• research: young people today are more anxious and depressed than ever
  • society: oh my god that's terrible why
  • research: well they're under more pressure at school, they're worried about the political climate, they're more diverse and more aware of social injustices than past generations, their job prospects are poor, trends like helicopter parenting and increasing surveillance of kids inhibit their ability to develop a sense of being in control of their lives, there's an increasing cultural disconnect between generations, they're increasingly criminalized for minor offenses or even just being out in public, they're overscheduled and lacking in free time, they-
  • society: it's because of selfies isn't it
It's not wise to be rude to your ride to the airport.

This was around Thanksgiving 2015.

My family gets together at a rural-ish cabin. I had agreed to give my younger sister a ride to the airport on Sunday, since she was on a short break from college. and had important classes and tests to get back to after Thanksgiving. I’d also agreed to lock up the cabin for my parents, since they had to leave on Saturday to get back to pressing work matters.

During the post-dinner bullshitting on Thanksgiving, my sister decided to give me sh*t about the bad couple months I’d had. A long-term girlfriend of mine and I had broken up and the company I worked for folded. This went beyond normal sibling sh*t-flinging, including her saying something to the effect of “Who’d date or hire a worthless failure loser like you anyway, b*tch? Your girlfriend was probably f*cking your boss and dumped you both when she learned you were both failures.”

She was called out on her crude remarks by several family members, but refused to apologize. I seemingly let it slide. I had plenty of emergency funds, had a few job prospects lined up (was hired shortly after and got a nice salary bump, actually) and was okay with being single. Her vehemence was out of left field though, and uncalled for.

Sunday morning, I waited for her in the kitchen with a bottle of Jack Daniels.

“Hey, Heather.” I said when she entered the kitchen. “Wanna apologize for your sh*tty comments the other night?”

she laughed. “About your being a d*ckless failure? Nope. Now let’s get going I have a flight to catch.”

“Fair enough!” I responded, and poured myself a double, then knocked it back.

“What the f*ck are you doing?” she screamed. “*I have a plane to catch!”

“You sure do!” I responded, cheerfully. I paused, and repeated the pour-and-slam. “Well, f*ck, it looks like I’ve had too much to drink to drive! I guess we’ll have to wait until you’re f*cking civil, won’t we?”

She pulled put her phone and screwed with it for a few seconds before I said: “There aren’t any cab companies or ubers around here. I’m your only ride. So you can apologize for being a b*tch, or you can miss your flight.”

“F*ck you!”

I grinned and took another shot.

In short: I got absolutely sh*tfaced, she missed her flight, missed some tests, and her GPA plummeted. It was f*cking hilarious.

Men might feel self-concious about not being conventionally attractive and some women might choose not to date them because they don’t have a six pack or a handsome face or whatever but the lack of conventional attractiveness won’t inflict on them being seen as whole people, it won’t limit their opportunities, it won’t limit their job prospects, it won’t get in the way of them living their lives as they want and moving forward in the world, the can become politicians, tv hosts, and other media figures and get to speak on prime time tv despite their ugliness and that’s why I don’t want to hear “but men are expected to have muscles and six packs!” when I talk about the expectation and requirement of femininity women face and the social backlash and exclusion we face when we can’t or won’t conform.

Emergency Discount Commissions Open!

I went to the vet because my dog Isolde had a really bad looking tooth and it turns out that it is broken and needs to be extracted. 

Isolde is just the most precious mutt in the world and she sees me through my PTSD, depression and anxiety like a champ. She has done so much for me and I cannot imagine how much her tooth is hurting right now. I want to be able to help her and do what we can. She’s been there for me since she was just a tiny pup!

The bill will be about $1,250 if there are no complications and this will completely drain all of my savings with no wa yof replenishing them.If there are any complications to the surgery we won’t be able to afford the results. While I have been looking for work I am physically disabled and job prospects are very slim. 

I genuinely hate to ask but I am opening up discount commissions at flat rate prices and if anyone has ever thought of getting a commission from me I implore you now is the time!

Please e-mail with your commission request and we can discuss the details.

