job portal




If you’re a fan of Portal, I REALLY recommend you go watch it, it’s really good!

And a big congrats to the musical ensemble, lighting person(people??), and the turret company, you did a great job! :D 

And congrats to Geekenders themselves as well, AMAZING JOB! I really loved it! Great job with the acting and the costumes too, I loved those! You know what, great job with everything, aHH! What a great musical <3


So! I’m one of the artists taking part in the awesome @gfwayfaringstrangerszine project! And I really wanted to show a preview for my piece, but….well, I couldn’t really do a zoom in on details because there’s only really one area of details? And I didn’t want to spoil that…so I figured I’d show some of the MANY concept sketches I did! Mainly involving me messing with Ford’s clothing design because…essentially the entire premise of my piece is Ford wearing a poncho, not even kidding xD But he looks damn good in one, so I think I’m justified.

Some of the notes around some of the doodle are actually my notes for when I was planning the piece! There’s actually quite a few nice ideas in there that I didn’t actually include in the end…on one you can see a concept thumbnail in the corner? That was another idea where rather than being in the open desert environment that I went with in the end, he was in a busy desert city - an idea I TOTALLY would have gone with if I’d had more time. Because I reaaaally liked the idea of hiding random codes in posters and stuff. But alas! It was not to be. That said, there is some code in my finished piece. 

Bonus - a clearer doodle of the rifle and straps:

Stan meets his first alien in the portal, unfortunately he can’t understand the guys trying to offer him a job.


I got a few Reverse Portal AU requests and I decided one of them I’ll do some brush inking since I haven’t used a brush in awhile. Also gotta test out this paper for ink brushing. 

Took a break to mess with if I wanna give Stan glasses or not. I just flipping the glasses layer on and off like a weirdo.

So have a preview!