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“great. perfect. nice. fuck this.” spideypool!!

Peter was more exhausted than he had been in weeks. He had been so good about sleep lately–he had even made a schedule to keep himself from having another falling-asleep-during-an-acid-lab incident–but this week had decided to be a serious dick to him.

So he found it perfectly understandable to skip his last class of the day (which was advanced mechanical engineering, so it wasn’t like he couldn’t catch up later) in favor of going home and napping. Because he had almost used his phone as a coffee stirrer an hour ago, and that seemed to make it clear the coffee wouldn’t really cover only having six hours of sleep in the past two nights combined. 

Peter yawned for about the millionth time that day and scrubbed a hand over his face as he walked up to his apartment door. He started to lazily pat at his pockets for his keys with his other hand–and came up empty.

He frowned and patted himself down again. No jingle. No pointy key-ends. Frowning harder, he dropped his backpack and started to paw through it, even though he rarely kept his keys anywhere but his pockets (they’d been stolen from his backpack once and he still wasn’t over it). Unsurprisingly and unfortunately, he came up with nothing.

Peter briefly felt the urge to cry. All he wanted was a nap. He thought back through his day. He didn’t take them out when he was in the coffee shop–he didn’t even sit down. From what he could recall, he didn’t take them out in class either (because why would he?). Which left him with one, horribly stupid option–they were still sitting on his kitchen counter.

Inside his apartment. Because he was an idiot. 

Great. Perfect. Nice. Fuck this.” he snapped at the door.

Despite being a functional adult who could deal with this problem in a rational way, Peter was very tired. So he did a rather petty thing and kicked his door, hard. 

Crying was seeming like an increasingly appealing option. Peter’s landlord already didn’t like him. He didn’t need to give him another reason to think he was a bad tenant (which, to be fair, he was, because with his superhero agenda–and his superhero friends–his apartment had been through a lot) by saying he’d lost his keys…again.

Peter sighed and sat down, leaning against his door and throwing his backpack next to him. He honestly didn’t think he had the energy to suit up and climb up to his window. He wasn’t even sure he would be able to find his window.

But he still needed to get in his apartment. Maybe he could magically learn how to pick locks without any effort. Or he could see if any of his neighbors would pick his lock for him–

Wait. I know someone who can pick locks.

Peter was both suddenly grateful and suddenly dreading what he knew he had to do. He sighed very hard and pulled out his phone and for the first time EVER dialed a number he never thought he would need to.

After two rings, he got an answer.

“Deadpool speaking.” Wade’s voice growled at him.

“Wade? It’s–Spider-man.” Peter awkwardly finished, almost just saying ‘Peter’.

The change in Wade’s tone was instant. “Yo, Spidey!” he screeched.

Peter winced and immediately regretted his decision. “Hi, Wade. I need a favor.”

“…Is it a murder-y favor? Because I’ve been trying not to do that so much and–”

“It’s not a job, Wade. I’m locked out of my apartment and I need you to pick my lock.”

There was a pause, and Peter swears he heard a snicker. “Did you web your keys to the wall or something?” Wade joked, then started to poorly cover up a laugh.

“I’m hanging up.” Peter snapped, and started to.

“Wait, wait!” Wade shouted, and Peter didn’t hang up. “I’ll help you, Spidey. Can you text me the address?”

“Yeah. Please show up before I have to sleep in my hallway.” Peter requested, then hung up. He typed out his address and sent it to Wade, who responded with a thumbs-up emoji, a winking-tongue-face emoji that Peter never understood, and informed him he’d be there in fifteen minutes.

Peter sighed and pulled out his Spider-man mask from his backpack. He really didn’t want to put it on, but Wade didn’t know his identity and Peter didn’t really think trusting him with it was a good idea.

Then again, he had just given him his address. That was almost worse, in a way. Wade was unarguably the most unstable man he knew, and he was coming over to pick Peter’s lock for him. 

Peter briefly wondered if this was how he was destined to die. Not by some super-villain, but by letting a crazy person know his address. 

I’m literally letting an axe-murderer into my house. Oh my god, this is how I die.

Peter was still busy imaging scenarios of Wade brutally murdering him when Wade showed up and raised an eyebrow at Peter’s sad scene. He was wearing jeans and a hoodie, which was surprising, though he still had both his mask and gloves on.