Got questions? My askbox is open!

hc that nursey and dex are secretly really good at what the other person is majoring in

nursey secretly is a genius and is actually super good at pretty much all STEM subjects, but he grew up reading a lot and while he’s great at all of those typical nerd subjects he’s only really passionate about lit and poetry which is why he chose english as a major

meanwhile dex is actually a literature NERD and he did really fucking well in high school english and he really loves writing, and for the longest time he wanted to pursue that, but because of his upbringing he decided to pursue comp sci as a major. and he isn’t even particularly good at comp sci and engineering and maths??? but he chose a major that was ~practical~ and would give him the most job prospects bc after his childhood in a small town where everyone knew everyone, he wanted out, he wanted to leave, and he knew to do that he needed a steady source of income, had to earn enough money to actually sustain himself.

so on top of nursey being attractive af and kinda annoying, dex kinda resents him for basically going after the future that he really wanted. dex HATES that nursey essentially has everything he wants

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Drag Me Down (To Hell) | 01

Originally posted by jjks

↬ Summary: There’s a darkness to your city, a murderous underbelly filled with crime and deceit that you’ve sworn to avoid at all costs. But the universe has funny ways of forcing your involvement in the form of a notorious mob boss and his young daughter.
↬ Pairing: Jeongguk x reader
↬ Genre: mafia!au
↬ Rating: Mature (for themes; subject to change in later chapters)
↬ Word Count: 7.770

Part 02 - Part 03

Trapped on the cusp of dreams and reality, you can almost imagine your phone isn’t ringing beside you. In your dream, you’re running. Running away from something faceless, but large, and for a good second you’re able to think the ringing is your screaming, but when your screaming stops and the ringing does not, you force one eye open through the haze of sleep and reach for your phone.

It’s not on the table next to your bed, so when it stops ringing you think you’re in the clear, flopping back onto bed, but then it starts up again, and you curse loudly. The phone’s hidden in your sheets by your hip, and before you can even get the device to your ear, your brother is speaking.

Or rather, spitting, “What the fuck are you doing?

You snort, trying to bury your face into your pillow. “What a wakeup call, Taehyung.”

Sorry.” He sounds angry, but you pay it no mind. Taehyung leads with his emotions, acting first and thinking second. If something’s worked him up, he’ll confront the problem as quickly as possible, as is made evident by his call at- six in the goddam morning, what the hell? “Good morning, love. Sleep well?

“Until now? Yes.”

And you call me rude,” Taehyung laughs. “Happy now? What the hell are you doing?

You thank any lucky stars there may be that you don’t have any classes today, and can hopefully sleep again after you finally calm Taehyung down. “Elaborate.”

You’re getting a job?

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derrekshales  asked:

sterek + #6 or 15 for the prompts please??

“I’d kill for a coffee … literally.”

Stiles slumped into the seat, throwing his head back and groaned, “I’d kill for a coffee … literally.”

Around him, the coffee shop was bustling with life. From baristas racing to finish orders and take new ones to customers chatting. The decorations from Christmas were still up even four days after, giving Stiles the biggest ache for a day off.

From where he was rapidly typing away across from Stiles, Derek muttered, “He does this every day.”

Stiles straightened himself immediately and jerked his head to the side, narrowing his eyes at Derek, “What’s that supposed to mean? Huh?”

“I’m just saying,” he clarified, glancing up and shrugging his shoulders quickly, “you do tend to say the same thing every single time you finish your shift, muttering about someone’s unnecessarily complicated order or yelling at the cashier.”

Stiles huffed, “It’s the torture of being a barista, I swear. Der, customer service is a terrible job prospect. You should be grateful that you never have to deal with it.”

“Trust me, I am.”

Stiles leaned forward with his hands on the table, “So, whatcha workin’ on there? Is it your new novel? Can I read some? Did you finally end up writing a chapter? Did you finally name a character after me? If I find out that Scott gets a character named after him and I don’t, I’m going to cry.”

Derek stopped typing and stared at him, a smile itching to form at the corners of his mouth. He looked slightly amused, maybe even—dare he say it—fond. “Scott gets a character because he’s my cousin. You are Scott’s friend.”

“Is that all I am?” Stiles tried to make sure his voice stayed light and airy, but he wasn’t sure if he succeeded. Sure, he was related to his best friend—nay, his bro—but that didn’t mean that Derek didn’t mean something to Stiles. In fact, though he may deny this to anyone who ever asked, Stiles had been harbouring a massive crush on Derek since the day that he walked in, hair windblown, head-to-toe clad in leather with his glasses on. And it got worse when all Stiles could feel was heat pooling into his stomach when he saw that Derek wore henleys and sweaters under all that leather.

“No, you’re also a pain in my ass,” Derek replied, his fingers already speeding away on the keyboard.

“Hilarious, Derek, didn’t know you could make jokes.” Stiles looked away towards a couple on a date on the other side of the store.

“Of course, didn’t you know that I was planning on being a comedian? Writing is just something I do for fun.”

Stiles turned to face Derek again, arching a single brow.

