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Rafael Barba
(x) …forgetting to speak to you in English after spending the afternoon with his mother and abuelita.
(x) …slow dancing with Barba.
(x) …being friends with Barba but having to sleep together in the same bed. The next morning, you two are in an intimate embrace.
(x) …Barba proposing on Valentine’s Day but he messes up.
(x) …Barba whispering Latin in your ear while in church.
(x) …surprising your long time boyfriend, Barba, that you got a job at SVU.
(x) …Barba showing up at your office to walk home together.
(x) …being Rollins’ cousin who moved from Atlanta and being introduced to Barba.
(x) …going on a first date with Barba.
(x) …going to a karaoke bar with Barba and the SVU team but Barba gets jealous when you sing a duet with Sonny.
(x) …Barba going down on you. *NSFW
(x) …Carisi introducing you to Barba and him trying to speak Italian.
(x) …taking soup to Barba at work because he’s sick.
(x) …Barba helping you with your Spanish homework.
(x) …accidentally responding to Barba in Spanish.
(x) …Barba spending the night at your apartment.
(x) …finding out you’re having twins with Barba while in delivery.
(x) …Barba promising to protect you from William Lewis.
(x) …having a panic attack while on the stand.
(x) …giving Barba a striptease.
(x) …being kidnapped because you’re Barba’s little sister.
(x) …being pregnant with Barba’s child.
(x) …Barba tying you to the bed. *NSFW
(x) …Barba taking care of you when you’re sick.
(x) …going on a run with Barba.
(x) …fainting in front of the squad.
(x) …meeting Barba again 10 years after you broke up.
(x) …you and Barba being two opposites in love.
(x) …taking a drunk Barba home.
(x) …Barba finding out you wear glasses.
(x) …having make up sex with Barba. *NSFW
(x) …Barba calling you cariño for the first time.
(x) …desk sex with Barba in his office. *NSFW
(x) …comforting Barba after his grandmother died.
(x) …going down on Barba. *NSFW
(x) …inviting the squad over for a dinner party after a big case.
(x) …Barba comforting you after your trial starts going downhill.
(x) …Barba thinking about wanting to have kids with you.
(x) …Barba showing up at your apartment with flowers.
(x) …Barba finding out you’re in a hostage situation.
(x) …Barba teaching you how to dance.
(x) …Lucia always trying to set you up with her son.
(x) …Barba meeting your parents for the first time.
(x) …Barba forgetting your anniversary.
(x) …a police officer checking you out.
(x) …finding your soulmate’s name on your wrist.
(x) …showering with Barba. *NSFW
(x) …testifying for Barba’s case.
(x) …running into Barba’s ex-girlfriend.
(x) …being in a secret relationship with Barba.
(x) …getting shot by Johnny D.
(x) …bumping into Barba.
(x) …catching Barba talking about you.
(x) …having a one night stand with Barba. *NSFW
(x) …being a famous writer.
(x) …Barba coming home only to find you dancing in your underwear.
(x) …trying to take it slow with Barba.
(x) …your soulmark telling you where you’ll meet your soulmate.
(x) …Barba saying he loves you for the first time.
(x) …Barba giving you a massage.
(x) …your step-counter finally hitting zero.
(x) …seeing your name on your soulmate.
(x) …Barba offering for you to move in with him.
(x) …being Barba’s co-counsel.
(x) …Barba thinking his job is harder than yours.
(x) …coming out as agender.
(x) …New Year’s Eve with Barba.
(x) …a jealous Barba
(x) …an Alpha Barba.
(x) …taking Barba on a road trip with your two kids.
• (x) …marrying Barba.

