job cigarettes


but there is another world where poussey gets out of prison and starts working her way up in a kitchen, long nights learning to dice onions with deftness on the job and smoking cigarettes as she walks home and watches the sun rise

and another where she goes to amsterdam and there are bicycles and narrow stone streets and good coffeeshop hash, and poussey takes it all in with wonder on her lovely face and she stumbles her way through elementary dutch

another world where she takes a train, back to germany, or south into france, and it doesn’t matter where she’s going, because she’s free, free, free, and every city is full of new experiences waiting to happen

or one where she and brook get a life together, a tiny apartment in their corner of the world, and they put up curtains, get a cat, drink wine underneath the stars and forget that they ever feared prison could ruin them

poussey who keeps lighting up rooms with her smile. poussey who could have gone anywhere, everywhere, who should have grown old with a beautiful woman and a beautifully curated library, with friends and sunshine and anything. anything. but this.


McKenzie just got off her shift, sighing as she pulled on her big, warm coat over her shoulders. It was winter and cold as hell out. She hated the cold since she had to wear skimpy outfits for her job. She lit a cigarette and started walking, ignoring the catcalls who were drunk ass men. She let the smoke roll out between her lips as she walked faster as some men started to follow her. Normally she would beat the shit out of them, but tonight she didn’t feel like it. She looked at her phone as she turned the corner and slammed into someone. “Watch it!” She snapped, looking up from her phone. 

I don’t know who graced us with this photograph, but it’s beautiful. Love the hair, love the coat, love the scarf. Love the little cig tucked against him like he’s trying to hold it out of shot but it wouldn’t be Norman if he didn’t have it tucked between his fingers, thumb resting against the filter.

Would it be inappropriate to offer him a blow job right now?


The pain lasts just a moment.