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Vogue article for Sehun’s birthday. 

“Hitting several milestones this year by turning heads during Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2017 show in Paris and making an appearance on April’s cover of Korean Vogue, Sehun seems poised for greatness, a fact his fans appear to agree.”

Exo'rdium dot D2 just sold out. Which means Exo just sold 140K seats in total. In Jamsil Stadium, the biggest Stadium is South Korea. And they are the first kpop artist to do this.

All members raji 3/24

Uruha (reading mail): “This isn’t related to the theme and it’s also kind of a boring question, but what’s a cool way to answer when your girlfriend asks you, ‘what’s more important, your job or me!?’” …….so guys what’s the answer?

Kai: Huhuhu! What’s a cool way to answer?

Uruha: But like is this something that ppl actually ask? 

Kai: “What’s more important, your job or me?” Well like I hear it in dramas but idk…that doesn’t mean anything (laughs) 

Uruha: But I mean if you said “my job” that would be bad, right? That would set them off?

Kai: No no no I don’t think so, at all! Rather if you said “you!” wouldn’t it seem…too much like a lie? (laughs) Well I mean I don’t know

Aoi: Hmmm- [Uruha: I wonder what the right answer is] -mmmmm…… know….at that point….you should probably just break up with them no? 

Kai: (laughing) Like as soon as she asks you that? 

Uruha: This question is taboo, you know? As soon as this happens, it’s over. 

Reita: As soon as you say that, you’re not the most important thing anymore

Aoi and Uruha at same time: AWWWW! [not like aw thats cute but like AW SHIT FAM]

Reita: Cause u just asked that

Aoi: The shit-eating look u have on ur face rn istg


Uruha: So it’s like, you were the most important until you said that, you blew it now

Reita: Yes yes yes

Uruha: So that’s the right answer!

Reita: Well for me yeah

(Aoi and Uruha guffawing)

Uruha: What about you, Ruki-san?

Ruki: U-uhh, I don’t know..???! But like, u gotta work to make a living so…….

Uruha: So like, “it’s my job tf u thought”?

Ruki: Uh, like, if i don’t work…..I’m a NEET?? Like, I’d be unemployed, so….and then I wouldn’t be able to be with you anyway

Reita: What if she’s like “I don’t care if ur unemployed!”

Ruki: ….Oh yeah that’s okay then! 

Reita: You’d quit? 

Ruki: I’m cool with freeloading

Reita and Uruha: HUHUHUHU

Uruha: Ur ok with that

Ruki: But I mean that’s not the case [for the gf in the mail i guess] …she just wants attention

Aoi: But before it got to [the point where she would say that]…wouldn’t you have already ditched her?

Everyone: Ah mhm yes hmm maybe ur right ahh

Aoi: So maybe the guy is the bad one.

Everyone: Ahh I see so that’s your point of view ahh yes ok

Aoi: Thanks guys

(Everyone dies laughing)

Uruha: So Aoi-kun, if a girl asked you how would you answer? 

Aoi: “I’m sorry.”

(Everyone dies laughing again)

Uruha: “I’m sorry”….


Ruki: All u could do is cry. WAHH!!! WAHH!!!!!!!!

Reita: Man u just busted my ears

Everyone: HuhuhuHUHU

Uruha: Okay leader what about you?

Kai: Well I definitely wouldn’t say her. 

Uruha: Ahh, so it’s your job?

Kai: Yep. Anyone would say that, no? It’s your job. I mean, she’s a part of that!

Uruha: What?

Kai: Like, the fact that I’m working

Uruha: Ah that you’re making a living, it means you can take care of her

Kai: Yes yes 

Ruki: Yep, yep, yep

Uruha: Wow u really thought that through calml–


Uruha: Op

Kai: Huhuhu sorry sorry 


Kai Parker Appreciation Week (day 7): Kai + what you will remember him the most for

↳ for being the most vivid and totally unforgettable character in the history of this show.

And, of course, I want to say big THANK YOU to Chris. Thank him for every Kai’s “stage”, for every emotion, for every second on our screens. Who knows what would have become this character without him.

Cafe AU

It’s cliche but just listen

Cinnamon roll Zane being the shy and extremely kind cashier who sells you your coffee and pastries and the like. He just wants to have his own business because he’s always been told he’s good at baking.

