New Jobhunters episode gives us their favorite webseries!

some of them I have o check out as I haven’t heard of yet, but it does mention some of my favorites: classic alice, the adventures of peter and wendy and I ship it!!! 


Due to a mishap, the Team behind Job Hunters decided to reupload it again. Let’s help them with watching, commenting and sharing the video again! 

Safehouse and Pregnant (a job hunters story)

When I got my MAEWIN Letter, I didn’t know what to expect. It’s not like they knew, I just found out this morning myself. I was terrified. For I was going to be fighting not only for my life, but for the life of my child. I was going into the safehouse. Pregnant.


MAEWIN Instructional Video!

You just may like it ;)

New Youtuber Sunday

Last night, I marathoned the first season of Job Hunters, to refresh my memory for the upcoming second season. Job Hunters is a web series set in the future, where you have to fight in a Hunger Games-like arena for job offers from the Maewin corporation. Twenty percent get job offers, the others die. The series focuses on a group of new recruits, including a washed up pop star, a photographer who’s entire family died in the arena, and a boy who comes from a long line of doctors, and they expect him to be one too. They are befriended by the popstar’s biggest fan, and a guy who says he isn’t interested in friendships. I definitely enjoyed it more my second time through, maybe because I watched all of it in one go, instead of watching a few minutes here and there. I got way more into it. The finale ripped my heart out, and made me want to watch more immediately. I can’t wait to get more info on the second season.