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breaking news: harry potter has quit his job as an auror!

stating that ‘i have no idea why i thought that was a good idea, holy shit’, potter has since relocated to diagon alley and reopened florean fortescue’s ice cream parlour. in a comment, potter said ‘yeah. yeah, this seems more like it’ and added ‘i mean, he gave me ice cream that one time. loved that guy.’

The Miseducation of Draco Malfoy

Title: The Miseducation of Draco Malfoy
Author: magpie_fngrl // @cat-wolfe
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 37,600  
Summary: “Instead of laughing about it, Harry, you could use this experience to educate Malfoy in Muggle culture.”
“I have no wish to educate Malfoy in anything,” Harry said, although the thought of unleashing a confused and annoyed Malfoy in Muggle London sounded quite entertaining.
Or the one where Zacharias Smith writes a tell-all and Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are assigned community service in Muggle London.

This story, let me tell you, is fantastic!

Zacharias Smith has written a tell-all book about Dumbledore’s Army, and in it suggests that Harry and Draco, well, he suggests that Harry and Draco had have the hots for each other for ever. Draco is Most Displeased. So much that he leaves his sort of self-imposed insolation and goes looking for Zach and punches him in the face, basically.

Auror Harry is called to sort the public disorder but ends up punching Zach himself as well. And that’s how both Harry and Draco end up assigned in community service in Muggle London. It’s glorious! At first Draco is all stand-offish, you know, but they have to be there for three months so eventually they start talking (oh my god, Harry asks for advise on breaking up with someone he’s causally seeing, you see) and soon Draco discovers Cosmopolitan and Coca Cola and he loves it, and they start going out, to the cinema and—well, you should just read it because it’s fucking brilliant. :D 

Heat of the Heart

Title: Heat of the Heart
Author: @carpemermaidtales
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6,400 Approx.  
Summary: Draco was recently bitten by a werewolf in the line of duty as an Auror. He’d been dealing with it as best he could, but then his first heat came on hot and fast in the middle of filling out reports with his Auror partner, Harry Potter. Luckily for him, Potter has a knack for saving his arse.
Content/Warning(s): mild dub-con, alpha/beta/omega dynamics, Omega Draco, Alpha Harry, mating/cycles in heat

If you read the summary you have a pretty good idea what this story is about. But good god, there’s so much more. It’s the way the author describes how Draco’s feeling, the way he can feel Harry’s scent, the way there’s this need that needs to be filled and Harry is so earnest wanting to assist Draco before knowing what happening.

And god, once he does know – well, things get so much better. It’s intense and hot and delicious and you shouldn’t miss it.  

you know guys, harry’s such a poetic cinammon roll when it comes to ginny

“You have anyone special, Potter?”

“Oh, actually, I do. She’s Ginny Weasley. You know her, the brave war hero, the youngest Weasley. She’s got that perfect face, those bright chocolate eyes, like, like stars, yeah, stars, and flowing hair that looks just like fire, no, a blazing flame, and-”

“Alright Potter, I get it, she’s special to you. You think she’s pretty. Now, back to the real topic.”

“-her body, well, merlin, I love it. It fits with my body so well, like when we hug or cuddle or-”


Hary’s desire to be an Auror did not “come out of nowhere”

Harry is well-suited for a career as an Auror. He has strong DADA skills, strong deductive reasoning, a desire to keep others safe, and pathological inability to mind his own business. In HBP, he fantasizes about missing a match (twice) just to follow Malfoy. That should give you an idea of his priorities.

But even if it wasn’t clear from his personality, the text is loaded with references to Harry’s future career.

#1 - During the conversation with Moody:

“You ever thought of a career as an Auror, Potter?”

“No,” said Harry, taken aback.

“You want to consider it,” said Moody, nodding and looking at Harry thoughtfully. “Yes, indeed… 

#2 - Harry clearly internalizes it, because we hear it mentioned when he returns to his dormitory:

And Moody thought he, Harry, ought to be an Auror! Interesting idea… but somehow. Harry thought, as he got quietly into his four-poster ten minutes later, the egg and the cloak now safely back in his trunk, he thought he’d like to check how scarred the rest of them were before he chose it as a career.

#3 - Moody reaffirms the idea that he thinks Harry would make a good Auror by saying that Hermione is "another one” who would make a good Auror.

