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what career/vocation would each of the starks have in a modern au

Ned Stark - Honestly he’d probably inherit whatever his family business is, like he’d inherit over Brandon bc Brandon’s a lazy piece of shit. They’d probably own like. A sports goods company IDK. Ned would be CEO or CFO or sth.

Catelyn Stark - I sort of see her in pretty traditional female roles, like a housewife/soccer mom type of deal. She would def be the PTA president tho, much to the chagrin of Cersei, who never wins bc she’s mean to the moms.

Robb Stark - If he didn’t inherit the company he would totally make for a great lawyer or a politician imo. He’s got the charisma for it and would probably end up being the youngest mayor or governor or senator or whatever to be elected.

Jon Snow - ART SCHOOL. ART SCHOOL ART SCHOOL. I’m sorry but Jon is the art school hoe who never graduates and keeps odd jobs and smokes cigarettes for the aesthetic. He’s avant-garde and emo and the ladies love him for it.

Sansa Stark - I can see her in a legal career or maybe as a writer, something where she’s her own boss and just loves what she does.

Arya Stark - ROCK N ROLL BAND. I don’t know why, she just IS.

Bran Stark - Probably train to take over Ned’s business. 

Rickon Stark - A pro athlete. Why? I don’t know.

‘100 Ideas that Changed Fashion’ - Book

Reading further into androgyny, i wanted to see what the fashion industry has done over time to embrace this side of beauty. 

I found some interesting factors about fashion and the boyish look coming into trend around the 1920′s (just after WW1) which had influenced this due to the lack of men. The women ratio to men were around 3-1 which is insane. In reaction to this, some girls were never going to find a man, so they decided to embrace life with a male kind of freedom - with easy to wear clothes and hairstyles, a job, cigarettes etc.

Coco Chanel and Jean Patou were one of the first pioneers to embrace the androgynous look. Producing blazers, shirts with cufflinks and jumpers for women. The bachelor girls were introduced and liberated in the 1920′s, strapping down their breasts, cutting their hair short. The look did not make real impact until 1926 and still then it was for the glamorous and the elite.

However in the 1970′s as gender distinction became increasingly blurred as both sexes grew their hair, wore T-Shirts, Jeans and Beads and stars such as David Bowie was a force of power for this.

but there is another world where poussey gets out of prison and starts working her way up in a kitchen, long nights learning to dice onions with deftness on the job and smoking cigarettes as she walks home and watches the sun rise

and another where she goes to amsterdam and there are bicycles and narrow stone streets and good coffeeshop hash, and poussey takes it all in with wonder on her lovely face and she stumbles her way through elementary dutch

another world where she takes a train, back to germany, or south into france, and it doesn’t matter where she’s going, because she’s free, free, free, and every city is full of new experiences waiting to happen

or one where she and brook get a life together, a tiny apartment in their corner of the world, and they put up curtains, get a cat, drink wine underneath the stars and forget that they ever feared prison could ruin them

poussey who keeps lighting up rooms with her smile. poussey who could have gone anywhere, everywhere, who should have grown old with a beautiful woman and a beautifully curated library, with friends and sunshine and anything. anything. but this.


The pain lasts just a moment.

I don’t know who graced us with this photograph, but it’s beautiful. Love the hair, love the coat, love the scarf. Love the little cig tucked against him like he’s trying to hold it out of shot but it wouldn’t be Norman if he didn’t have it tucked between his fingers, thumb resting against the filter.

Would it be inappropriate to offer him a blow job right now?