The Importance of the Interview

In these times of high unemployment, nothing excites the job hunter like an interview. It’s a real shot at a potential job. The mind races with ideas of how to best portray oneself, from looks to talking points. It’s a glimmer of hope in the dark after countless failures, phone calls leading nowhere, and walk-ins that add up to miles upon miles of movement by the job hunter. So why do some employers treat the interview so… loosely?

About six months back, a local restaurant was hiring. I turned in the application, walked in twice to speak with the manager, and I was scheduled to have a pre-interview screening with one of the workers. It went amazingly well. The worker informed me that some employees were essentially on the chopping block, and due for a firing. I was praised for being eager to join the team and being an obviously trustworthy fellow. So it was no surprise that I was scheduled for a real interview the next week with one of the managers.

The interview was much more serious, but I obviously gave off the same exact impression. I virtually oozed with love for the restaurant chain. My interest in serving quality burgers dripped from every pore of my body, and was only matched by my thirst for demanding work. I even managed to get in a small informal conversation with the manager. To top it off, the worker I had the screening with before noticed me, and straight-up told the manager that I had her full support as a candidate for hiring. Afterwards, I was scheduled yet again for a second interview with another manager. Every last one of my friends was certain I had the position, and so was I.

Second interview rolls around, even more serious than before, but I turned up the oozing of love to 11 and the same exact scenario played out, minus the ecstatic employee and a request for another interview. I walked out, feeling on top of the world.

But nothing happened.

I walked in once a week for a month, asking about the current state of hiring. Nobody had been canned, no positions were open, nothing. I was told that maybe when school went back into session, some employees might want less hours. So I walked in once a week for the next two months, and still nothing came out of it. I didn’t have any idea what happened. All I knew was that I felt a little insulted that they had wasted my time. I was told positions were open, I was treated as a potential member of the team, and yet they never had any intention of hiring anybody.

Now, that’s kind of a horror story. Stuff like that, I’m sure, rarely happens. What’s equally rare is when an interview is scheduled, goes nowhere, and yet the manager lets you know why. So here’s a happy story to end this post on a good note.

Two months ago, I applied for a position at a printing/shipping place. I had a fantastic time talking with the manager at the interview. It turns out he was the best friend of one of my favorite teachers in high school. He liked my reasons for wanting to work there, and found me to be an interesting person. Yet I didn’t get the job either.

A few weeks after the interview, the manager called me and told me that I hadn’t gotten the job. Then he informed me why: I had obviously rushed the personality test, and some answers didn’t exactly match up. Sure I was crushed, but I had to thank him for telling me why it didn’t work out. It was important to me that I knew why, and I’m sure that it’s important to all other job hunters.

The point is, job hunters have enough on their plate. They get excited for interviews because it’s a sign of the culmination of all their hard work. So managers, don’t schedule one just to make us feel better. It will make us feel worse when we find out. And tell us when we’ve screwed up, too. It shows you care.

Seeking Artist for paid work

Hey, I’m looking for queer femmy artists for several projects I am working on. This is a paying gig and not a BS paying gig I want talk rates, write up contracts and everything so were all happy. The idea is to create an issue of one of these ideas (to which I have progress of varying degrees). Then (or more likely during the process) we pitch it as a series to several places in the hopes of getting published so then we can both get paid.

My goal with all these works is to give some great characters for queer femmy folks and to always empower non cis people too. This stories on the post will be under code names but obviously if you take an interest when you see the stuff I have for the stories you’ll see the working name for the stories.

You can Message me here, my twitter @PowerSergZ or on my blog where I post articles @SergioRex

Angel Hunters

A pair of lesbian’s hunt angels for money and for pleasure. One of our ladies is trans, both are woman of color, and the first arc is focused on dealing with Trans Bathroom Bills. The tone of something like Panty/Stocking despite the more serious issues it takes. This one is an adult book, sex, killing people, stuff like that but it’s all because I believe it’s unfair that only cis/het white guys get a punisher. This one’s got a whole issue one scripted and some other issues in progress and I am really in love with it.

Lady Card Games

Yugioh, Duel Master, Cardfight!! Vanguard all feature dudes leading the charge but I want to make a story about woman being in card game spaces. I actually designed a whole card game to go along with this story that is about a young woman wanting to get into competitive card games and finding how toxic the culture is. She makes her own mostly lady (all queer) team and works her way to the top. Also there is some mystical elements that start to move into play.  I am drawing from a lot of my own experience when I thought I was a cis/het dude and I was playing competitive Yu-gi-oh.

Sentai Moms

I want to take the lovely camp of Power Rangers and make a story about a group of moms who get powers from space. They fight evil and have to deal with their romantic and parental lives. Too often is getting momed the end of a character’s story so I figured I would tell a story of many aspects of motherhood and have them be sentai types too. There’s lesbian moms, trans moms, and more.

A Wonder Marvel

This is the story of a hero who was raised in a land of women excluded from the world of men and the normativities it has. Yet on away missions for supplies and recon these advanced warrior woman would bring back pieces of media for the young princess (who happens to be trans) and she fell in love with the idea of being a superhero. So she goes to a comic con to meet other geeks and the fun begins. I wanted to bring queer positivity into hero books, while I love books that bring positive energy to female representation for kids in the super hero space none of them have an openly queer lead. This story would explore online dating, moving out for the first time, learning about the world’s issues but finding a way to be positive while moving to make changes. Also kicking butts and talking things out because conflict resolution is fun too.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you liked my ideas even if you aren’t an artist and look forward to seeing all of these brought to life in the far future when I can pay for even more of them.  


Late night on tumblr. Tried to take a standing picture but apparently I’m too tall for that. Listening to sad music because I’m in a pretty sad mood. Everyone in my house asleep but me. I’m tempted to make myself some green tea.

Anyways. Got a meeting with my nutritionist Tuesday and then an appointment with my doctor also on Tuesday. I’m hoping I’ll actually begin to get to run a lot. Running 6 miles a week does not really cut it for me. I’m also gonna fill out some job applications tomorrow. Asdfghjkl. I don’t wanna work, I just wanna sleep.
Reign of Shadows: The Untold Stories - Chapter 7 - Nicrophorus - Bionicle - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter 7 is up! I nearly forgot to post this one until Google Calendar reminded me. (Pro tip: chapters go up every 4-5 days, on the regular.) This one features more Kopaka, plus another appearance by the Toa Mahri, who have some of my favorite dialogue in this fic. They’re just so much fun to write - I need to find an excuse to work with them some more in future. Check it out!