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Quitting my job

Turns out I’m quitting my job earlier than expected, some things went down so I’ll probably need to rely on commissions more now. I still have a couple of open slots left so if you’re hankerin’ for a commission I’m your guy! You can find all the info on my Commissions tab on my profile~

And just as a small aside, I know I keep saying it but thanks again to everyone for just liking my stuff. Commission or not I just like doodling and sometimes making someone’s day with said doodles, so hoping with the added free time I can draw more for you guys! Stay cool everyone.

please do not repost my art

This is just one example. The images I shared of my prints were to promote my charms, you are hurting me by taking them out of context and removing the link to where people can purchase my prints and charms. People who find my work directly through a reposter will have to take extra steps to find me, let alone about my store. As a small artist who would love to be able to make merch and table at cons at least as a side-job, repost culture damages my chances of being able to do what I love.

I won’t go too much into Eastern artists here, but some have lost their jobs and/or quit drawing fanart because of reposting. If you want there to be fanart of things you love, ask before you repost. This goes for using artwork in videos as well. That’s too much effort? You don’t want to keep track of all of the artists you want to repost from? That’s nothing compared to the time it takes to do an illustration.

You should not be happy about stealing followers from the original artists who put hours into their works when you do nothing but browse tumblr or pixiv, then spam irrelevant tags to get noticed. Nobody will follow the original artist when lazy art repost accounts are there for the convenience of all fandom art in one place. This is not the worst of it, I’ve had a reposter get hundreds of likes on artwork of mine when my own upload of it had under 30 due to them mass spamming tags and gaining followers for no work.

I have now added ‘please do not repost my work’ to my bio as well, there is no excuse for not knowing.

I have made an instagram account of my own and I’m attempting to use it more often. it’s ririrubyart there as well. Support is appreciated.

Serious post. I had to quit my job today because of the extremely negative effect it had on me and my mental health to a very bad breaking point. In the end I was treated wrongly and am no longer with the company. As a result, my normal income has stopped. Please consider commissioning me or donating to my paypal thank you.

Ever in that weird between?

Can’t sleep… Worse is a large part of me wishes I would just lose my job and that I can just make the attempt at making my art work for me… Like a jump off a cliff thing…

And the same time, kinda NEED this job to pay bills and there is zero guarantee at actually making the break through I need.

And on top of that, it’s not in me to quit a job.

*rolls around*

On the side of streams, I think part of the problem is the long range bs my home is set up with… But I think k part of it might be the net usb dongle thing… I use netgear and it might be getting close to burned out…

okay look. i get a few asks every now and again about age gaps in relationships and i know that there are exceptions to every rule but.

i know three girls my age, twenty four, who are stuck in relationships that they shouldn’t be in because an older guy groomed them when they were young teens.

one was thirteen when a seventeen year old boy started flirting with her. she was flattered. she started lying to her parents and sneaking around with him. she fell in love with him. he says he loves her back, and maybe he thinks he does, but he doesn’t act like it. he quit his job without telling her when she was pregnant with their second child, almost singlehandedly raising their first, because he just felt like it. no regard for the family. and she laughed about it when she told me, like it was the funniest thing, like he hadn’t endangered all of them on a whim. because he’s done so much little shit over the years that she’s accustomed to it. he always gets his way and she cleans up his mess because she loves him.

another girl works a full time job and then comes home to cook and clean because her unemployed boyfriend refuses to. she was fourteen and he was eighteen when they started dating and she is still convinced he’s going to change. he quit smoking when she threatened to leave but literally weeks later, as soon as he’d cowed her back into submission, he took it up again, and then tried to paint her as a villain for ‘trying to take away his joy’.

all three girls become completely different people when their partners are around. quieter, smaller.

when it’s just us they laugh as they tell me about the men losing their tempers over something small, like knocking over chairs is a rational response to her asking if she can go away with her friends for a weekend.

they’ve been with these men since they were so young they cannot imagine their lives without them. their entire identities are forged around these uneven relationships.

and that’s the key - they’re uneven. i don’t doubt that two fifteen year olds can get together and stay together happily, because they both had the opportunity to grow up within the relationship, at the same pace. if it’s a fifteen year old and a nineteen year old, though, one has already done so much more growing than the other. they’re at completely different stages of development, they’re psychologically unable to have an equal balance of power in the relationship.