Sonny Carisi
(x) …Carisi getting jealous of your brother when he visits you at work.
(x) …Carisi whispering Bible verses while making love to you.
(x) …Sonny meeting your family for the first time but doesn’t understand what they’re saying at the dinner table.
(x) …taking a bullet for Carisi.
(x) … Sonny overhearing how much you actually like him despite trying to prove you hate him.
(x) …eating cannolis with Carisi.
(x) …getting frustrated with Carisi on a daily basis.
(x) …comforting Sonny after a tough case.
(x) …your german shepherd approving of Carisi.
(x) …Sonny taking care of you after taking a bullet for him.
(x) …Sonny flirting with his niece’s babysitter: You.
(x) …Carisi asking permission from your parents to marry you.
(x) …Carisi going down on you.*NSFW
(x) …asking for Sonny after being attacked.
(x) …Sonny checking you out.
(x) …tending to Sonny’s wounds.
(x) …cooking for Sonny.
(x) …meeting Sonny while he’s undercover.
(x) …Carisi’s family thinking you and him are dating.
(x) …being friends with Carisi.
(x) …having fun with Sonny.
(x) …your first time with Sonny. *NSFW
(x) …the night before your and Carisi’s wedding.
(x) …you and Carisi moving in together.
(x) …eloping with Sonny.
(x) …forming a relationship with Sonny under hard circumstances.
(x) …Sonny getting hurt on the job.
(x) …being partners with Sonny.
(x) …being Barba’s sister and Carisi having a thing for you.
(x) …Sonny flirting with you instead of teaching you how to cook.
(x) …Sonny’s family walking in on you and Carisi.
(x) …Sonny meeting you and it’s love at first sight for him.
(x) …Carisi teaching you how to play baseball.
(x) …Carisi trying to take care of you because you’re sick.
(x) …Sonny wearing his uniform for you.
(x) …trying to treat Sonny’s wounds.
(x) …getting into a fight with Sonny.
(x) …going down on Carisi. *NSFW
(x) …calling Sonny “Dominick” for the first time. *NSFW
(x) …dirty talking with Sonny.
(x) …having a girl’s night out.
(x) …spending a lazy day with Carisi.
(x) …discovering your soulmate.
(x) …getting jealous of Amanda.
(x) …meeting Sonny while being a sex worker.
(x) …going running with Carisi.
(x) …being Jesse’s nanny.
(x) …Sonny finds out you’re pregnant.
(x) …your first time together with Sonny after the incident.
(x) …Sonny walking you home because it’s late.
(x) …telling Sonny you have a stalker.
(x) …your Soulmark shows the first thing your soulmate thought of when they saw you.
(x) …Sonny being the heir of one of the Italian mobs.
(x) …Sonny finding out you’re Barba’s sister.
(x) …Sonny being clumsy and nervous while asking you out on a date.
(x) …Nick catching you making out with Sonny.
(x) …babysitting Noah with Sonny.
(x) …comforting Sonny after he goes undercover.
(x) …shower sex with Sonny. *NSFW
(x) …moving to New York City.
(x) …impressing Sonny and his family with your cooking skills.
(x) …Sonny stepping in to help raise your two kids.
(x) …Sonny teaching you how to make cannolis.
(x) …going with Sonny to take his nieces Trick-or-Treating.
• (x) …turning your life around.

Amanda Rollins
(x) …watching football with Rollins.
(x) …babysitting for Amanda and her being nervous about it.
(x) …your first time with Amanda. *NSFW

Olivia Benson
(x) …Olivia setting you up on a blind date with Sonny.
(x) …the squad catching you kissing Olivia in her office.
(x) …coming out to the team as pansexual.
(x) …the squad catching Olivia kissing you.
(x) …going down on Olivia. *NSFW
(x) …making out with Olivia. *NSFW
(x) …the squad gossiping if you and Olivia are together. *NSFW
(x) …Olivia asking you out.
(x) …Olivia getting nervous to ask you to marry her.