“Stiles, you’re one of my closest friends, alright? I don’t just make jokes or socialize with just anyone. I’ve stayed up watching you throw up both into a toilet and onto me. I’ve seen you inhale cake. You’re a pain in the ass, but you’re one of my pains in the ass. And besides, I never said you weren’t in the novel; it’s not my fault that you jump to conclusions way too often,” Derek smirked.

Stiles couldn’t help but grin widely, a small blush beginning to crawl up onto his face. Derek called him one of his closest friends. “Ooh, getting all sappy there, aren’t we, Mr. Hale?”

Derek glared. Stiles would’ve been terrified if he didn’t know how much of a softie Derek truly was. “Don’t make me write you sonnets.”

“Can you?!” Imagine that, Derek Hale writing Stiles Stilinski sonnets and poetically performing them outside of his window.

“No. For that you have to date me.”

Derek was flirting. With him. Derek was flirting with him—in his own weird way, of course. “Fine, pick me up at six tonight, Hale. With a sonnet.” Stiles winked.

Derek smiled back at him, soft and warm. Stiles hoped, quite desperately may he add, that his heart would slow the fuck down and let him just melt into a puddle.

“It’s a date.”

Ten Years (Part 12)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4,065 (I AM OUT OF MY MIND)

Warnings: language, fluff, excessive sweetness

A/N: Tags are closed. This is the second to last part. I came THISCLOSE to having another cliffhanger, but I couldn’t do it. I don’t want to drag it out just to torture you. PS - IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!

Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

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It’s nearing the end of his second year when suddenly rumors pop up about how Headmaster Dumbledore had convinced someone famous to visit for Career Day. Charlie didn’t pay much mind to the excited whispers and loud debates about who the famous wizard - because wizard not witch is the only thing that everyone seemed to agree on - visiting was and what job they’d be talking about.

“Maybe it’s Mad-Eye Moody,” Charlie had said when his roommates had asked him, starting an argument about whether the Auror was considered ‘famous’ or not.

They found out he was wrong on a Monday - because even though it was called Career Day, it usually spanned over the time of a week due to the guests’ hectic schedules - when a woman called Amelia Bones, Senior Auror she introduced herself, came to represent the DMLE. The talk of potential job prospects - and the electives and grades they’d have to get to be accepted - at the DMLE was followed by a very stern lecture on the consequences of disobeying the law that morphed into the presentations of other Ministry workers.

Ministry Monday, his roommates had called it.

(Really, Charlie was just pleased to see his dad for a bit - sure some of the jobs seemed interesting, certainly they were important, but-…)

Tuesday consisted of the residents of Hogsmede making the trip up to Hogwarts to talk about the jobs there, from things like working at the Three Broomsticks to crafts like carpentry. Wednesday consisted of several people from Diagon Alley showing up such as Madam Malkin who spoke of creating clothing and running a self-own shop to a Gringotts employee who spoke of the kind of work that goblins would have you do - something Bill was so interested in that he skipped classes just to visit (and drag Charlie along) the room the employee had set up shop in.

The most interesting thing about Wednesday, though, had to be when he wandered into the Daily Prophet’s designated room by accident and, within minutes, watched as the wizard talking about the wonders of journalism was hounded by a seventh year witch named Rita Skeeter about a job post-graduation.

Thursday, really, was tame given it was the Hogwarts staff whom took time to speak about their jobs in their free time - Charlie quite liked following Hagrid about as the man showed the tasks he did for the school. Feeding the Giant Squid and help grooming the Hippogriffs who decided to make their home on the grounds was very interesting and, while everyone else made fun of the time he’d 'wasted’ following Hagrid around for the day, Grounds Keeper seemed to be the most interesting job he’d heard about so far.

Friday came and with it the farther flung people, such as a Potioneer who came from Brazil to speak and a professional Broom Racer who’d gotten fifth place in the European Relay, along with Whispers about the 'famous’ person.

Wrote one of the textbooks - Care of Magical Creatures, Charlie heard during breakfast by a group of passing Ravenclaws.

Slytherins, when he was trailing them to listen to the Potioneer, muttered, Works with animals - oh, the shame his family must have felt!

Don’t see how it’s famous, a roommate complained to him at lunch, Sure he wrote a book but it’s a textbook and it’s about animals - it’s nothing interesting like an Auror or the racer!

“He was a Hufflepuff too!” a Hufflepuff said to her friend as they exited a room, “Really, he’s quite nice and his work seems interesting but…I don’t think it’s for me.”

Charlie paused to look at the room the pair had exited, it was empty save for an older wizard who smiled when he saw him, “Oh, hello. Are you lost?”