#4 - During the run up to the 3rd task, Ron comments that the spells they’re learning with Harry is “good training for when we’re all Aurors,” so clearly it’s still on Ron’s mind.

#5 - When Harry meets Tonks:

“You’re an Auror?” said Harry [to Tonks], impressed. Being a Dark wizard catcher was the only career he’d ever considered after Hogwarts. (#5)

#6 - While prepping for his career advice meeting:

“D'you know what you want to do after Hogwarts?” Harry asked the other two, as they left the Great Hall shortly afterwards and set off towards their History of Magic classroom.

“Not really,” said Ron slowly. “Except… well…” He looked slightly sheepish.

“What?” Harry urged him.

’“Well, it’d be cool to be an Auror,’” said Ron in an off-hand voice.

“Yeah, it would,” said Harry fervently.

“But they’re, like, the elite,” said Ron. “You’ve got to be really good. What about you, Hermione?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “I think I’d like to do something really worthwhile.”

“An Auror’s worthwhile!” said Harry.

#7 - He tells McGonagall that he wants to be an Auror during his careers advice appointment:

“Well, I thought of, maybe, being an Auror,” Harry mumbled.

And then there’s this bit of foreshadowing from Umbridge in the same conversation.

“Which means that this boy has as much chance of becoming an Auror as Dumbledore has of ever returning to this school.”

If nothing else, the fact that Umbridge said he couldn’t makes it much more probable that JKR intended that for him to be his actual career.

#8 - During O.W.L.s

[ Harry and Ron] spent most of Saturday and Sunday revising for Potions on Monday, the exam which Harry had been looking forward to least - and which he was sure would be the downfall of his ambitions to become an Auror. 

#9 - In HBP, when he receives his O.W.L.s, he’s disappointed to realize that he didn’t get a high enough grade for N.E.W.T. Potions because it means the end of his ambition to become an Auror.

It was odd, really, seeing that it had been a Death Eater in disguise who had first told Harry he would make a good Auror, but somehow the idea had taken hold of him, and he couldn’t really think of anything else he would like to be.

#10 - At the Christmas party, Harry tells Slughorn/Snape what subjects he’s taking:

“All the subjects required, in short, for an Auror,” said Snape with the faintest sneer.

“Yeah, well, that’s what I’d like to do,” said Harry defiantly.

“And a great one you’ll make too!” boomed Slughorn.

And remember that this is a kid who doesn’t spend a ton of time thinking about his long-term life plans. Mostly because he doesn’t know whether he’ll live that long. So Harry’s career isn’t exactly a surprise twist.

jet-playin  asked:

Hi! Do you know of any fics where Harry and Draco are both Aurors and have to work together? I've read quite a few but haven't come across one in a while. Either permanently partners or firced together for a single case, both work for me. (Note: I have read everything by l0vegl0wsinthedark so, much as I love reading and rereading What Real Thing, I figured it would better to warn you :D Thank you so much for all of your recs, they are so, unspeakably helpful! :)

(Thank you @celticrose1989​ and @awesomesauceuniverse​ for the requests!! I decided to combine these, since fics in which only Draco is an auror/cursebreaker are pretty rare. I was planning to also combine this with a request for just Auror!Harry (with miscellaneous Draco) to make a giant Auror Drarry list, but it ended up being ridiculously long, so that one will come later this weekend! This one is already super long as-is, so I’ve tried to limit my commentary to 2-3 lines. Let it be known that it was very difficult, hahaha.)

Auror/Cursebreaker Partner Drarry Recs

What Real Thing? by loveglowsinthedark / @l0vegl0wsinthedark (13K)- They don’t cuddle, they don’t talk about their relationship (or lack thereof) and they certainly never fall asleep in each other’s arms.
I know you’ve already read it, but you can’t expect me to just not include this amazing sexy pining fluffy piece of wonderfulness in my auror rec list!!! It includes the BEST AIRPORT SCENE (not at an airport) EVER.

Higher and Higher (Temptation) by birdsofshore (28.5K)- Only Harry Potter could manage to put on a magical collar on impulse and find himself unable to take it off again. Now following Draco’s direct orders gives him intense pleasure, and Draco has a whole heap of troubles to deal with, not least the way Potter looks when the collar has him gasping with bliss. The whole situation would test the morals of a saint… and Draco’s no saint.
THIS FIC!! EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED. I STILL REMEMBER CLICKING ON IT AND NEARLY ORGASMING RIGHT THERE and it totally does its description justice! Technically Draco is a cursebreaker here.