“Spidey?” he asked, then it clicked why Wade was looking at him funny.

Peter had forgotten to ever put his mask on.

“Uh, yeah. Hi, Wade.”

Wade suddenly slapped a hand over his eyes. “You forgot your mask.”

Peter sighed. “I guess I did. But I also gave you my address, so I figured if you were gonna murder me I couldn’t stop you.”


“Never mind. I’m tired. Please break into my apartment so I can sleep.” Peter said, gesturing at the door handle by his head.

Wade chuckled and walked over. He knelt down next to Peter and started to work on the lock with a bunch of tools that looked like torture devices. “So, not that I’m complaining, but why did you call me for this? You’ve never even used my number before.”

“Long story short, my landlord hates me already and everyone else would never let me live down leaving my keys in my apartment and not realizing it until now.”

That’s fair.” Wade shrugged, then the door made a click and Wade turned the handle, and to Peter’s sleepy amazement, it opened. “Ta-da. All better.”

Peter gaped at how fast Wade had done that. After a second of chuckling at him, Wade offered him a hand. Peter took it and was heaved to his feet. He grabbed his backpack and entered, expecting Wade to follow.

But he didn’t. Wade stayed in the doorway, rocking back and forth on his feet.

Peter turned back and looked at him. He looked like a lost puppy. Well, a lost puppy who was trying to see as much as he possibly could from a doorway. Peter sighed. “Just come in.”

Wade giggled and ran in, immediately going everywhere. “I’m in Spider-man’s apartment!”

Peter slowly followed him, eventually ended up in his bedroom, where Wade was fiddling with things on his desk. “Don’t break anything.” he ordered, then promptly collapsed onto his bed face-down.

After a moment, he felt a weight on the other side of the bed. “Aw, is Spidey sleepy?” Wade cooed.

“Fuck off.” Peter snapped, and Wade laughed.

“That’s fair. I like your apartment, by the way. Tasteful.”

Peter snorted. “Does it accurately show off my college student budget?”

“Impeccably.” Wade said, flopping down on the bed next to him. “Dude, how old is this mattress?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it witnessed JFK’s murder, to be honest.”

Wade laughed, then they fell into silence. Peter was honestly half-asleep before Wade broke the silence again, and even then he didn’t really wake up. “Should I go?”

“Hmm?” Peter asked, turning to look at him.

“Should I leave? You seem about two seconds away from hibernation.”

Peter shrugged. “Probably. I’m gonna sleep for about fifty hours now.”

Wade smiled at him and sat up. “That’s fair. See you on your next patrol?”

“Considering you know where I live, I don’t think I can stop you from showing up to all of them.”

“Probably not. Sleep well, Spidey.”

Peter just hummed an answer and snuggled deeper into his pillow, listening to Wade’s footsteps get fainter–then get louder again.

Wade poked his head back into Peter’s room. “For the record, I like your face.”

Peter rolled his eyes. “Go home, Wade.”

“It’s a nice face. Excellent face. That hair is killer. Do you condition?”


Right, right. I’m going. Call me if you need a number for an actual locksmith, baby boy.” Wade chuckled, then left for real.

Peter threw his cover onto himself, rolled over into the spot Wade had made surprisingly warm in his short time there, and slept better than he had in what felt like years. 

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Is Guan shan poor? I read fic and all the ones I have read, his mom works like three jobs and they don't have enough money to buy food and that his home is broken and old? But in the pictures that we've seen of his home it doesn't't look like he's poor? I don't understand? Why are people writing him like he's poor when he isn't?

The reason fic writers (myself included) wrote him as being in financial poverty is because that is the way he has been presented to us. When I wrote Aphorism, we hadn’t seen the inside of his house until that point, so I was going off his words and actions to understand his financial situation. For example:

Money makes the world go around – especially for those who don’t have it.

Don’t confuse possessing luxury items for being rich. Don’t assume that because someone is poor, those items are therefore ‘off limits’ or that they’re not allowed them because everything must go towards food/commodities. Poor people are allowed to have nice things.

I think the idea that Guan Shan can’t afford food is perhaps a bit of a stretch of his financial situation, but fic writers presenting him as financially struggling would be correct. I presented his home as being in slight disarray in Aphorism because I hadn’t seen his home, and presumed, based on what he was saying, that it might be in worse condition than it is.