I was just passing by, was on the tip of his tongue but something - maybe it was the various dismissals of the man’s work he’d heard throughout the day, maybe it was how easily the man assumed that his coming was a mistake - had Charlie shaking his head and going further into the room. “No,” he said instead, “I wanted to learn more.”

“Oh, well, Magizoology isn’t a very popular - or, uh, lucrative - field, not like being an Auror or Quidditch Player.” the man started hesitantly, almost like he expected Charlie to turn around and leave at once. Charlie took a seat. “But, in my years, I’ve never once found it boring.”

Never be unkind, his mother had told them and it was the reason why he entered the room. It wasn’t the reason he stayed, though.

No, that was all genuine interest in what the man - Charlie really wished he’d asked the wizard his name but it seemed kind of awkward to ask now, besides the wizard was talking about a Thunderbird named Frank of all things - was saying. It was like the time spent with Hagrid, except more because the moment with the Giant Squid and the Hippogriffs were fleeting because there were so many other things to being a Grounds Keeper the animal care but this - Magizoology - was all about the animals.

A mention of his time yesterday with the Hippogriffs had the man launching into an excited tangent about the Hippogriff herd - “Though sometimes you’ll hear a group referred to as a 'flock’ but seeing as the horse half of them are the more social bit, it’s commonly agreed that a group is a herd.” the man said - and how it had originated from the wizard’s family’s own herd. Apparently, a group of younger Hippogriffs decided they wanted to try making their own herd and, in an effort to keep the groups from fighting in territorial disputes and from the new herd from being endangered, were relocated to Hogwarts.

Then, the wizard started talking about dragons.

This, Charlie knew deep in his bones as surely as he had known he was a wizard, this is what I want to do when I grow up.

It was startling when Professor McGonagall interrupted them just when they were about to debate if the Horned Serpent might be related to the Hungarian Horntail by way of a common ancestor, “Mr. Weasley, your brother has been looking for you since you missed dinner - it’s past curfew.”

“Oh,” Charlie hunched slightly because he just knew Bill was going to lecture him about not taking proper care of himself. If he was lucky, he’d manage to convince his brother not to owl their mother about him 'starving’ himself - again.

“He’s not in trouble, I hope," the man said hurriedly, "It was really my fault, I lost track of time-”

Professor McGonagall glanced at the papers strewn about - at some point they’d both wound up sitting on the floor as the wizard spread out notes and sketches of creatures to emphasize a point - and said, in a very even voice that made him flush, “So I see.”

It was somewhat relieving to see that the wizard wasn’t immune to Professor McGonagall’s tone, looking rather abashed as he returned the papers with a wave of his wand.

“And no, Mr. Weasley’s not in trouble since, I suppose, he didn’t technically break a rule seeing as he had adult supervision the entire time,” she said, then looked at him sternly, “That being said, it is time for him to go to bed - I will escort you back to Gryffindor tower.”

“It was nice meeting you, I really enjoyed talking to you.” Charlie said, then blurted, “But I never got your name.”

The wizard blinked then laughed, smiling and answering once he calmed, “Newt - my name is Newt Scamander and the pleasure was all mine.”

Pitch Perfect 3 Official Plot

Now graduated from college and out in the real world where it takes more than a cappella to get by, the Bellas return in Pitch Perfect 3. After the highs of winning the World Championships, the Bellas find themselves split apart and discovering there aren’t job prospects for making music with your mouth. But when they get the chance to reunite for an overseas USO tour, this group of awesome nerds will come together to make some music, and some questionable decisions, one last time.

bi-biochemist  asked:

What's your opinion of the Basic Universal Income that's being piloted in Ontario, if I may ask?

Its a good idea.

Automation will replace jobs, and even without that the quality of Canada’s jobs is deteriorating and has been for a while.

I’ve personally experienced the financial hardships that a poor job market mixed with precarious employment represents. It put me further in debt and required me to move back home with my parents. Because of it I’m back at university (putting myself further into debt), hoping that when I graduate (again), this time that job prospects will be better.

I don’t believe you should end up in debt or poverty just because you can’t get a job. 

It will also help fix issues surrounding homelessness, access to university, access to healthcare, and stimulate the economy.

A Brief History of the Spork

The most grievous and recurrent misconception about the spork is that its name is a portmanteau of “spoon” and “fork.” Being part spoon and part fork this seems like the most obvious origin, but in fact the spork was invented by Edwin C. Sporke in New Orleans. Sporke invented the Spork in 1776, and the year is no coincidence. The story of the Spork is in fact, the story of the United States of America.

