goals for the summer:
  • sternum tattoo
  • work as much as i can
  • save as much as i can
  • stay motivated to keep making pictures
  • lose 10-15 pounds
  • take better care of my skin
  • get really good at thrifting
  • learn to sew better
  • find a fucking awesome car
  • plan an amazing roadtrip
  • get to boston at least once to see my photo bitches
  • swim a bunch
  • go raspberry picking
  • go see the sunflower fields on the islands
  • have job interviews/prospects lined up for when i get to WA
  • get my nips pierced???
A World Without English Majors? Why Colleges Should Tell Students About Job Prospects Before They Commit

Recent college grads still looking for full-time employment—or faced with the prospect of moving back home to live with mom and dad—are probably cursing their English and philosophy degrees. But while they’re sending out resumes and getting rejected, in May there were 2.6 million unfilled jobs. The problem is that many of those positions are in science and tech—fields that most grads simply aren’t prepared to enter. Now officials in the United Kingdom are proposing an interesting solution to the mismatch between majors and job prospects. They plan to require colleges to collect data about the employment and salary prospects of each degree. That way, majors with a poor employment track record will be “named and shamed” and the degrees with the worst records several years in a row would eventually be axed.

“Recently I moved into my own apartment, which is really great. However, the job search has been rough. Although I have a few likely opportunities lined up, the lack of success has made it so I haven’t been able to work and make my first month’s rent. 

Knowing my summer grants were turned down and rent payments would be delayed, the leasing company has very suddenly threatened to begin the eviction process if I don’t make the first month’s payment of $565 by May 31, which would leave nowhere safe for me and my 11-year-old cat to go.

If I am able to make even half of my projected goal, that would likely be enough to keep me in my home while I start my prospective jobs within the next couple of weeks. 

Any donation is appreciated, especially because I want to be able to keep myself and my lovely cat safe more than anything.Thank you!”

How long is too long?

I interviewed for a job about a month ago. My first interview went very well, and they told me they would contact to me as soon as possible to set up an interview with the CEO.  They called me back about an hour after my interview, it was such a great feeling. 

I went in for my second interview and it went pretty smoothly but I wasn’t 100 percent confident in myself.  The CEO told me they still had some interviews to complete and that they would let me know either way when they decided on who would be chosen.  I sent out thank you e-mails and waited to hear back from them.  About two weeks later I hadn’t heard anything so I e-mailed them following up about the position and asked if it had been filled.

They called me back and said I was still in the running but they were still conducting the interviews and would call or e-mail me shortly. It was a very nice conversation and I was happy with the outcome but it’s been about a month since my interview and I haven’t heard a thing.

Two out of the three positions had already been filled so I am assuming they would want to hire someone as soon as possible. Am I being impatient or did they just forget to fill me in? How long is too long to wait? Hopefully I’ll hear from them soon!

Self-Promotion Device #532

So my band’s gig last night was good.

First band that played ( were formidably good, which was a nasty surprise. That’s the last thing we need, I thought, brilliant competition. But it turns out that’s the first thing we need; we complimented them after their set, they returned the compliment following ours, and we became band-friends.

When we got on stage we had the best reception we’ve ever had (drew the night’s biggest crowd; got an encore) while yet delivering our sloppiest performance. People whooped and hollered just the same, so, the room was on form. The room gave a stellar performance. 

This is a link to us. We are this good: