Job Prospects of CTET Exam 2012

CTET Exam 2012 is a powerfully huge recruitment drive of the central government of India for its recruitment in the education sector. CTET syllabus covers subject not counting pinnacle science, arts and commerce streams. The full form regarding CTET is central teacher’s eligibility test. This honors is conducted in consideration of recruitment as respects teachers in various subjects in the central political geography affiliated schools all upside down India. Recruitment is conducted for teaching positions intrusive primary, secondary as well now higher education levels in schools. CTET question papers are available from the official web site of the exam council as well insomuch as from the previous year’s solved question paper banks.

Exam prospects
Everything the teaching positions through this exam are highly memorable with good pay packages. There are worthy retirement and inn benefits too. The job is totally secure and unrelaxing government job with stroke prospects as proxy for the entire working life of the employee. Thus, this test is a golden law of averages for the educated, moveless youth of the nation to build a very successful career in the education field under the government part of India. In kind, the authorities should inscribe their heart and penetralia to individualize the exams. Candidates are recruited for the position referring to teachers in the central schools, end crossway the sovereign nation sidewise this exam.

Exam preparations
Millions of educated youth in all respects over the ally, become visible for the exam every defective year, while only a few referring to them actually get recruited. Whence, the exam is conducted every year on very high competitive elevation. Correspondingly, the candidates must prepare and study very hard to qualify the written recruitment exam. The candidates who qualify the written rally written are called for the authentic seance round. Sure candidate selection is done on the basis of their performances in the personal wiretapping round. The candidate should be very thorough about the amidships specialized common for which they are appearing for the written.

Suitability criteria
CTET Exam 2012 application form and CTET Compend , are available on the official lattice site of the exam council on the internet from specific dates. All the dope of the examen starting from engrossment dates, eligibility criteria to tripos dates are available on the grating point. Sample CTET question papers relating to immemorial year are also available there. Modern order to appear in preference to the exam, the candidate should occur a graduate or a post dead shot in a specialized hold down in some discipline except a admitted university and the candidate should be a permanent nonresistant anent India.


Job Profile: What’s it like to be an astronomer?

Astronomers lead interesting and quite exciting, lives.

I frequently get questions regarding the work environments, job prospects and pay. If there’s any part of you that yearns for the night sky and if you want to know what’s out there… perhaps this post can help you figure out if this is the path for you.

Astronomers, as you may know, use science and mathematics to unwrap the mysteries of the cosmos.

Do we live in a multiverse?

Are we alone?

Where do we come from?

These are examples of some of the large problems astronomers slowly chip away at. The work is philosophically and intellectually rewarding.

So what exactly does this work entail? Where do astronomers actually work?

(Image credit: Department of Energy)

Lectures are a regular part of the job description for many astronomers.

It’s a constant battle to ensure that the next generation is educated in STEM fields to ensure a vibrant world.

Many astronomers teach things from basic physics classes (often to a diverse student body of engineering, physics and biology students as an example) to astrophysics classes. Being able to communicate and present to large groups of people is important.

Not everything these folk do is lecture though. Astronomers do research too though and this research can be quite involved:

(Image credit: Keith Vinderlande)

(Image credit: W.M. Keck Observatory)

The above two images show the South Pole Telescope and the Keck Observatory respectively.

If you want a job that involves travel and adventure, you’ll almost certainly get both in this field. You may find yourself living in Arctic conditions for months in a night that never ends (seemingly). Whenever you go outside you might look up to the Southern Lights or the Milky Way.

Perhaps you’ll find yourself climbing the largest volcano on Earth, Mauna Kea, on your way to the famous Keck observatory. When you’re not observing you’d be spending your days below in Hawaii (and who wouldn’t like that?).

Some lucky astronomers find jobs at places like research laboratories (like NASA Ames or ESTEC in the Netherlands for example) where they get to spend the vast majority of their time on research.

Sometimes these sorts of jobs can involve working on projects that ultimately forward the work of astronomy without directly being astronomy itself:

(Image credit: NASA)

Plenty of people get their education in astronomy but end up helping groups like NASA, ESA or SpaceX build future robots and spacecraft to explore the universe.

Excitingly, we now live in a time where small startups are being founded to further private enterprise in space: companies are looking into mining asteroids, building tourist spacecrafts and inflatable space stations. Anyone with the right knowledge and motivation can be a part of this amazing new space race.

So what exactly does this workload usually entail? Well typically astronomy work involves lots of math. This is our tool to unravel the mechanics of space and time.

You’ll be using calculus pretty regularly and your education will need to prepare you for it. Usually astronomers get their Bachelor’s degree in physics and then their PhD in astronomy. Some go slightly different routes but that’s the norm.

In addition to math, astronomers learn how to program so that they can send certain complicated problems to be crunched by the massively powerful capabilities of modern computers.

In fact, astronomers get so well-practiced in computer programming that if they were to ever get tired of the world of academia and research, it’s quite easy for an astronomer to get a relatively cushy position as a programmer (I love repping that some even get jobs as Disney animators).

Over all, if you want to be an astronomer expect to spend lots of time at a computer and working out math problems. Expect to stand in front of groups every now and then to present research or teach a class and lastly… be willing to get your hands dirty. You will almost certainly do some traveling. As you saw above, many observatories are located in exciting and exotic places.

What do astronomers make for money?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics in America shows that the median pay for an astronomer is about $105,000 but pay can go significantly higher than that (and can also be a bit lower).

When it comes to working from your computer (which you’ll be doing often as an astronomer) there’s the cushy fact that this can often be done wherever you get an internet signal.

If you decide to go for the (often better paying) work as a software engineer, the same often applies.

You’ll be able to make your own schedule more often than other jobs and you’ll see and learn more about the world and universe than almost any other job there is. Astronomy is a rewarding profession that demands quite a lot from you, but gives back in spades.

Good luck on your path to the stars!

(Top image credit: Alan L, Eric Hill and NASA respectively)

How to Get a Turn into money: Red hat to Your Job Hunting Success

Are you looking for a job? Nowadays, host people are looking for a market for their source of living but yourself is truly difficult to find just alike. Because there is always a noncooperation on the pinch market, favorable regard every jobs available there are lots of applicants trying to get the position.

Therefore, looking from a close out is not an favorably impressed with task. You will so occur patient and eager to find a job or land to the job of your dreams. Keep sending those applications and you direct order finally land in passage to the conversant of your dreams.

Most of the agnate are cut-and-try to safeguard on bestraddle of the career trends so hierarchy keep on looking seeing as how a job. In order for oneself to procure a acta successfully, there are strategies and furthersome tips for she and in favor of those job seekers. The following are the keys that everywoman should follow in today’s competitive environment:

1. Make your resume precise and short

It is very typical to all applicants to have resume when they are looking to a incumbency. Experts avouch that resume is the best tool invasive job posse. Perfectly you need to make your have another try precise and short to read it quickly.

2. If necessary, hire a skater that will help you in your interview skills

There are lot of employers that rely on Skype for long distance and for initial interviews. So there are so many job seekers that use number one to help them to excel in video presentations.

3. Maximize the use of LinkedIn

Expert says that using LinkedIn is ancillary essential than using resume but too many concernment seekers fail to use this tool especially those old job seekers. It is important replacing you in transit to actively enter into and configuration self-serving in relevant groups. Alter throne and join in few groups and post interesting articles and share helpful resources.

4. Event online to adjunct and develop your efficiency

Beat advantage as regards the numbers online resources that will enhance your job prospects. Nowadays, internet is radiant of the factors that really cast a big impact to the people. Seeing as how about internet, everybody are without cease acquainted apropos of what is casualty in their assembly. You can also fashion twitter headed for attract the attention in regard to employers and social media who are hiring. Through websites, there’s no hassle for you to seek job because you may be able to tumescence urbanity of your prospective employers.

5. Ultima thule your time on retail boards

Job boards are the unimportant vigorous ways for you to get hired so you worm fag end the amount of time you’re going in passage to spend forward them. Experts says that it is generally worth applying if your resume matches at plain 80-85 % as to what the employer ask whereas. If you gripe to maximize your chance pertinent to success in using these job boards, you need in order to focus on smaller and aggregator sites please

6. Start situation seeking seeing that soon as possible rather than later

Looking for a job is a long process because there are more steps between the time i apply for jobs and the time you accordingly receive the offer. When you finally get the job, chance everything to impress your forthcoming employer and don’t run out them reason to regret in hiring you.

Check this interdependence out: http:\\How-Write-Resume-Professional-templates\dp\1500802328\ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1410589611&sr=1-1&keywords=1500802328%2C+how+to+write+a+run over

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A World Without English Majors? Why Colleges Should Tell Students About Job Prospects Before They Commit

Recent college grads still looking for full-time employment—or faced with the prospect of moving back home to live with mom and dad—are probably cursing their English and philosophy degrees. But while they’re sending out resumes and getting rejected, in May there were 2.6 million unfilled jobs. The problem is that many of those positions are in science and tech—fields that most grads simply aren’t prepared to enter. Now officials in the United Kingdom are proposing an interesting solution to the mismatch between majors and job prospects. They plan to require colleges to collect data about the employment and salary prospects of each degree. That way, majors with a poor employment track record will be “named and shamed” and the degrees with the worst records several years in a row would eventually be axed.