The year was 1773 and the industrial revolution was in its first decades. The colonists that would form the government of the United States were just arriving in the 13 colonies. At the age of 21, Thomas Jefferson had just been fired from his job in tech support at the University of Oxford. The only record of his duties there suggests that he mostly cleaned the old valuable globes, clocks, compasses, and the Ancient Abacus of Ankh-Ent-Ah-Baccus, where he is noted as having done a substandard job at removing abacus lint from the device. With no job and no prospects in England, Jefferson moved on up to the colonies in America, where he could begin a new life.

Jefferson came to America with only $7 to his name, and those dollars were worthless as the U.S. Treasury would not be formed for another 25 years. He arrived at the port of New Orleans, which was at the time called “Orleans-To-Be.” He had at the time no interest in politics, and applied to work at the only English-speaking establishment in the town. His days at McDonalds were unproductive. He slaughtered the cattle for beef, he peeled the potatoes for french fries, and he ground the bones for bread, which was made from bone powder before the evolution of wheat. But one important thing happened in his years at the restaurant: He met Edwin C. Sporke.

Sporke had arrived from Norway the year prior, and changed his name from Edvald Cornelius Sporkbeklagerdenfalskenorskenavnet to Edwin C. Sporke. Jefferson first saw him when he picked up his order for a Mutton McGruelbowl. Sporke sat down and, to Jefferson’s dismay, began trying to eat the liquid gruel with a fork. Curious, he brought the man a spoon and asked why he wasn’t using it instead. Sporke explained that spoons had been banned in Norway for hundreds of years owing to the infamous “Blood Spooning” of Vikings, from whom the Christian monarchy wanted to distance themselves. Jefferson encouraged Sporke to try, but he was hesitant. Finally, he agreed to eat the gruel with both at the same time, overlapping. The spork was born.

Because it could eat gruel more efficiently than a spoon or fork on their own, Raymond McDonald immediately began producing the utensil. This was done at first by having Jefferson weld spoons to forks, a job he so detested that he left for the east coast, taking the idea with him and keeping (most of) Sporke’s name attached, promising him royalties. Upon his arrival, Jefferson saw the next thing that would revolutionize the way we eat: The assembly line.

Famous entrepeneur- entrepeneuer– entreprenur—- famous businessman Henry Ford was living in New York, growing very rich with his mass constructed horse drawn carriages. Jefferson was impressed with the method, and immediately endeavored to accomplish a mass produced spork by means of his diligence, hard work, and persistence in buying slaves to do his real work for him. Among his early customers was Benjamin Franklin, who would go on to play so an integral role in the founding of the United States that well over 0.04% of Americans can tell you his role even today. Franklin loved the idea of the spork and showed it to George Washington, who could only eat gruel owing to the loss of his teeth in bad poker game in 1771. The men got along splendidly, and the rest, as they say, is history.

For Jefferson and the country at least. Records of Edwin Sporke are fewer and less revolutionary. Sporke never got any royalties. Whether Jefferson never sent them or whether they were stolen by railroad bandits en route will never be known, but as railroads only began delivering mail after 1804, most historians suspect Jefferson cheated Sporke out of his share of the profits. The only thing we now know for certain about Sporke is that he died in 1779, stabbed to death with his own invention during an argument over whether zebras were striped or spotted. Sporke not only died in the encounter, but made a fool of himself by claiming that the animals were spotted, having been tricked at a local zoo that displayed a dalmatian claimed to be the elusive African zebra.

But thankfully we now know his name, and his fate, and his integral role in the building of both the U.S.A. and the spork that bears his name. In this respect he remains far more fortunate than Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Nafzawi, who invented the spork in 1211 in Tunisia and is not remembered in any European history books at all for obvious reasons.
Green Lantern: Earth One Makes a Drastic Change to Hal Jordan's Tale (Exclusive) - IGN
We've got your first details on DC's newest Earth One graphic novel featuring a drastically different take on the Corps.

DC Comics’ Earth One line of graphic novels continues to expand, this time into the far reaches of space with Green Lantern: Earth One Vol. 1 by writer Corinna Bechko and writer/artist Gabriel Hardman with colorist Jordan Boyd.

Earth One stories reintroduce DC’s greatest heroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in a fresh comic book universe unburdened with years of continuity, often significantly changing elements of each character to better modernize their origins and create exciting new tales.

For Green Lantern, the story sees Hal Jordan re-envisioned as an astronaut who seeks the thrill of discovery, yet finds himself in an unfulfilling job prospecting asteroids for Ferris Galactic. His fortunes change when he finds a powerful green ring and learns that it came from the Green Lantern Corps, a group that was long ago murdered by killing machines called Manhunters. This sets him on a mission to reinstate the Corps, a nearly impossible task for the fearless Jordan.

