitled to have different ones. Because this list is so long, I’m putting it under a read-more (cause otherwise this would seriously fill your entire dash) but above the read-more I’m gonna put a list of the web series I talk about so you can see if there’s something you want to check out :)

Adult Wednesday Addams

Autobiography of Jane Eyre

Blank Verse


Classic Alice

East and West

Elinor and Marianne Take Barton

Emma Approved

Frankenstein M.D.

From Mansfield With Love

Green Gables Fables

The Goreys


I Didn’t Write This

In Earnest


Jules and Monty

Kissing in the Rain

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

The Misselthwaite Archives

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy

Nothing Much to Do

School of Thrones


Submissions Only

A Tell-Tale Vlog

Welcome to Sanditon

Wish It Inc

Writing Majors

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love.exe | ch 7

Originally posted by kwoshi

chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 8.5

summary: kyulkyung disappears, and now you, nayoung and wonwoo all have to attempt to find new jobs for the time being. jun becomes a stay-at-home android who receives a distress signal for the first time.

characters: android!jun/fem!reader, side wonwoo/mingyu, members of svt & pristin [non-idol verse]

genre: fluff, mystery

word count: 1.4k

a/n: welcome back to a chapter with actual plot development. sort of. dialogue heavy because shit happens in this chapter. sorry abt the shortness but MAN this chapter took too long and i had to get past this scene

other notes: n/a

It was gone.

Jun pushes the doors to the once-open convenience store, and they fall apart, the glass smashing to the floor. The four of you don’t react, still too stunned by the empty shelves.

“It’s gone…?” Nayoung asks quietly, stepping over the broken glass, looking back a few times.

“No way..” Wonwoo murmured, staring down at the broken doors.

Not bothering to step over the glass and injure yourselves, the four of you walked to the back.

It was puzzling, the store hadn’t been open for too long, but you’d imagined Kyulkyung would have at least given some sort of warning before she dropped off the face of the earth. The group chat hadn’t given you any closure to what was going on either, since she hadn’t replied.

With a quick twist of the doorknob, the shop’s back door opens to a nearly empty backroom. Random papers were strewn across the floor, and broken table parts littered the floor, like there’d been some kind of altercation.

“You don’t think they..”

Nayoung didn’t need to finish her sentence, because they all thought alike; did they finally take her?

Jun made a noise, and picked up a lone folder lying on the floor.

“Her papers are still here,” the android sadly replied.

He pocketed them, but standing in the remains of the empty establishment, you let out a breath.

“Time to find new jobs.”

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... and this is story about autistic me and jobhunting
  • Customer: *walks inside cafeteria and asks something, while me and waitress are standing at the counter*
  • Me: *trying to process what he said, because I hear too much music in the background instead of his speech*
  • Waitress: *mumbles something to him as respond*
  • Customer: *walks away*
  • Waitress: *turning her head to me* DO YOU UNDERSTOOD WHAT HE SAID??
  • Me: *quietly* ... nope.
  • Waitress: IT WAS IN ENGLISH!!!!
  • Me: ...
  • Me: *only moving my lips* a u d i t o r y p r o c e s s i n g d i s o r d e r y o u b i t c h

I’ve drawn so many airplanes recently, it’s insane.


anonymous asked:

Can I request a scenario with RFA + V and Saeran where MC is told that she is being let go from a her job and is upset?


  • this boy
  • is s o clueless on jobs and jobhunting
  • “what do you mean you’re being let go? They can’t just do that all of a sudden!! I’ll help you look for new jobs, ‘kay?”
  • thinks getting a new job is easy enough (just u wait yoosung,,,)
  • besides, since his MC is a total angel, they’ll get one at the end of the day
  • he’s extremely innocent & he’s trying his best tho
  • altho he does ask a lot of dumb questions


  • when he hears you’re upset from being let go of your job through the chatroom, he immediately rushes out to the store to buy you flowers, chocolate & alcohol (if you drink ofc)
  • probably one of the best to cheer you up tbh as I imagine him to have been let go from a lot of theatre productions when he was younger
  • sits with you until you feel better <3
  • “hey babe, now that you’ve been let go of your job, how ‘bout you take a leaf outta my book and join theatre?~”


  • doesn’t understand why you have a job in the first place
  • since you live with the Jumin Han, superduper rich guy supreme
  • still, you seem upset so he tries to cheer you up
  • keyword: tries
  • “well,,, you can always work as my assistant if you can’t find a job–?”


