Farewell, MTV!

When I found out I got an internship at MTV I was all like

And when that internship lead to a JOB

At first, I was all like “integrated what now?”

But my AMAZING and savvy co-workers were there to help guide me

I kind of got the hang of things… kinda 

But then really hit my stride 

At times, the job had me like 

And I just wanted to

But mostly, it was incredible 

Like, so great

Truly beyond words. 

Thanks for the memories, MTV. I’ll never forget these experiences, theses lessons, and these amazing people who made four years of “work” the best time of my life. (**missing from pic Jay and Kelly**) 

And if you ever need to see my face, just remember that there’s a youtube video of my awkward dancing just a click away (I’m the one doing lunges in the green hoodie).