Nick Amaro
(x) …meeting Nick while he’s undercover.
(x) …Nick calming you down from a panic attack.
(x) …your relationship with Nick getting used against you in court.
(x) …Nick getting annoyed when a suspect flirts with you. 
(x) …Nick swearing as you go down on him. *NSFW
(x) …Nick moving in next door.
(x) …coming back from being undercover with a different look.
(x) …Nick comforting you.
(x) …your daughter calling Nick ‘dad.’
(x) …doing arrest role playing with Nick.
(x) …being pregnant with Nick’s child.
(x) …taking a bullet for Nick.
(x) …Nick marking you as his Omega.
(x) …being Elliot’s niece and dating Nick.
(x) …owning a flower shop next to a tattoo parlor.
(x) …scaring away a creep at the club with a random stranger.
(x) …doing yoga every morning at the gym.
(x) …your business booming after the burglary.
(x) …Nick introducing you to Zara for the first time.

Mike Dodds
(x) …Mike falling for you despite how much you two disagree on everything.
(x) …being picked on by your coworkers for having a crush on Dodds.
(x) …getting drinks with Dodds.
(x) …doing a stake out with Dodds.
(x) …cuddling with Mike on his day off.
(x) …being with Dodds in the hospital after him being shot.
(x) …Dodds getting annoyed when a suspect flirts with you.
(x) …being Dodds high school crush who just joined SVU.
(x) …being in a secret relationship with Dodds.
(x) …Dodds Sr. finding out you’re in a secret relationship with his son.
(x) …Dodds avoiding his father’s phone calls.*NSFW
(x) …Dodds Sr catching you and Dodds Jr on a date.
(x) …Dodds handling an autistic child with ease.
(x) …Dodds attempting to teach you self-defense.
(x) …hating Dodds at first but then falling in love with him.
(x) …living in the same apartment building as Dodds.
(x) …Mike being embarrassed because his Dad keeps trying to set him up with you.
(x) …forcing Dodds into watching a Harry Potter marathon.
(x) …Dodds going down on you. *NSFW
(x) …going undercover as a couple with Dodds.
(x) …Mike teasing you for your love of disco music.
(x) …you and Mike coping together after a loss in your pregnancy.
(x) …waiting for Dodds to finish his work.
(x) …sleeping at Dodds’ place.
(x) …Dodds Sr. not approving of you being a working mother.
(x) …Mike just talking to you at a Gala.
(x) …being an Omega. *NSFW
(x) …a dominant Dodds. *NSFW
(x) …telling Dodds about your depression.
(x) …your first time with Mike.
(x) …Mike convincing you dating him is okay.
(x) …Dodds taking Olivia’s advice.
(x) …having sexual tension with Dodds. *NSFW
(x) …secretly hooking up with Dodds. *NSFW
(x) …Dodds taking care of you while you’re sick.
(x) …finding your melody.
(x) …meeting Mike after you’ve been stood up for a date.
(x) …Dodds making love to you after a hard case.
(x) …having make-up sex with Dodds.
(x) …dating Sonny but Mike has a crush on you.
(x) …babysitting Noah and Jesse with Mike.
• (x) …adopting a dog with Mike.

Ed Tucker
(x) …Tucker buying you a drink.

Odafin Tutuola
(x) …reminding Fin how much you remind him of Munch.
(x) …Fin being protective of you.
(x) …being Fin’s best friend.

John Munch
(x) …being Munch’s daughter.

Elliot Stabler
(x) …meeting the town’s local baker.
(x) …working the concession stand at all the kids weekend sporting events.
(x) …having your first child with Elliot.

George Huang
• (x) …Dr. Huang examining you.

The Squad
(x) …the Squad visiting you while you are in a coma.
(x) …being in a hostage situation.
(x) …settling an argument between Benson and Barba.
(x) …attending Hogwarts with the Squad.
(x) …the Squad comforting you after a relative insults you.
(x) …the Squad finding out your secret.

Nick Amaro

Imagine being in a dd/lg relationship with Nick and you slip up in front of the squad. 

Imagine being in a dd/lg relationship with Nick.

Imagine accidently calling Nick ‘Papi’ while having sex.

Imagine having a threesome with Sonny & Nick.

Imagine walking into the unit and finding Nick & Sonny fighting over you.

