Lavi teaching Lenalee sign language

On missions when he sees her across the way on the train, he uses it to beckon her over 

Out in the field an explosion damages his hearing but he rescues the innocence and she uses it to tell him he did a good job

At the infirmary when they can’t get up because they’re healing, he uses it to ask her if she’s doing okay

At breakfast they flirt sometimes when the guys aren’t around (or they leave the table briefly) and he gets her to laugh at Allen’s crazy bedhead 

Bonus: Allen doesn’t tell them he knows what they’re saying (he picked it up while he was learning to play cards). Love is blind but the neighbors aren’t and he can’t handle ruining their fun


I have accomplished the following:

  1. Had my house deep-cleaned by professionals (omg so clean)
  2. reassembled my Etsy photo “studio”
  3. got my Etsy store totes up to date with new items
  4. installed new security system
  5. reorganized my pantry - basically my whole kitchen
  6. reorganized my food storage, gotten rid of most of it (old and nasty) and replaced with shiny new
  7. acquired new toaster
  8. gotten TSA pre-check status approved
  9. organized and cleaned my jewelry stand/wall (no small feat I have so much fucking jewelry)
  10. reorganized and purged the upstairs linen closet
  11. emptied out former roomie’s room and shampooed the carpet
  12. reassembled room and procured some nice new bedding
  13. acquired new shower curtain liners
  14. delivered half a dozen unwanted items to new homes that wanted them
  15. decluttered every bookshelf in my house
  16. successfully accomplished several targeted shopping expeditions
  17. sorted all the recycling and taken it to the recycle dumpster
  18. acquired appropriate undergarments and shoes for bridesmaid duty
  19. had eyebrows waxed for bridesmaid duty
  20. replaced all my over-sink light bulbs (omg I didn’t realize so many were burned out and now it’s SO FUCKING BRIGHT)
  21. did major grocery shopping for parental visit
  22. prepared vinegar cuke-onion-tomato salad
  23. gotten new airwicks
  24. bought wine (for me) and Guinness for Dad
  25. oh and worked 30 hours for Uber last week
  26. and my regular job
  27. at which I got a promotion, go me

All I have still to do is one wedding errand for the bride, do my nails, and get a pedi on Thursday.  And set up the Aerobed for my mom (she likes it, my Dad takes the guest room).

Farewell, MTV!

When I found out I got an internship at MTV I was all like

And when that internship lead to a JOB

At first, I was all like “integrated what now?”

But my AMAZING and savvy co-workers were there to help guide me

I kind of got the hang of things… kinda 

But then really hit my stride 

At times, the job had me like 

And I just wanted to

But mostly, it was incredible 

Like, so great

Truly beyond words. 

Thanks for the memories, MTV. I’ll never forget these experiences, theses lessons, and these amazing people who made four years of “work” the best time of my life. (**missing from pic Jay and Kelly**) 

And if you ever need to see my face, just remember that there’s a youtube video of my awkward dancing just a click away (I’m the one doing lunges in the green hoodie).