What confuses me, is that Guan Shan’s mother doesn’t seem to work – she’s there when he gets home from school and wearing an apron. Whereas Jian Yi’s mother seems to be working morning til night, possibly with two jobs, possibly to pay rent, since Jian Yi’s father isn’t in the picture. Guan Shan’s father is absent, and yet Guan Shan’s mother doesn’t work? Idk. I often present Guan Shan’s mother in fics as someone who works night shifts at a hospital, possibly as a nurse, to explain this.

So, people are writing him as poor pretty much because he is.

Sparks Chapter 6

Originally posted by lovelynemesis

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV)

Word Count: 2.2K

Summary: After Bucky’s night terror episode he is ashamed and avoids y/n. y/n, not liking to be ignored, makes Bucky talk things out with her. Bucky and y/n go for a walk through the park and get bubble tea and climb a tree in the middle of the night and have deep convos. They get closer as friends.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 66 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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TMNT Bodyguard!AU

Raphael/Part Three.

It wasn’t just a beautiful dream.
And it wasn’t the only kiss either. It was the first of many actually. Raphael, as it turns out, it a very affectionate turtle.
Since that first kiss, he had barely been able to let go of Y/N. Despite the secret meetups and kisses, the relationship was mostly the same. The two of them still teased one another and made sarcastic comments.
But, in a way, it was softer.
Raphael had become a bit more protective over her. He already was, being her bodyguard and all, but now it was different. Now was her…something.
Honestly, neither of them were quite sure what they were together, they hadn’t really talked about it. But that didn’t matter.
Raphael kept on training and patroling and Y/N continued teasing. And every night, the two of them would sneak away to the gym together.
It was their own secret.
Something neither of them had to share with their noesy brothers or hoards of reporters. It belonged only to them.
The turtle looked away from the cool water and towards Y/N. She was looking at him with one of those rare smiles that had not a hint of sarcasm in it, the kind of look only he got.
“Nothing. I thought I-”
They both froze, backs straight, and Raphael shot up in a second. It had come upstairs, from the room right above them. Y/N’s room.
Raphael turned towards her and the fear on her face made his heart hurt. He wanted to comfort her. But right now , he had a job to do.
“Lock the door when I leave,” he told her. “And only open it when you hear my voice.”
She nodded and he grabbed his walkie talkie, telling his men of the situation. Luckily, no one asked why they had been in the gym together.
They all got out of bed and right to work.
Raphael crept up the stairs, some of his men waiting on the other side of the hallway, others outside under the window.
His walkie suddenly came to life.
“Red Leader, we have a problem.”
“What?!” he hissed angrily, still creeping towards the door.
“Someone threw a rock through the window, I don’t think anyone is in there.”
Then he heard it.
A scream, Y/N’s scream, and the sound of crashing. How could he have been so damn stupid, the gym had a back-freaking-door!
He bolted, running for the gym doors, shouting her name.
He heard it inside, someone shouting. A hard thump.
Raphael took down the door easily, slamming into it. He needed to protect her, he-oh.
Y/N was standing over an unconscious woman. Her arm was bruised and there was a cut across her lips. But other then that, she was fine. For a second, her eyes held a fiery look to them, something almost scary.
But when Y/N saw him standing amongst the splintered wood, it vanished.
She ran to Raphael, shaking with anger and fear, and pointed towards the woman.
“ She grabbed me and tried to drag me outside, babbling about a wedding and family and shit.”
Raphael’s entire body breathed a sigh of relief.
“Grab her and call the others!” he shouted.
He took Y/N’s hand and, as his men got to work, pulled her upstairs. He started towards her bedroom but, upon remembering the broken glass that was most likely scattered all over the place, he thought better of it. He’d take her to his room
After cleaning up the cuts and checking out the bruise, the two of them sat on the bed and talked for hours, taking breaks only to bark orders and kiss.
“Are you sure they’ll be okay with it.”
“I don’t even care if they ain’t. When I realized that I messed up and you might get hurt…I…”
He didn’t know what else to say. But that wasn’t important. Y/N put her hand on his and quietly said
“I was scared too. Mostly mad, but still scared.”
Raphael smiled just a little. His hand grasped hers. And he kissed her again, gently, carefully. And he swore that nobody, not a mutant or a human, was going to get between them.