basically, please don’t be flattered by older people showing an interest in you. instead, consider why they don’t want to date someone their own age, who is far more likely to stand up to them when they get controlling. all relationships should have equal shares, but age gaps between early and late teens, or teens and adults, don’t allow that. please don’t take a chance on you being the exception to the rule.


female awesome meme; 1/5 ladies with the best development: rachel green (f.r.i.e.n.d.s.)
“i was gonna give you a chance to apologize to me. you had no right coming down to my office. you don’t bring a picnic basket to somebody’s work! you want me to quit my job so you can feel like you have a girlfriend? do you realize this is the first time in my life i’m doing something I actually care about? the first time i’m doing something that I’m actually good at.”


As of 6/21/17, these are my updated commission prices!

Hey everyone! I know it hasn’t been long since my last commission post, but everything went so well with the last commission wave that I am able to support myself better than ever before. Because of this, I’ve been able to work on speedpaints, patreon, anatomy study, original content, and do what I love more than anything in this world: draw. So much. Like, more than I have in a very long time.

However, I ended up taking a ton of commissions last time and am still trying to catch up, which has led me to raise my prices and have set slots for real this time.

There are 10 available slots as of right now. once they’re closed, they’re closed until I’m able to complete all 10, so hurry and get one while you can!


  • Armor/weapons
  • OCs
  • Animals/anthro/furries
  • Light gore/blood


  • NSFW
  • Detailed mechanics
  • Anything more than a basic background
  • Heavy gore/blood


Hit me an e-mail at containing the information below. If you have any additional questions regarding whether or not I’ll be willing to draw something for you, attach that to the bottom of your email!

Please include: Full name, the type of order you’re interested in, (ex: Bust, Flat color) a brief description of what you want, (no longer than a paragraph or so, please!) and any reference pictures you might have, with “commission, (first name)” as the subject.

Before you submit, know that I reserve the right to deny any commission I might feel uncomfortable with for any reason. I will let you know if I can’t take your commission.


Once I’ve let you know that you’re on the commission list, it may take a few days to get started on depending on how many commissions are in front of you or what kind of commission you’ve ordered. I will do my best to get to them as fast as I can without sacrificing the quality of my work.

I like to send sketches and progress pictures to my commissioners during the process to ensure that what I’m making lines up with what you want, and then I accept payment via paypal in full (with an invoice) after the final product is complete.


How to Flirt: Embarrassed Boy Edition

Summary: As soon as the first ever Cold Stone Creamery opens up in London, Phil knew he had to go. However, it wasn’t the ice cream that made him keep coming back, but rather the cute employee who looks dead in the eyes whenever he has to sing the tip jar songs.
Word Count: 4,405
Warnings: Food mentions, cussing
A/N: thanks so much to @greynihilism for prompting me this!!! I honestly love this SO MUCH. And of course thanks to @snowbunnylester for listening to me shout and for telling me to match our titles bc we are disgusting soulmates. I didn’t edit this but i’m too excited about it so idgaf! Hope you like it! 

Read it on AO3!


When a new Cold Stone Creamery opened up in London, it was the biggest thing since sliced bread. Literally everyone had to try some, to get some for themselves, that way they could boast to their friends and family how they got to try it.

Phil was guilty of this. He was a slut for only two things, and those were ice cream and new shops. So when he heard a new ice cream shop was opening up? Phil pretty much shit himself. He gathered all of his friends, sat them down, and explained the situation to them. He didn’t want to say he forced them to come with him, because he didn’t. He just calmly insisted that they come with him and didn’t let them leave the room until they agreed. No biggie.

That’s how he found himself inside of Cold Stone with Kiley, Charles, and Michael. Phil was the only one who was so excited that he couldn’t stop bouncing on the balls of his feet. His friends were chattering beside him, waiting patiently for the line to go down so they could finally order, but Phil was having trouble being patient. He wanted his ice cream and he wanted it now. There were still five people in front of him and he wanted to push them all out of the way so he could order his own ice cream and press his face to the counter glass like an annoying child.

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