Cole is a tour guide for those to hike. He’s always the first one in, gets his morning coffee, wishes Zane a good day and goes on his morning run before his guide job begins.

Kai being one of those cooks at restaurants that cook in front of you. I’m talking the ones where they put on a show with juggling hot spatulas and send pillars of fire into the air with the oil. Kai gets his coffee right before the shift, because he works nights when the real parties are held all night.

Nya being a teacher for those who want to learn self-defense and the like. She teaches the older kids, then within her half am hour break she goes and gets pastries and maybe a drink to help her stay relaxed because she has to reach little kids after that. She needs to mentally prepare for that.

Lloyd being the rich boy in town. He always gets what he wants basically. But the thing is… Lloyd really doesn’t want anything expensive. He doesn’t need a fancy car or something to make him happy. He’s fine with the simpler things. He stops into the shop every now and again to get a special brew from Zane and to have a small chat.

Jay being a… well…. nobody really knows. He’s never in the coffee shop for more than 20 seconds. He runs in, orders, and as soon as Zane hands him his coffee he’s just GONE. He zips in and out, leaving almost no time to talk. Zane makes it a mental note to try and find out eventually what he does.

Santa Baby - Luke Hemmings

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Luke’s leg was bouncing as he sat on the plane, parked at the terminal waiting for the pilot to take the fasten seat belt sign off. He wanted nothing more than to get off the plane and into the arms of his girlfriend that he hadn’t seen in four months except over Face time and Skype, which clearly isn’t the same thing because you can’t kiss through a camera. It had been the longest ride of his life, both physically and emotionally, but the end result would be worth it, especially when he saw her beautiful right in front of him, eyes bright, kissable lips…

The light flicked off, Luke quickly standing, bags already ready as he made his way down the aisle standing in front of the stewardess bouncing on the balls of his feet trying to calm himself down. “Anxious to get home?” she questioned smiling at him, eyes running over the length of the boy’s body, Luke oblivious as he smiled nodded quickly.

“Haven’t seen my girlfriend in four months. I’m really excited,” he responded, the girl’s face dropping slightly as she tried to keep a smile on her face. Luke wasn’t ugly, and he knew it, but he also had the girl of his dreams waiting for him at the end of that tunnel and right through customs.

“Well, she must be really great if you’re this excited to see her,” she said, Luke nodding quickly as the door opened. He quickly sped off, walking as fast as his long legs would carry him down and out through customs. It wasn’t a quick process, getting his passport checked and let back into his home country, but it was quicker than when he was trying to get into London. He stepped through the double doors instantly being attacked by his two older brothers, Luke dropping his bags hugging them back tightly hoping they let go just as quick as they hugged him.

“Lewi’s home,” Jack teased being the first to pull back, Ben pulling back next as Luke’s eyes scanned the crowd, a frown coming to his face.

“She’s not here, Luke.”

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Kai Father HeadCanons
  1. He would take naps with his children (family bonding time)
  2. Sundays of Chicken! And Saturdays… and Fridays… and weeks…
  3. Sweetie pie dad is always there to save the day
  4. Best hugs ever! Like literally their kids cry if they don’t get a hug
  5. He would joke and make some pranks but also show his serious side, he’s a dad he has to be responsible
  6. And yet, there’s no one like nini to have fun with
  7. Cute nicknames for his kids
  8. “Why are you up so late baby? You hungry? Me too, come with me I was going to buy something”
  9. Dancing lessons of course
  10. One of the members(uncles) will always be around to play with him and him
  11. Best birthday parties ever!
  12. “You see that shooting start? They say they can grant you wishes. Wish something”
  13. Would make the best memories ever
  14. He would also be a great teach, give them always life lessons. Kinda like training them to be Jedi! xD
  15. He would reward them for their great notes, if not he would still do because he just loves his kids xD
  16. Would be the dad you can tell all your secrets
  17. “Kyungsoo told me how to prepare this chicken but… I think we better call him and ask him to do it for us right? kkkkk”
  18. No matter how busy he is, he would always make time for his family
  19. “The day I see you accomplishing your dreams, will be the day I’ll know that I did my job well”

