@akikido and i came up with this and tbh… it’s worth the read

Kaede Akamatsu

  • she works at cinnabon “since she is a cinnamon bun”
  • has total control over the speaker system, although her coworkers often tell her to “play songs from this century for a change”
  • it’s okay though, there’s enough piano music from this century that she can work with!

Shuuichi Saihara

  • works at starbucks
  • although he’s kinda shy while taking orders, he likes the environment
  • it’s right next to cinnabon, so he and kaede spend their breaks together
  • and wave when they see each other
  • they also eat together & take turns bringing food

Amami Rantarou

  • works at spencer’s
  • he loves it bc he thinks everything is ugly
  • “it has significantly more WeedTM related merch than hot topic”
  • his break starts when kaede and saihara’s end, so they leave him little treats
  • sometimes he’ll visit their stores and try and make the most complicated order possible

Kokichi Ouma

  • works at the mall’s arcade
  • randomly puts “out of order” signs on the games
  • even though they’re not broken
  • he’ll innocently offer to play games with people and then utterly destroy them

Himiko Yumeno

  • works at the pet store
  • says that she can talk to the animals
  • “yeah… he thinks fluffy is a great name. he told me so.”

Tenko Chabashira

  • part of mall security
  • no one can get away with stealing in front of her
  • no one
  • she begs to be stationed by the pet store so she can see himiko working

Kaito Momota

  • works at a toy shop
  • is always reccommending the space toys, no matter what
  • kids like him. parents think he’s a delinquent because of his hair.


  • works at apple
  • has no idea what he’s doing

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • works at hot topic
  • intimidates everyone
  • is known by the nickname “gerard way”

Ryouma Hoshi

  • works at dick’s
  • was once seriously asked if he was a gremlin
  • can reccomment the best gear for tennis, but no other sport.

Maki Harukawa

  • works at the children’s daycare
  • hates it
  • at least it’s not a difficult job, though

Kirumi Toujou

  • she’s a janitor, of course
  • she also works at the only sit-down restaurant in the mall as a chef
  • always at the mall. 

Angie Yonaga

  • works at the art store
  • when children come in she offers to paint their faces
  • even though that’s not part of her job
  • at all

Miu Iruma

  • she helps out with the mall shows
  • also repairs games in the arcade
  • so she constantly gets on ouma’s case about screwing around with the machines
  • they hate each other

Tsumugi Shirogane

  • works at rue 21
  • gushes about how good the outfits look on the customers
  • her pureness sells

Gonta Gokuhara

  • works at build-a-bear
  • is the purest worker
  • claps when every bear is made
  • is beloved by the children

honestly poor eiffel like literally everyone keeps asking him why he’s on the hephaestus and like, what he’s doing for the ship and he just??? doesnt know. some dude came along and was like “hey, take this job and ill take care of literally ever expense ur daughter will ever have” and he never gets like an explanation on why he’s so important and than he gets on the ship and spends like two years feeling woefully unqualified while also knowing he was like, recruited for the job

at the same time tho, eiffel needs to like. do his job

Monsta X As Your Best Friends

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Shownu - 

  • He sometimes feels like he’s not that exciting or the go-to friend in most situations
    • Because he feels like he’s not much help
    • But when you comfort him and tell him otherwise, Shownu is able to feel better
  • He’s probably the most supportive, selfless friend you could ask for
    • Shownu is the one who would respect others and believe that there’s no enemies, just fair competition
    • When you’re feeling down, Shownu would just stay silent and let you cry on his shoulder
    • He just wants you to be happy and not see you like this
  • Although you don’t talk to him that much, you might think you two aren’t close, but you actually are
    • He’s the only one who has seen you cry (other than your family)
    • Listens to each and every word you say and gives you good advice when you need it
  • Shownu is the one who you met during your childhood years
    • When you found him moving in across the street
    • Your mother told you to talk to him and bring over a small housewarming present
  • Ever since, Shownu was there for you
    • Even protected you when a car was coming your way
  • And last but not least, you two have been together, suffered together, and laughed together to the point where your bond and friendship cannot be broken