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NaLu Week Day 1 - Nostalgia

Summary: here’s my ‘Nostalgia’ prompt for day 1 of @nalu-week! (Sorry it’s so late!) ❤

Pairing: NaLu (Natsu & Lucy)

Word Count: 1330

There was a silence; something rather unusual for the pair. It’s as if they never stopped speaking, whether it be concerning a mission, her scolding him for being hungry, or just casual jokes. Despite the unfamiliarity of the silence, it wasn’t uncomfortable. In fact it was far from it. The silence was peaceful and calming. The partners hadn’t experienced any form of tranquillity for such a long time; it was almost painful.

But now, the war was over. It was over after those painstaking weeks - maybe even months - of fighting. It was all over. There were still scars, everybody knew that, and perhaps some may not heal. Nevertheless the guild and the entirety of Fiore bounded together for both their lives and their futures.

Natsu and Lucy were covered in scars. Though they may not all be visible, the duo both knew they were there. They almost lost one another so many times during that war, and that wasn’t even the half of it.

But despite it all they stayed together. They would never let the other down and because of their bravery and the passion they shared for one another, the war was over.

At this moment, Natsu and Lucy were completely relaxed in one another’s arms, something they hadn’t been able to experience for a long time. The pair were at Natsu’s house, cuddled up in his hammock. Lucy sat between the dragon slayer’s legs, her back pressed up against his chest as Natsu’s chin rested on top of Lucy’s head. The hammock swayed gently as the couple sat in silence, the only sounds emitting from their calming breaths.

“Does that really have something from all our missions on there?” Lucy’s soft voice broke the silence, her gaze fixed on Natsu’s wall decorated with trinkets from the jobs he and Lucy had been on.

Lucy had come across the wall before, but had never had the chance to ask Natsu about it.

Natsu nodded. “Yep. Every single job.”

Lucy’s eyes locked on one specific piece of paper. “You even have that fake salamander’s autograph?”

“Of course I do. I wouldn’t throw away something from when we first met.”


“Igneel!” Natsu called out, fighting through a crowd of squealing girls. “Jeez, why are these chicks so excited about my dad bein’ in town?” he murmured to himself.

Finally finding his way to the middle, Natsu collapsed to the ground with a thud. His wide eyes gazed up, awaiting to see his long lost father. Instead, he was met with a man wearing a dark cape with a yellow outline. His hair was an azure blue, mostly laying flat, and a strange “x” tattoo resided above his eyebrow.

“Who the hell are you?” Natsu questioned aloud, earning a few yells of astonishment from the nearby girls.

Quickly discovering this was not the man he was searching for, Natsu took his leave, but not before receiving a beat down from the angered girls and a dodgy autograph from the so called “salamander”.

“I guess it wasn’t Igneel after all…” Happy muttered sadly.

Natsu nodded in agreement, trying to shadow his disappointment.

“Man, that guy was a creep.” The dragon slayer’s ears twitched at the sound of an unfamiliar voice.

He span around to see a girl standing in front of him. She appeared to be around the same age, sporting a white zip up shirt with light blue trim and a matching blue skirt. her hair was a golden blonde and her eyes a chocolate brown. Glistening on her hip were a set of keys, though Natsu did not know whether they served any purpose.

“Thanks for you help!” the girl spoke again, smiling down at him.

Sooner or later the blonde insisted on buying Natsu and Happy lunch for saving her. Apparently according to her the guy from before had tried putting a charm spell on her, but Natsu broke her out of it.

“My name’s Lucy. It’s nice to meet you!” the girl, which Natsu and Happy now knew as Lucy, spoke.

As the day progressed, Natsu and Lucy went their separate ways, but somehow managed to meet once again on the fake salamander’s boat. Natsu and Happy quickly saved Lucy from harms way, which of course resulted in Natsu going completely overboard and destroying the entire harbour.

“Wow, that was amazing.” Lucy stood beside Happy in awe. “But he overdid it!”

Soon enough the sounds of many footsteps emerged, getting closer and closer until Lucy span around.

“The army!?” she exclaimed.

In a instant, Natsu had grabbed Lucy’s hand, dragging her away.