  • well he recently quit the agency so
  • !!! you know what this means
  • makes dumb jokes about your boss to cheer you up
  • sends your application in to every suitable place with vacancies instead of his application
  • “Now you’ve quit that job, you can do anything you want! Become an astronaut, MC, let’s go to the moooon!”


  • offers to hack into your boss’s computer and make their day miserable
  • even tho he promised himself not to hack anymore
  • just for you, because even tho he wouldn’t admit it
  • you’re v special to him
  • if you refuse tho, he probably wouldn’t do it
  • although your boss miiight just have a few glitches in his computer one day soon
  • just a few
  • there’s no proof of who done it thotho

There’s no Jaehee because in her route, MC and Jaehee have their own coffee shop together so MC can’t be let go from a job, and I’m at a complete loss for V so far, I’M SORRY. Hope you enjoy these thoo!! <333

- Jo


sorry I haven’t been active, i’m jobhunting and doing interviews and traveling and all that crazy stuff! i have over 2900 followers on this account so i figure i would ask for your help.

I need someone who lives in Maryland and is willing to host a 20 year old cis bi girl for a couple days in late September. i would rather not spend $400 on a hotel room BUT I will pay to stay at someone’s house for 3 or 4 nights!

message me if you live in Maryland for more details! ❤❤❤

EDIT: okay to reblog!!! (and tag any friends who might be able to help!)

paperfoxxes  asked:

Hey, I'm on the graduate job hunt atm and your jobhunting advice has been fab but obvs the jobhunt process is long and a little soul-crushing. Do you have any mantras/advice/pick-me-ups to repeat to myself so I don't get too discouraged? xx

  • Play upbeat music while you look at postings.
  • Or watch something happy (I personally recommend Parks and Rec)
  • Take breaks. Hours and hours of looking at job postings really will crush your soul. It’s pure torture and is easier in smaller doses.
  • Make a schedule and then actually stick to it, you lazy piece of crap. Set aside time every day to job hunt. If you don’t, you’ll just keep putting it off and it’ll be harder and harder to look.
  • Join a job hunting support group. Seriously. Those things exist. Contact your local library for more information.
  • Treat yo’ self whenever you reach little goals. Got a phone interview? Treat yo’ self. Someone contacted your reference? Treat yo’ self. Maybe you didn’t get the job yet, but you’re making progress, so I guess you’re not a total loser, after all.
  • Don’t get hung up on the negatives. You didn’t get the job you interviewed for. That sucks, but move on. You won’t get a job by complaining and being a little bitch baby about the job you didn’t get. Keep moving forward.
  • Every morning, wake up, look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself how cute you are. Your butt looks great. Damn, those bags under your eyes are looking less puffy today, that’s hella hot.

anonymous asked:

a while back you posted about a work-from-home website, can you possibly link it again?

Well, there’s ETS, though that’s pretty seasonal and will likely be slim pickings until the fall. It’s mainly standardized test scoring – not fascinating work, but decent once you get into the swing of it. 

The one I think you’re thinking of is Power To Fly, which is a women-only site for telecommuting jobs. It’s aimed at women with children, I believe, but as far as I know it’s open to all women regardless of marital/parental status. 

You have to be super careful with work-from-home jobs, because there are SO many scams out there, but I’ve used ETS personally and Power To Fly came recommended by a major national news mag. Good luck jobhunting!