Two Weeks by shiftylinguini / @shiftylinguini (22K)- If Harry had to guess which out of he or his Auror Partner, and tentative new friend, Draco Malfoy, would turn out to have Veela ancestry, his answer would be: neither, because that is ridiculous. Finding out the answer is actually him, and that his Veela heritage is wreaking havoc on his ability to work, sleep, and above all be in the same room as Malfoy, is a surprise to say the least. But this is fine. Harry’s been through worse, and he can just sit this one out, regardless of how much his body is screaming for the one person he doesn’t want to ask for help. Can’t he?
WONDERFUL FABULOUS YES TIMES 96382!! Veela!Harry but like, read it even if that’s not usually your thing. GREAT pining!!! Phone sex. P H O N E S E X.

Lift Your Open Hand by firethesound / @firethesound (19K)- With Draco Malfoy as his assigned partner for the next six weeks of Auror training, Harry had been prepared for things to go poorly. But getting themselves accidentally bonded to each other in the first twenty minutes of their very first assignment seemed going above and beyond, even for them.
What could you possibly need that isn’t in this fic? Includes bonding, domesticity, bed sharing, and Nicolas Cage. Perfection <3

Sex on Legs in Six-Inch Heels by tessacrowley / @tessacrowley (10K)- Draco Malfoy is a brilliant freelance cursebreaker and the only one who can help the Department of Magical Law Enforcement with a very dangerous case, but more importantly, he’s wearing six-inch heels, and Harry cannot handle it, he really just can’t.
One of the first fics I read and STILL one of the hottest! The sex is amazing, as is the fact that Draco wears (surprisingly practical!) heels and women’s clothing in general I LOVE IT SO MUCH

Highlands by Seefin / @seefin (16K)- The tent was a joke, that was basically the only explanation he could come up with as to why the Aurors would send he and Draco on a several-month mission with only their most basic model. Once, when Harry had been on one of the big ones, the kind of mission where there was a little Auror camp out in the wilderness, twenty or so tents all pitched practically on top of each other, he had slept in one with two stories. Actually it was more of a mezzanine level, but still. Their current one didn’t even have a fucking toilet. And if Harry were allowed to communicate with anyone other than Draco then he would definitely be lodging an official complaint right about now.
This fic is so sweet and slow (despite being only 16K, idk how she does it!). I love the development of their relationship, and being forced into close quarters is especially w o n d e r f u l.

Little Talks by femmequixotic and noeon / @femmequixotic and @noeeon (11.5K)- Draco’s been shagging the Head Auror for months now, and he’s sure it’s just a fling. Until Harry asks him to a Quidditch match, that is, and things go horribly wrong.
AAAH THE SEX. Also the adorableness! And the whatthefuckishappening a real DATE??? But THE SEX! And the fluff! Sorry I’m incoherent, just READ IT!

Something More by thusspakekate (9K)- After a night of heavy drinking, Harry Potter has a love bite the size of Wales on his neck and an unsigned note from the man who gave it to him in his pocket. The only problem? He can’t quite remember who he brought home with him the night before. And what’s got Draco Malfoy in such a strop?
OMG pining in this one like crazy. It’s obvious why from the summary, right?? Yeah? Just….you’re already feeling the angst, I know it, just read it and let it be resolved <3

One Big Misunderstanding by agentmoppet / @agentmoppet (7K)- Draco will be the first to admit that his choices aren’t particularly clever, especially when they involve Potter, but this has to be the worst one yet.
OH, DRACO. Poor baby sends Harry and Blaise off on a date together and then becomes a jealous wreck and it’s beautiful.

You Send Me (Honest You Do) by firethesound (37K)- As far as potion accidents go in general, and deaging incidents go in particular, Draco knew this could have been so much worse. Harry only lost about ten years, and all his memories are still intact. But the sight of him looking as if he’s stepped straight out of Draco’s Hogwarts memories has dredged up a whole mess of complicated feelings Draco thought he’d buried years ago, and Draco really doesn’t know what to do with any of it.
This is a GREAT use of the deaging trope (without being at all creepy btw, so don’t worry!), and Harry has tattoooooos!! Also more pining pining pining <3 And great writing as always from this amazing author.