Wonho - 

  • He’s that one friend would cross dress to make you feel better when your ex broke up with you
    • Dressing up as a girl, he’d go out on a “date” with you
    • That was a mistake
    • Because when this one guy started hitting on the two of you, he almost crapped his pants when Wonho ganged up on him and used his low voice
  • So I guess he’s the protective yet sensitive friend
    • And he’s quite the motivator
    • If you’re being lazy with your schoolwork or priorities, he’s going to keep pestering you until you do it
    • Kihyun’s that way, too
  • But, he’s also the hot friend that a lot of people fawn over
    • Even old ladies
    • Have you seen the amount of old ladies that asked for Wonho’s help with groceries? 
  • Wonho is also the one who doesn’t have much to do over his summer break
    • So you ask him to come over every day
  • One of the most genuine and hard-working friend you’ve ever seen
    • Sure, he might not excel at school, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t try
    • Whether it’d be his dream as a singer, trying to support his family, you’ve seen it all
    • Even his tears
  • All in all, Wonho loves seeing you smile and the friendship between the two of you isn’t something to be messed with

Minhyuk - 

  • He’s like the Yin to your Yang, a scale that balance the both of your personalities out
    • Minhyuk could either be your twin, or your complete opposite
    • But it all works out in the end
  • Minhyuk is the best friend that you call at 3 am to go either buy ramen at the convenience store or whenever you can’t sleep
    • Not to mention if something horrible happened to you
    • He’s willing to fight out his willingness to sleep in order to make you feel better
    • Matter of fact, he’ll dress up appropriately and drive over to your house and just hug it out with you
    • Because he really does care
  • Minhyuk’s ability to cheer someone up and his positive personality is almost impossible to find in another person
  • He puts others before himself, especially you
    • If you ever got admitted into the hospital, he’d drop everything just to see you
    • “Excuse me, sir, nobody but family is allowed–”
    • “I’m her boyfriend, please let me in. I’m with their mother.”
    • Yeah, he’d use that line to protect you (if other people started hitting on you) and to let himself in in hospitals
  • He wouldn’t mind going to the comic book cafes just to chill and read books all day
  • Finally, Minhyuk is quite the loyal and precious friend anyone could ask for– he takes his relationship with others seriously and don’t even think about jeopardizing that

Kihyun - 

  • The friend that you met at university on the first day
    • You saw him sitting underneath a tree on a sunny day with books scattered around him and a laptop close by
    • “Excuse me, do you know where the bookstore is?”
    • And Kihyun would look up at you and smile
    • “I think I’ve seen you somewhere, sorry for asking but, were you the one who was with Jihyun at orientation?”
    • “Yeah, that’s me.”
    • And from there, you two became friends and if not, the closest friends ever
  • He’s the one who has his life together and doesn’t attend that many college parties
    • Because he thinks they’re stupid and he has better stuff to do
    • But anyway, he also likes to travel with you and go shopping whenever you feel like it
  • One of the more faithful and reliable friends you’ll ever meet
    • …Though, he’s the cringey kind of friend
  • And he’s the one who would comment and complain about you not washing the dishes in your apartment (he nags a lot), so you better keep your place pretty damn clean (if you already are, then you’re in the clear)
  • He comes to you for love advice
    • Even if you weren’t in a relationship
    • He just wants to hear your input
    • And he trusts you a lot
  • You might not see him a lot considering he’s busy and has his job
    • At a Starbucks as a barista
    • He hooks you up with his employee discount
  • In conclusion, Kihyun would be the best friend that helps develop who you are as a person and find what’s best for you future– and everybody ships the two of you

Hyungwon - 

  • That best friend who you can share a lazy day with and not get bored
    • Probably be exploding the kitchen or going to the convenience store late at night with sweatshirts covering your faces
    • Yup, he’s the weird friend
  • He’s also the one who picks out the “right” partners for you in a shopping mall
    • “Not him– he looks like he doesn’t shower often”
    • “Eh, not her either… Did you see the way she handled that customer’s order? It looked liked she was about to kill someone. I don’t want that to happen to you.”
    • “How about me?”
  • But your friendship with him can be a love-hate relationship
    • Fights here and there
    • Kind of frenemies
    • But in the end, you two understand each other and it’s not like every friendship is perfect
  • Most likely knows you in and out
    • Doesn’t really care if he saw you naked when you came out of the shower
    • Knows your top three ice cream flavors
    • Even enters your house without a key and your parents don’t really care
  • Hyungwon can be quite protective like Shownu and doesn’t like seeing you hurt or depressed
    • Because it hurts him, too
    • Even if you don’t want him to worry, he will
  • Might seem like he doesn’t care all the time, he really does and honestly wishes you the best for everything and he’s the one that would video call you whenever you go overseas