Green Lantern: Earth One Vol. 1 will release on March 20, 2018.

↠ do you wanna be a distraction, babe? | (m)

pairing: hoseok x reader
wordcount: 5.1k
a/n: inspired by these two songs! also i have a thing for fwb!hobi help and i need to stop writing pwp n maybe start focusing on the actual stories i have planned

↠  Hoseok is always there to keep you company whenever you feel a little lonely.

Originally posted by beatriceindre

At the tender age of five, just past the time of you giving up your all too precious comfort blanket always clutched in tiny fingers, stubbornly declaring that - now all grown up - you no longer need baby things like blankets and stuffed toys. But, you find your greatest pleasure curled up on the sofa in your favorite pyjamas, round eyes wide and glued to the bright TV screen as kings reign, queens rule, animals advise and princesses sing beautiful songs about their true love, waiting for them.

Naturally, in your innocent mind with endless fantasies to be explored and ideas to be formed and just maybe lived out, what greater thing is there than a duet with your prince as you dance into the sunset, the wedding bells still sounding from afar? What dream is grander than the one of billowing dresses, sparkling heels, flowing hair and a hand to hold?

It’s all too perfect, with happy endings and talking animals and the castle grounds to call your home. And naturally, the love of your life - not that you have any grasp of that concept yet - awaiting you in his spread arms.

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inthesilverymoonlight  asked:

So I'm trying to get my first job, and beyond having a stellar resume and cover letter, what can I do to up my chances of getting a follow up interview?

Great question! Here’s some general advice… if you have any specific questions please let me know and I’ll address them!

Resume + Cover Letter

1. Creating a resume. The first step to setting out on a job search is creating the perfect resume! Try to limit your resume to one page that is packed with well worded information about all you have to offer. You may want to create several different resumes that highlight your different skills. For example, I have an IT resume, a teaching resume, and a general resume. Here is a pretty thorough article on creating a resume.

2. Buff up your resume. Now that you’ve created your resume, go over it and exaggerate the fuck out of everything. Nobody is going to stick their neck out for you or going to talk you up. You need to be your own cheerleader. You need to create the most impressive version of yourself on paper as possible. Check it.

3. Keep it clean. First impressions matter! Your resume is going to be your potential employer’s first impression of you. You want that impression to be of someone who is organized, intelligent, and talented. Don’t clutter your resume or make it overly complicated.

4. Cover letter. Not all entry level jobs will require or even ask for a cover letter, but it’s good to have one prepared on the off chance that they do. Think of your cover letter as a teaser to your resume. You don’t want to reiterate it word for word, but you want to spark your potential employer’s interest. Check out this post on constructing the perfect cover letter. Remember- keep it brief, intelligent, and tantalizing.

The Interview

1. Work on your interviewing skills. Your resume will get you through the door, but your personality is what will eventually win you a job. Extroverts have an easier time turning on the charm, but introverts may have to work harder to gain the same ease of conversation. I would recommend seeing some amateur theater or live music performances in your community. Go to a high school musical, see the college Drama Club’s new play. You want the chance to see different levels of confidence in people. Just by watching the performers you’ll be able to easily see who is comfortable being the center of attention and who is not. Let the mistakes or triumphs you see on stage influence the movements, eye contact, and tone of voice that you will use when addressing potential employers. Also, if you don’t want to actually go out, there are loads of community theater youtube videos.

2. Practice makes perfect. Come up with a list of questions that an employer might ask you, and ready your answers confidently. Have a friend “interview” you and have them rate you based on how you respond. If your friend is too positive about your performance, get another one to interview you. You want honesty, you want critiques! If you have no friends or relatives who are able to help you, record yourself answering questions using a webcam. Luckily, there are lots of posts about job interviews on the internet. This is a good one.

3. Talk yourself up. In the interview, you never want to even imply that there is an aspect of the job that you can’t handle. You don’t want to outright lie, but exaggerate your skill levels knowing that once you get in the door, you’ll be competent enough. Never say “I don’t know that skill” say “I’ve heard a lot about that skill, and I’m interested to learn more”. 

4. Ask questions. After the interviewer has asked you all their questions about the prospective job, make sure to ask them several questions in return. The more, the better. Really, truly, honestly. Ask them so many goddamn questions that they feel like they’re being interviewed! These questions should be as specific as possible and should show your interest in the company. Tie in any tidbits of information that you picked up on during your interview, and reiterate important points. Remember, people love talking about their jobs. Use this to your advantage. Get your interviewer talking about the different aspects of what they like and dislike. 