Tales from the Special Branch Series by femmequixotic (304K so far)- When Gavin Robards asks him to form Special Branch seven-four-alpha, Harry Potter knows they’ll have to work outside the confines of the law–even though they are the law.
Are you tired of me reccing this series yet? TOO BAD I’LL NEVER STOP MUAHAHA. This list just wouldn’t be complete without it! Who could ever tire of Draco fucking Harry, his senior officer???? NOT ME!!

All Our Secrets Laid Bare by firethesound (150K)- Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.
Another fic I’ve recced over and over because IT’S THE QUINTESSENTIAL BEST EVER CLASSIC AUROR PARTNER FIC IN MY OPINION so it literally cannot be missing from this list.

It’s the Love of the Chase (That Created the Ride) by lumosed_quill (14K)- Draco and Harry are new Auror partners. It’s a bit dull. Until they finally see some spell action and things get a lot more interesting (in Draco’s pants).
Basically adrenalin rushes from cases make Harry and Draco crave sex and it’s amazing 

One Harry Potter Please (If Possible, Seduced and Ready) by faithwood (62K)- All Draco wants is Harry Potter’s friendship, just to make his new Auror job more bearable. However, after Harry stubbornly pays more attention to his secret admirer, Draco is forced to resort to drastic measures.
So nearly all long-term-auror-partner fics have flangst because how could they not?? But this one stands out to me as being the FLANGSTIEST (this is a word now) EVER. Like an adorable idiot, Draco impersonates Harry’s secret admirer.

The Kaleidoscope Charm, or 50 Shades of Rainbow Magic by Omi_Ohmy (27K)- Getting Draco Malfoy as a boss was not the worst thing that happened to Harry; getting a crush on him was.
Auror!Harry is assigned to work with Draco (of the Curse and Lock Breaking Dept). Also he owns a giant angel statue that looks just like him. ;D

Like Diamonds We Are Cut With Our Own Dust by raitala (11K)- Draco has borne the mark of the Dark Lord for over ten years. It is familiar to him, but he pays the price for it every day, and Harry has noticed.
This fic is just so cool. It’s based on “that picture” by alekina, which I coincidentally reblogged just yesterday and is amazing and HARRY REMOVES DRACO’S DARK MARK YEP

Whoo Knew? by oceaxe (19K)- Despite having had a crush on his Auror partner for years, Draco’s been biding his time and waiting for the perfect opportunity to make his case. But when Harry subscribes to a new wizarding personals service, Draco gets a wake-up call. With new each message that arrives for Harry from a hopeful suitor, it becomes more and more clear that the time to act has arrived.

Things Harry could do after the Battle of Hogwarts instead of becoming a magical policeman

- teach at Hogwarts
- help George with WWW
- open a restaurant
- play international Quidditch
- get a muggle job and only supplement his life with magic
- coach little league Quidditch
- establish a Department for the Integration of Muggle Technologies, because he knows clinging so tightly to Wizard superiority is just one step away from the whole ‘blood purity’ thing
- literally anything

How Harry became an Auror
  • Interviewer: You haven't finished your education. You hate the Ministry. You almost destroyed the Headquarters once... can I see your CV?
  • Harry: *slides slip of paper over*
  • Interviewer: This just says "I'm Harry Potter."
  • Harry:
  • Interviewer:
  • Harry:
  • Interviewer: Fuck it, you're hired.
The Full Monty

Title: The Full Monty
Author: @cat-wolfe 
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 9,800 Approx.  
Summary: Harry poses for a naked Auror calendar and Draco goes crazy with lust.

Oh my god, such a fantastic story! It’s so much fun! Well, the summary, basically. LOL But Seriously, first we have this awesome intro from Harry’s POV about how he’s absolutely only getting naked for this calendar for charity, nothing to do with the unlikely attention of buttoned-up, ponytailed ponces who work in the Ministry.

And then we have Draco’s POV, in which he basically goes mad after seeing Harry’s pages (July and May) and lust starts leaking out of him – literally! His magic starts Transfigurating stuff around to the point he ends up with chick pet which he names Arthur.

It’s fantastic. And to make things better (or worse, it depends, ~poor Draco~), he’s going to coach Harry for an upcoming trial, which means seeing and being around Harry often.  Fantastic!