Jooheon - 

  • The dangerous-looking best friend
    • Your parents might not agree with you hanging out with Jooheon considering his outfit choices and his Rhythm music video
    • You have to tell them that he doesn’t really act like that in real life and it’s surprising when they do see Jooheon
    • A cute little mochi that doesn’t like violence 
    • And his aegyo…
  • He’s the one who’s willing to go anywhere with you and kind of asks for your attention on him
    • He’s not conceited, he just wants to be with you because you’re fun to hang around with
  • You also do the most adventurous or craziest things with
    • Jumping fences
    • Penny-boarding at a skatepark
    • Let’s just say someone got mildly hurt after they fell down a small ramp
    • Cough cough Jooheon
  • Likes filming your travels with him
    • From approaching the airport
    • To sitting down and eating average food in the airplane
    • To meeting a friendly dog in Switzerland
  • But when it comes to hard times, Jooheon keeps quiet and gives you a playlist or two to calm down and fall asleep to
    • He’s almost like… a boyfriend in a sense
    • You can’t blame him if he falls for you at some point
  • When it comes down to it, Jooheon usually turns to “planning out when you get there” kind of guy and is the remedy to all your problems and insecurities

I.M - 

  • He’s kind of like the outcast of his friends, and might not seem like the friendliest person out there
    • When you approached him for the first time, he felt happy
    • He appreciates and cherishes you more than any of his other friends
    • Because you take the time and effort to get to know him, his quirks, his preferences, and outlooks on life 
  • Which is why he’s the best at returning favors and keeping promises
    • He faced a lot in the past and doesn’t want to lose you
  • As time goes by, he’s more silly and sassy toward you
    • Changkyun has quite the creative mind and if you set up a deal with him, he’ll find a loophole
    • Has funny comebacks as well
    • He’s the friend who could cheer you up almost all the time
  • When you go on your first date, he’s hiding in the bushes with a pair of binoculars
    • “Psst! Red Eagle, if you can hear me, turn your head toward the entrance.”
    • Walkie-talkies and everything
    • Although you insisted on no help, I.M wanted to try out the walkie-talkies he got from GMart
  • He’s also the one who takes you out drinking from time to time
    • Looking out for you
    • Beating up any drunkards who try to–
    • “Look, buddy. They’re not looking for someone to have a one night stand with. Either get into a serious relationship or don’t even think about it.”
    • And it’s true
    • All he’s doing is looking out for you… But does that hint that he likes you?
  • In the end, people like him don’t come by that often and because of his relationship with other friends, he actually appreciates the bond you two share

Admin Mochi

anonymous asked:

Hi! could you possibly do the RFA + V and Saeran reacting to finding out that MC is studying what she is in college so that she can go into a dangerous job in the future (i.e police or intelligence work)


  • Yoosung was so excited when he found out MC was also a student!
  • He was glad they could have something else in common
  • That excitement wore off when MC told him they wanted to go into police work 
  • He had a major minor freakout 
  • He didn’t want MC to get hurt
  • MC had to calm him down and reassure him that they’d be okay
  • Every now and then he still freaks out and needs to be calmed down
  • He likes to brag to his gaming buddies about how cool and brave MC is


  • He’s a bit sad that MC is still in school
  • But only because that's less time he can spend with them
  • Other than that he’s proud of them for furthering their education
  • He tried to hide how worried he was when MC told him they were going into police work after college
  • He hid it very poorly
  • Zen may be an actor, but he’s very bad at hiding his emotions when it comes to MC
  • MC will have to have a conversation with him about it, leading to his “all men are wolves” rant and him telling them to be extra careful on the job
  • At the end of the days, he’s happy MC is doing something they’re passionate about


  • Much like Zen, she’s very proud of MC for furthering their education
  • She’s probably one of the calmest about MC going into police work
  • She does a LOT of research on the job and what it entails for MC in the future
  • Uses that research to give MC advice on how to be safer on the job
  • Happily supports their decision to do something they love and are passionate about because they did the same for her.


  • Doesn’t see the point in MC going to college, he is more than willing to support them financially.
  • But he supports their decision to continue their schooling and will offer to pay for it.
  • When tells him they are going into police work he doesn’t see the point 
  • Again, he wants to support them financially but he’ll respect their choice to find a career 
  • Wants to send bodyguards with them just to be 100% sure they don’t get hurt on the job
  • He respects their choices, even if they don’t quite align with his ideal.