“Crap, we gotta get outta here!” Natsu yelled, running as fast as he could.

“Wait, where are you taking me!?” Lucy panicked, though not strong enough to break away from Natsu’s grip.

“Just come on! You said you wanted to join the Fairy Tail guild, didn’t you?”

At that moment, Lucy froze. Her eyes widened as her gaze moved from her hand to Natsu’s face. Everything seemed to go in slow motion for a few seconds. Natsu looked down at her, his signature toothy grin playing at his lips as he spoke.

“So let’s go!”

Lucy’s cheeks tinted pink, her smile widening.

“Alright!” Lucy exclaimed, running after Natsu and Happy.


“Man, that seems like years ago.” Natsu murmured.

“That’s because it was, Natsu.” Lucy giggled.

“You know what I mean,” Natsu smiled slightly. “But I can still remember it like it was yesterday.”

Lucy nodded in agreement, snuggling closer to Natsu’s chest. Thinking back to that day in Hargeon caused a smile to play at Lucy’s lips, and before she could help it she let out a small laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Natsu cocked his head to the side so he could see Lucy’s amused face.

“It’s just… who would have thought that I’d end up falling for the weirdo fire wizard I happened to stumble upon in a small town? You were loud, rambunctious, absent-minded and your motion sickness drove me insane. But at the same time, you were sweet, caring and always looked out for me. Thank you.”

“You don’t have to thank me, Luce.” Natsu let out a breathy laugh.

“No, I do, Natsu.” Lucy span around so she was properly facing Natsu, though her legs were wrapped around his waist. “Before I met you and the rest of the guild I was completely alone in this world. I had no friends, no family, no home. Then I met you and Happy and you both turned my entire world upside down. You changed my life in more ways than I can count and I will forever be grateful for that. A simple "thank you” doesn’t even begin to describe the gratitude I have for you.“

Natsu looked fairly stunned at first, not expecting such an outburst from his partner. But after taking it all in he smiled softly and leaned in closer.

"Your life wasn’t the only one that was changed that day, you know.” Natsu said quietly, his breath warm on Lucy’s face. “I owe you a thank you as well. So, thank you, Lucy.”

Lucy began to lean in closer too, until their lips delicately brushed along each other. The kiss was so faint, but it meant the world to the pair of them.

Before they could continue, however, a familiar snickering was audible from the now open doorway. Natsu and Lucy’s eyes hovered over to reveal Happy with his paws covering his mouth, grinning devilishly.

“They’re in loooove~!” Happy said his usual shtick, giggling the whole time.

Lucy, usually taken aback by Happy’s profound saying, furrowed her eyebrows and smiled slightly.

“Happy,” she spoke, “you do realise you can’t say that anymore when its true?”

Natsu nodded, agreeing.

Happy stood there for a moment, his paws slowly leaving his mouth and resting by his side. His wide grin soon fell as he realised Lucy was right.

“You’re right…” Happy murmured. “Aw, man! Who am I supposed to tease now?!”

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I got hired on at Waysub, but my training had to be put on hold. Thought I made an awesome impression in my interview bc the manager said "Come back when summer starts, I WILL put you to work." and it was put on hold, so summer comes around and I go to start and they act like they've never seen me before. Like, you gave me a walkthrough of the entire station (it's built in to a loves/Hard Ds) making me think I got the job on lock, then that. Job hunting for 3 years, get one, and it flakes on me.

Frequently Asked Question #1

How long did it take to lose the weight?

I try not to focus too hard on the numbers with my blog, but I thought I’d answer this since I get asked it a lot. What I’d call the “main” portion of my weight loss journey occurred over 4 college semesters (you know, back when life was measured in semesters instead of years). So, about 2 years. Between the summer of 2009 and the fall semester of 2011, I went from 312 lbs to 173 lbs.

Well, what happened between then and now?

2012-2013 was my (second, lol) senior year. Not going to lie, I just maintained. Which, I’m happy about! That’s real life! Between classes, exams, graduation, being a lab technician, planning a relocation, and more I’m 100% absolutely jazzed that I maintained that weight loss with only a few up here and a few down there. What that means is my lifestyle change was successful! It stuck! 

What about after, after that?