Xo, Ara~

EXO WOLF: {Quick} Reaction to when you help hunt for the food
  • Xiumin: Wow! You're so fast!!
  • Luhan: Are you sure you can kill it all by yourself? I can help you, y'know.
  • Kris: Well dang... this wolf is good
  • Suho: Woah! How did you kill it that quickly?!
  • Lay: Don't worry! You should stay home and let Chanyeol and Sehun hunt
  • Baekhyun: Impressive
  • Chen: You aren't scared of getting your hands dirty? *raises eyebrow cheekily*
  • Chanyeol: Yah! I can do it, it's fine!
  • D.O: Well more food to eat right?
  • Tao: Nice job!
  • Kai: Wooooooooooooaaahh
  • Sehun: *Slightly impressed* Tsk, I can do way better than that. Watch me.
  • ---------
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Good Girl CH 13: Sharing

“Daddy,” I whine as Xiumin devours my core for the second time today. He is on his knees in front of me, one of my legs hooked over his shoulder while Sehun is behind me holding me up. The younger boy is still playing with my sensitive breasts, whispering dirty things in my ear. I moan once more as I cum again, Xiumin oppa unraveling the knot in my belly for a second time since he entered my closet after finding naughty Sehun with his hands on my chest. “Daddy, no more, it’s too much.”

“But Baby,” Xiumin grins up at me, “We love seeing you like this, so turned on and wrecked.”

“Hyung let me have a turn,” Sehun kisses my cheek as him and Xiumin quickly switch.

“Daddy Sehun, please be gentle with me, I don’t think I can take much more,” My body trembles as the blonde boy just grins up at me. I’m far too focused on him to notice the line of love marks Xiumin is leaving up my neck. But Sehun notices and starts doing the same, sucking and nibbling at my inner thigh, leaving at least a dozen in between my legs. I can’t contain my little moans as his mouth finds my little button and begins sucking on it for all he is worth After two orgasms from Xiumin’s mouth I’m far too sensitive, it doesn’t take much from Sehun’s talented tongue to have me curling my toes as yet another orgasm wracks threw me.

“I think that is enough for today,” Xiumin pushes the younger away.

“But Hyung,” Sehun whines, “You got to do it twice.”

“Our baby is shaking, this is all still new to her, you have to understand that. Doing too much won’t work in our favor, so be patient,” Wise Xiumin tells the younger as he scoops me up and places me in the chair that is in front of the mirror. “Find her something warm to wear.” Sehun is frowning but nods, both boys set out in search of something cute but warm. I sit there naked and shivering, staring at my bra and underwear that had been discarded the moment Xiumin came into the room. Sitting there I try to understand what in the world is going on with me. Not only have I known these boys for only a few day and I’m already living with them I let them touch me, in fact the first time I basically begged for it .

What in the world is going on with me?

“Here!” Sehun returns with maroon joggers, that are definitely boys, and a over sized white t-shirt, that must be one of theirs. Xiumin comes over with a new bra and underwear, even helps me put them on. Both boys help me stand on my still wobbly legs and dress me in my new outfit. When I am dressed Sehun offers, more like demands, that he carries me back to the living room since the other boys had gotten tired of waiting and returned to the living area.

I wrap my legs around his waist and tuck my face into the crook of his neck, already feeling embarrassed at facing the three men waiting for us. As soon as we enter the living room I’m ripped away from Sehun and pulled tightly to Kris’s chest.

“You sneaky little shit,” Luhan smacks Sehun upside the head.

“You are supposed to be doing homework,” Suho scolds.

Sehun just smirks, “I did it all in my last class.”

“So you hid in her closet?” Kris glares at the youngest.

Sehun pouts, “It wasn’t going to get close to her any other way with you guys getting in the way every time I get within two feet of her.”

“She hasn’t been here that long so of course you haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with her,” Suho reasons. Kris says nothing, just glares at the younger as he sits down on the couch with me in his lap. Straddling his lap, I’m face to face with the handsome giant, his intense gaze making me nervous. Hoping to break his poker face I yawn cutely before snuggling into his chest, my arms wrapped around his torso pulling him closer.

“Daddy Kris,” I yawn again, this time for real, “I’m tired again.” His arms wrap around me, holding me to him tightly.