  • He knew what they were going to school for before they told him
  • So he wasn’t exactly surprised
  • He cheers them on the whole time
  • He is worried, but he realizes it would be hypocritical for him to tell them not to go into a dangerous career
  • Becuase he is in one himself
  • Will constantly be monitoring their safety and actions when they start working


  • Baby boy is so proud of MC for furthering their education
  • When MC tells him they are going into polie work he is still very proud of them!!
  • He’s happy they want to do something to make the world a better place
  • He offers unlimited moral support and encourages MC to continue working towards their goals


  • Like Zen, he’s a bit sad becuase MC going to school is less time he gets to spend with them
  • He won’t voice those thoughts though
  • MC going into police work makes him slightly uncomfortable given his criminal oast
  • But he’s glad they want to make the world a better and safer place
  • He may or may not follow them on the job just to make sure they are safe

Hope you enjoy! This one took a while becuase my computer froze half way through and I had to restart. I really liked this request!

Requests are open!

anonymous asked:

I admire you a lot. I hope you had a great day ^^

aw, thank you, anon!

here are some things I did today:

  • had a good morning at skating; I wore my fancy new activewear jacket and my camel spins are slowly improving, which is a great feeling
  • listened to the new fall out boy song
  • solved some problems at my education job
  • ate a DELICIOUS blueberry danish
  • had the satisfaction of knowing this is my last full day in the country before I fly TO ITALY for two weeks
  • had dinner with my family and got to cuddle my niece, who is nearly 3 months old and is adorable in every particular
  • and just sat down with a mug of peppermint tea to work on my romance novel for an hour before bed

I definitely consider that a good day. and I hope yours was equally good.

Lavi teaching Lenalee sign language

On missions when he sees her across the way on the train, he uses it to beckon her over 

Out in the field an explosion damages his hearing but he rescues the innocence and she uses it to tell him he did a good job

At the infirmary when they can’t get up because they’re healing, he uses it to ask her if she’s doing okay

At breakfast they flirt sometimes when the guys aren’t around (or they leave the table briefly) and he gets her to laugh at Allen’s crazy bedhead 

Bonus: Allen doesn’t tell them he knows what they’re saying (he picked it up while he was learning to play cards). Love is blind but the neighbors aren’t and he can’t handle ruining their fun


I have accomplished the following:

  1. Had my house deep-cleaned by professionals (omg so clean)
  2. reassembled my Etsy photo “studio”
  3. got my Etsy store totes up to date with new items
  4. installed new security system
  5. reorganized my pantry - basically my whole kitchen
  6. reorganized my food storage, gotten rid of most of it (old and nasty) and replaced with shiny new
  7. acquired new toaster
  8. gotten TSA pre-check status approved
  9. organized and cleaned my jewelry stand/wall (no small feat I have so much fucking jewelry)
  10. reorganized and purged the upstairs linen closet
  11. emptied out former roomie’s room and shampooed the carpet
  12. reassembled room and procured some nice new bedding
  13. acquired new shower curtain liners
  14. delivered half a dozen unwanted items to new homes that wanted them
  15. decluttered every bookshelf in my house
  16. successfully accomplished several targeted shopping expeditions
  17. sorted all the recycling and taken it to the recycle dumpster
  18. acquired appropriate undergarments and shoes for bridesmaid duty
  19. had eyebrows waxed for bridesmaid duty
  20. replaced all my over-sink light bulbs (omg I didn’t realize so many were burned out and now it’s SO FUCKING BRIGHT)
  21. did major grocery shopping for parental visit
  22. prepared vinegar cuke-onion-tomato salad
  23. gotten new airwicks
  24. bought wine (for me) and Guinness for Dad
  25. oh and worked 30 hours for Uber last week
  26. and my regular job
  27. at which I got a promotion, go me

All I have still to do is one wedding errand for the bride, do my nails, and get a pedi on Thursday.  And set up the Aerobed for my mom (she likes it, my Dad takes the guest room).

Farewell, MTV!

When I found out I got an internship at MTV I was all like

And when that internship lead to a JOB

At first, I was all like “integrated what now?”

But my AMAZING and savvy co-workers were there to help guide me

I kind of got the hang of things… kinda 

But then really hit my stride 

At times, the job had me like 

And I just wanted to

But mostly, it was incredible 

Like, so great

Truly beyond words. 

Thanks for the memories, MTV. I’ll never forget these experiences, theses lessons, and these amazing people who made four years of “work” the best time of my life. (**missing from pic Jay and Kelly**) 

And if you ever need to see my face, just remember that there’s a youtube video of my awkward dancing just a click away (I’m the one doing lunges in the green hoodie).