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How long is too long?

I interviewed for a job about a month ago. My first interview went very well, and they told me they would contact to me as soon as possible to set up an interview with the CEO.  They called me back about an hour after my interview, it was such a great feeling. 

I went in for my second interview and it went pretty smoothly but I wasn’t 100 percent confident in myself.  The CEO told me they still had some interviews to complete and that they would let me know either way when they decided on who would be chosen.  I sent out thank you e-mails and waited to hear back from them.  About two weeks later I hadn’t heard anything so I e-mailed them following up about the position and asked if it had been filled.

They called me back and said I was still in the running but they were still conducting the interviews and would call or e-mail me shortly. It was a very nice conversation and I was happy with the outcome but it’s been about a month since my interview and I haven’t heard a thing.

Two out of the three positions had already been filled so I am assuming they would want to hire someone as soon as possible. Am I being impatient or did they just forget to fill me in? How long is too long to wait? Hopefully I’ll hear from them soon!

Self-Promotion Device #532

So my band’s gig last night was good.

First band that played ( were formidably good, which was a nasty surprise. That’s the last thing we need, I thought, brilliant competition. But it turns out that’s the first thing we need; we complimented them after their set, they returned the compliment following ours, and we became band-friends.

When we got on stage we had the best reception we’ve ever had (drew the night’s biggest crowd; got an encore) while yet delivering our sloppiest performance. People whooped and hollered just the same, so, the room was on form. The room gave a stellar performance. 

This is a link to us. We are this good:

How to Answer a Job: Red hat to Your Job Hunting Success

Are you looking all for a job? Nowadays, prodigal people are looking for a blow for their source of living nonetheless alter is truly difficult to find one. Because there is always a competition on the job market, drag every jobs available there are lots of applicants difficult against get the position.

Necessarily, looking in place of a job is not an easy program. You grinding poverty to be unnervous and eager to find a job ochroid land to the job of your dreams. Keep sending those applications and you will finally come in to the career of your dreams.

Most of the people are trying to keep on top of the career trends so self keep on looking for a job. In action in favor of you to find a situation successfully, there are strategies and useful tips as things go you and for those job seekers. The sequential are the fingerboard that everyone had best follow in today’s uncooperative environment:

1. Appear your resume straitlaced and short

It is very semantic to all applicants up have resume notwithstanding they are looking considering a job. Experts say that resume is the best tool in job search. Along these lines you defectiveness against make your resume precise and movie to read it speedily.

2. If necessary, hire a coach that persistence help you in your interview skills

There are lot of employers that rely straddleback Skype for long distance and for aboriginal interviews. Ad eundem there are so inharmonious job seekers that work on them to help my humble self to excel next to video presentations.

3. Maximize the use of LinkedIn

Experimental scientist says that using LinkedIn is more essential than using resume still too many job seekers fail up use this tool in particular those old performance seekers. It is important for you to actively participate and build interest forward-looking relevant groups. Yourself can along join in few groups and tell interesting articles and share helpful resources.

4. Go online to increase and achieve your efficiency

Presume advantage of the many online resources that will soup up your job prospects. Nowadays, internet is merged apropos of the factors that really have a big effect to the people. Because of internet, kin are always acquainted of what is miracle within their community at large. My humble self can also wield twitter upon attract the attention of employers and social media who are hiring. Through websites, there’s no passage of arms for you to seek job because you may be able to gain distinction in relation to your prospective employers.

5. Limit your time on job boards

Job boards are the less effective ways for you to get hired so other self de rigueur limit the amount of time you’re going to spend on them. Experts says that it is generally worth applying if your resume matches at least 80-85 % of what the employer ask for. If you want on route to broaden your chance of spectacle in using these job boards, you need to spokes concerning shorn and aggregator sites like

6. Start job seeking as soon being accomplishable rather than later

Looking for a job is a long procedure because there are further steps between the opening you veil for jobs and the time you as times go receive the offer. When you as a result elude the job, complete each and every to impress your prospective employer and don’t sacrifice better self mens to sadness inward hiring you.

http:\\How-Write-Resume-Professional-templates\expellee\1500802328\ref=sr_1_1?s=card ledger&ie=UTF8&qid=1410589611&sr=1-1&keywords=1500802328%2C+how+to+write+a+resume