5. Follow up. Send a “thank you” email to your prospective employer directly after meeting them. Thank them for taking the time to meet with you, and let them know that you look forward to hearing from them soon. This will show that you have initiative and follow through. Employers love that shit.

Feel free to message me directly about any of this information! I literally got an incredible job by beefing up my resume and talking myself up.

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when erik lehnsherr, beleaguered middle school teacher and single father to three mutant kids under ten, moves back to the city…shit hits the fan. 

you see, mob bosses don’t tend to forgive easily, and sebastian shaw is no exception. when erik is forced to return to his old contacts to find work, shaw does his damnedest to ruin erik’s life - blocking his job prospects, manipulating his kids, messing up his finances. erik eventually turns to his old friend azazel, continued employee of shaw who was the one who secretly helped erik leave when magda fell pregnant, asking if there’s anyone powerful enough to take shaw out.

az confides that there’s only one crime family in the world powerful enough to challenge shaw - the notorious xavier siblings, charles and raven. they asked for azazel’s help in infiltrating shaw’s base in return for sparing him and his friends when they took down the hated crime lord shaw, and az puts erik in touch with them.

are charles and raven enough of a match for shaw? is erik willing to pay the price the xaviers demand of him? what’s going on between az and raven, and does charles know about it? is everyone going to get out of this mess unscathed???? and how much did that ridiculous custom button-operated throne-wheelchair cost???? WHO KNOWS, we haven’t written the fic yet. all that is certain is that I am never ever going to draw raven looking like jlaw.

Something Sweet {Part I}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Haven’t given the ol’ Baking AU a shot in a good while! I’ve decided to combine it with those other foodie movies and came up with this idea! Hope you enjoy!)

Head Chef! Obi-Wan x Pastry Chef! Reader

Plot Summary: When Qui-Gon hires a new pastry chef for his dessert menu, Obi-Wan feels a slight sense of competition. Who do you think you are, just waltzing into his kitchen? He’s been running it for years, it doesn’t need to change. But, as time progresses, he realizes the sour beginning the two of you had is starting to turn into something sweet.

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

“I need the Lamb Navarin plated yesterday, hurry up! Lobster Bisque is already on the floor, I need you to move!”

“Yes chef!” The kitchen chorus rang as the chefs scrambled to get the dishes onto the waiter’s tray in time. Chef Kenobi took a split second to wipe the sweat off of his brow with his rag, before returning to the Quenelles de Brochet reserved for the food critic sat at Table 14. Every garnish needed to be set with the utmost precision. The pike was placed delicately atop the Nantua sauce before he wiped the ring of the dish and sent it off, the stress taking over his mind but not his body as he turned to continue his work.

The shaky breathing and worrisome nature continued far past closing time, the chef only managing to receive a total of three hours of sleep, complete with waking up every now and again in cold sweats and drinking half a bottle of wine at two in the morning.

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anonymous asked:

Is it possible that Harry chews because of the frustration he and Louis have to live? Maybe he can't dump it in any way so he chews

My gut instinct says no.

Unpopular opinion again: I think Harry and Louis are actually pretty happy together, despite everything.

At the end of the day, they have each other. They can converse, spend time, entertain, have friends– pretty much like normal people. What the world sees doesn’t really affect their everyday lives.

We hear all these receipts about their spending time together. It’s all fun head canons, but what do they prove? That celebrities can go undercover? Isn’t that obvious, though? I’ve seen celebrities in NYC just walking around, existing, without people mobbing them, in discreet, residential neighborhoods. They can disappear when they want to.

Harry and Louis consult each other about the important matters: their professional lives, their families, their investments, the direction of their careers. They’re the fortunate pair that shares their creative work, so that they can work together, learn together.

Every young couple has restrictions on their lives. Most couples have much greater restrictions than Harry and Louis– e. g. schooling, money, job prospects, maybe children, in-laws that don’t get along, disapproving parents.

Harry and Louis have families and friends that love and support them, in every photo that I’ve seen.

Yes, as a fan it’s disappointing not to see them interact for so long. But that doesn’t change the reality of their lives.

I don’t think they’re disappointed about not being able to be openly affectionate. For all intents and purposes, they are openly affectionate, in their private lives.

Their biggest unhappiness, I would think, is in the thorny negotiations of contract release. It’s undeniable that Louis is not able to sever ties with Simon Cowell, for whatever reason. A blind man could see that he is miserable in this situation, and has to do this for some reason. So I’m waiting for the end.