I moved to Michigan, which was super exciting. My boyfriend had a great job locked in, and while I was lagging a bit I picked up a grocery job right down the street to occupy my time and get at least a little cash flowing. It was a pretty labor intensive job in the produce section where it wasn’t uncommon for me to walk 8 miles by the end of my day all whilst lifting 40 lb sacks of potatoes all day. Surely I lost some weight then?

A little. I went down to 165 lbs in 2014. Even with all that movement? Well, I had a problem. Retail is really stressful. People are batshit insane and ultra-entitled. What was my problem?

Pretty frequently after an 8-hour shift, I’d shimmy up to the register on my way out with some chocolates and a tipple of wine. It’s sobering how little it takes, but this little ritual a few times a week was enough to take my daily moderate labor to -8lbs over a whole year. And, that’s nothing to really get upset about. Surely the hoisting of potatoes for 18 months did something great for my body? I had only really walked, biked, and done simple (light) weight exercises up until this point. I got a lot stronger on this job.

2015-2016 was my year for getting revved up again, though. We moved to a new apartment, I started doing freelance, and we signed up for a gym and a half marathon. I got down to my current weight. I started weight lifting and we’ve kept running. That brings us to today where I’m going to the gym 5 times a week now, lifting significantly heavier things, meal prepping like a BAMF, and training for a second half marathon. 

I know this post may beg a few more questions, but this is the “very long” version of my answer to “how long did it take to lose the weight?”

Any pace is a good pace. Always remember that both the good and bad parts of life happen. We have fun, vacations, and holidays. We have losses and upsets. You’re not racing. You’re not “locking” yourself away in a box that can only be opened later. This is real life, and it’s now. It’s not paused until you lose weight. 


Alright, here’s my main Nanbaka OC, Nezumi Tachibana! She’s the head supervisor of Building 9. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Sorry for this truckload of info! ε-(´∀`; )

The pics of her with short hair are when she first started working at Nanba and the others are her now.


Tachibana Nezumi
Sex: F Age: 28
Height: 4'11" (149.89 cm)
Nationality: Japanese
Traits Leader, Oblivious, Multi-tasker, Asocial, Tactful, Indolent
Trivia: -can go for days without sleep
-uses a segway to get around quickly
- weapon is a taser with different settings
- had built and set up all the traps in case of a jail break
- communicates with inmates through security cameras and the loud speaker


Nezumi and her big sister, Denso, are the daughters of two very successful engineers. In their childhood, their parents pushed them to pursue careers in engineering but Denso was more interested in traveling and Nezumi found it more fun to play video games. Still, the two siblings worked hard to make their parents proud so they would help each other out with school and studying.

Nezumi and Denso developed a bond stronger than what they had with their parents. When they graduated, they went to the same college. It was until Denso mysteriously dropped out and disappeared. Nezumi decided to do the same to find her. Nezumi started working in the police force, climbing her way up to get info on Denso’s whereabouts.

What made her decide to work at Nanba Prison was one phonecall from her parents who now placed all of their hopes of success onto her shoulders. With Denso gone, Nezumi was the only one left to carry on their company. So when she selected for an job at Nanba, she took it. Anything to get away from it all. She was placed in Building 9, where they held most of the female prisoners. She quickly became the right hand man to Building 9’s supervisor who became like a parent figure to her.

For one task, however, she was to deliver a few files to Building 5. That’s when she met Enki Gokuu, the supervisor at the time. She saw him as a role model for discipline and authority which she became quickly enamored with. Afterwards, any task that involve do going to Building 5 was snatched by Nezumi. She would always too flustered to have a conversation with Enki so she decided to send him anonymous letters. She would send paragraphs and he would send her short responses. To Nezumi, those responses made her felt like she truly connected with someone.

Nanba Prison was her safe haven, away from the problems with her family. It all came crashing down with the Buildings 5 incident. The letters stop instantly. All Nezumi had now was the Building 9 supervisor. One day, they called her into their office to tell them that they were going to take a vacation so she will be in charge of Building 9 from now on. “ I could always trust you to do your job” they said. They never came back since.

Nezumi did her job by locking herself away in the surveillance room. Her name soon deteriorated into security cameras and microphones. The building’s presence fade with her, becoming just a buildings to hold criminals in. In the present, nobody knows who Building 9’s supervisor is or what she looks like.