“Take a nap baby, you only slept for a about a half hour earlier,” He rubs my back.

“But if I sleep now, I won’t be able to go to bed later,” I sit back up, it is a lot harder then I thought to pull out of his grasp.

“Don’t worry about that,” Suho comes over and starts stroking my head, his voice is warm. “If you have problems sleeping, you don’t have to come early with me tomorrow. So sleep baby girl, these naughty boys tired to you out.” With Suho’s permission I lean back into Kris’s warmth.


Baby girl,” A warm voice calls to me in my sleep. “It’s time to wake up, it’s dinner time.” I perk up with the promise of food, though I’m still a bit reluctant to get up from the warmth of Kris’s hug.

“So cute,” Lay coos from the spot next to Kris.

“I hear that you got a little wore out,” Baekhyun teases from the other side of Kris. I groan and tuck myself back into Kris’s warmth.

“Don’t tease the poor thing,” Lay scolds, “She is still just a baby.”

“It’s time to eat baby, you have to wake up, remember that is one of our rules,” Kris reminds me as he stands up, still holding me. He takes me to the dining room and sets me down in one of the chairs. Suho, Luhan, and Sehun are already sitting at the table, while the others aren’t far behind. Kris sits on my left, Luhan is on my right, Sehun is across from me, while Suho is on the other side of Luhan at the head of the table. The others find their seats, Baekhyun and Chanyeol throw fits about not being able to sit next to me but only for a second before Kyungsoo comes in carrying a few bowls like a professional. He sets them down in front of Suho, Luhan and me before returning to the kitchen for more. Kai comes out with the next round, continuing to set them down in front of each person until everyone has food in front of them. The beautifully made bibimbap smells absolutely amazing, making my mouth water.

Still in a sleepy state my mind is only really focused on food, that is until I scan the group of boys again, even going back and counting before I ask, “Where is daddy Xiumin?” Though everyone else is having a loud and fun conversation they all manage to hear me and look at me with a bit of a frown.

“He is busy,” Suho answers shortly before continuing to eat.

“So he won’t be eating? That doesn’t sound healthy,” I say unconsciously.

Kris answers this time with same annoyance that Suho is doing his best to hide, “He’s working down stairs so he will just eat later. You don’t have to worry about it.”

“Down stairs,” I echo, “In the dungeon?” As soon as the words leave my mouth I regret them.

The chill in Kris’s voice sends a shiver down my spine, “I said you don’t have to worry about it. The dungeon is not something a little girl like you should concern herself with so leave it alone.”

I nod, but still there is a very different atmosphere in the room.

“Eat this,” Luhan feeds me a spoonful of the bibimbap, a forced smile on his face. “Isn’t it good? Jin told us it is one of your favorites.”

“It’s very good, who made it?” I try and seem as carefree as Luhan, even giving him a smile, hoping to ease the tension.

“Kyungsoo-ya,” Kris answers.

I beam at the owl like man at the other end of the table, “Daddy Kyungsoo, this is amazing!” He gives me a smile.

“I helped!” Kai raises his hand like a child waiting for acknowledgement.

“You did a very good job daddy Kai!”

“All you did was wash the vegetables,” Chen scoffs.

“That’s more than you did!” Kai snaps back playfully. They soon begin arguing, laughing and even throwing food, earning a scolding from Suho. The tension from before quickly disappears, Luhan continues to feed me regardless of the how many times I told him I can feed myself.

“Let daddy feed you,” He swats my hands away as I try to reach for the spoon.

“Just let him do it, it makes him happy,” Lay laughs at my frustration.

“Kyungsoo got to cook for you, Sehun and Kai get to have class with you, Chanyeol and Tao get to ride home with you, Suho got to have breakfast with you, Xiumin got to wake up to you, Kris got hold you well you slept, Chen and Baekhyun got to do your hair, Lay got to drive you to school, at least let daddy Lulu feed you,” The cute deer like man pouts. With a sigh I open my mouth expectantly, allowing him to continue to feed me without a fight. When I am done I lean over and peck him on the cheek.

“Thank you daddy Lulu,” I mumble shyly, looking down at my lap. He gives me a kiss on the cheek in return.

“You’re welcome baby.”