I know they will prevail. Harry and Louis are incredibly smart and they are fighters. They don’t give up.

okay I need to start talking about this because i haven’t seen any discussion of it and it’s bothering me a lot. Even as makeup is used as a tool to make women spend their money, time and energy focusing on their appearance and creating an image of what men find attractive (even if they don’t realize it because it’s encouraged and promoted to them as a normal and even self caring thing to do), i think there’s more complex issues created by the worldwide use of it, and I don’t think all of it was properly talked about.

Firstly, there are women who can’t afford makeup, who are forced to spend all they have on groceries and survival. And just like that, makeup becomes a sign of status. This might seem like a minor issue but it’s because women who are suffering from it are invisible and don’t get to talk about it. There are women who had to simply look at all shining, glamorous painted faces and remind themselves it was never going to be them, and it was because they weren’t worth as much. There are women who have been forced to take on the image of an “ugly girl” and adopted it as their social position, and couldn’t use makeup because it would cause additional humiliation, an “ugly girl” isn’t supposed to try and look pretty, they’re supposed to take the abuse and accept it. If they reach out to makeup it’s a sign that they recognize their own undesirability and would easily get abused for “pathetically wanting to look pretty when they’re not”. Some women were told since the day one they aren’t worthy of makeup, or that even makeup can’t save them, and have been told to keep away from it as they weren’t women enough, weren’t qualified or thin or feminine or desirable enough to even try, they’ve been disregarded as a human being and any sign that they want to fit in is quickly ridiculed as they’re forced back into their place.

Not being able to use makeup for any reason has become an easy way to get socially isolated in circles where makeup has become a regular, must-do thing, if all of your female classmates/colleagues/peers are wearing it, but for any reason you’re not, there is going to be avoidance, blank stares, subtle rejection from socializing, and that is coming from females. Men of course, will pretend you don’t even exist or act like you should stop existing and ruining their view. And that’s just how it’s going to be, of course, you still get assaulted and catcalled and are at the same risk of rape and murder, but add to it that you get zero to no positive attention, and you can’t do anything about it, as long as makeup (and/or fancy clothing) is out of reach.

Makeup has created an additional  wedge between females of different social and personal statuses, and the more advertised and normalized it gets, the wedge increases too. 10 years ago minimal makeup was enough to appear attractive and “taking care of her appearance”, to fulfill these standards today you’d have to spend about 5 times as much money, time, practice and skill. Not all women have lives which would allow them this kind of time or resources, and the bar is getting higher and higher. Images with makeup so heavy women no longer resemble anything but plastic dolls are being promoted in every visual media available, and the appearances of the women in public are following suit, what’s with the women who can’t afford to look like that? They don’t get to fit in anymore. They don’t get to feel like they should be in public places. They do’t get to feel like they have the right to show off or date or connect or even desire as much as “pretty women” have. They often feel like they don’t even have a right to confidence. And that is exactly what’s making women who do use make-up so afraid of appearing anywhere without it, they’re scared of being that woman, to be seen like that, judged with those cruel standards and have their humanity revoked. Nobody wants to be subjected to that. But some women have lived like that their entire lives, and didn’t have a choice but to accept that fate.

If I’m seemingly presenting makeup in this writing as a privilege, that’s not what this is about. Women who have lived their entire lives without makeup already know that attention makeup gets is superficial and shallow, and cannot be compared with actual connection to another human being, it’s just attention to a painted face, an image that someone is selling. Even so, it can be addictive, and affect their social standing, job prospects, sense of belonging and community, and personal sense of worth in society.

What I’m trying to say is that it is not fair. It’s inhumane to force appearance-based social system on females. It’s ridiculous to expect from women to sell their appearance in order to get positive attention and humane treatment. It’s inhumane to make them preform an image if they want to be a member of society. It’s inhumane to rate their worth based on that. It’s inhumane to want that image more than you want an actual person. It’s inhumane to make them compete and set the bar higher and higher. It’s inhumane to write off females who wish to have no part in that competition or have been unable to participate in the first place. We’re all worth positive attention. We’re all human beings. We all have value. We all mean something.

This is why I want to fight so bad for rejection of makeup. I know for a lot of women this would mean losing a lot, sometimes losing their entire lifestyle, because they might not have even realized just how much of what they’ve got was only because they kept appearance it was required of them. But it would reduce the wedge between us. It would help show them that we refuse to compete anymore. That they don’t get to rate our worth anymore. That if they want to know us, they better look at a human being that we are. Our unpainted faces show so much more of us, they show our years, our experience, our wisdom, our struggles. We aren’t around as a decoration or for the sake of their view. We’re here to fight anyone who would dehumanize us. I think this is worth more than anything they could ever give us in return for reducing us to “pretty”.