Imagine teasing Nick while trying to do paperwork.

Imagine Nick showing you who you belong to after you get a little too close to Sonny.  Part 2

Imagine being Nicks oldest daughter and being assigned to work ‘under’ Barba.

Imagine being Nick’s oldest daughter and you start rebelling.

Rafael Barba

Imagine being in a dd/lg relationship with Rafael.

Imagine being in a dd/lg relationship with Sonny and Rafael wants to observe you guys.  Part 2

 Imagine having a wet dream while sleeping next to Rafael. 

Imagine Rafael’s is sick so he brings his 2 year old to work with him. 

Imagine going out to a bar with Rafael & Sonny and you end up having a threesome. 

Imagine being Nicks oldest daughter and being assigned to work ‘under’ Barba.

Imagine going camping with Rafael and he hates it.

Imagine sucking Rafael off under his desk while he tries to speak to the squad.

Imagine being Barba’s estranged wife and having angry C.O’s come after you. Part 2  Part 3 Part 4

Imagine being 2 months pregnant with Rafael’s baby but getting taken hostage while on the job. 

Imagine dating Rafael Barba but he starts being more secretive   Part 2  Part 3

Sonny Carisi

Imagine being in a dd/lg relationship with Sonny and Rafael wants to observe you guys.   Part 2

Imagine having really rough sex with Sonny and someone asks why you have bruises. 

Imagine walking into the unit and finding Nick & Sonny fighting over you.

Imagine going out to a bar with Rafael & Sonny and you end up having a threesome. 

Imagine having sex with Sonny and he wants to spank you. 

Imagine being in a dd/lg relationship with Sonny. Part 2

Imagine giving Sonny your virginity without him knowing

Imagine getting frisky with Sonny at your friends wedding reception.

Imagine convincing Sonny to go to your orchestra concert and he loves it

Imagine getting your first apartment with Sonny but finding a nest of spiders in the wall. 

Imagine being Carisi’s ex fiance and having to call him for help   Part 2  Part 3

Mike Dodds

Imagine teasing Mike while he’s doing paperwork. 

Imagine going out to sing karaoke with the squad and you end up going home with Mike.

Imagine making Mike jealous after you see him talking with his ex.

Imagine being partners with Mike and hooking up one night.

Imagine secretly dating Mike Dodds and the squad finds out accidently.

Imagine dating Mike Dodds and trying BDSM.

Imagine telling Mike you love him for the first time, in front of the squad. 

Imagine Dodds flirting with you on your first day

Imagine having shower sex with Mike Dodds after a frustrating day.

John Munch

Imagine John fingering you in the back of the precinct. 

Elliot Stabler

Imagine being Elliot’s mistress and having to admit you’re pregnant.

Imagine Elliot taking you (his little sister) to work because you have no school and your sitter bailed.

Imagine calling Elliot daddy while grinding on his lap. 

Imagine accidently calling Elliot ‘daddy’ during sex and he likes it. 

Imagine Elliot flirting with you on your first day at SVU.


How Sonny Carisi, Rafael Barba, Olivia Benson, Amanda Rollins and Fin Tutuola would react to you being shot on the job

Full Time Hero - Rafael Barba (Pt 2)

P/n: Since I got lots of requests for a part 2. Here it is~! Along with my hackjob of a photoshop job.

Part 1

Rafael Barba x Reader
Summary: Rafael making it up to reader.

Once Sonny had left, she returned to the living room. Rafael was still standing there, slowly loosening his tie. She snuck a glance of him as she walked by. His eyes were focused on a spot of the rug. He looked perplexed, like his mind was preoccupied with what to say. At least, that was the struggle she had.

She head over to the couch and made herself comfortable, despite the fog of awkwardness that made the air between them murky. The only noise that filled the silence was the movie playing on the tv. She took his silence as his way of standing his ground. Normally, she would apologize, just so they could clear the air. She was still upset with the tone he took with her this morning. She just didn’t feel like she could let this slide this time.

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Barisi Episode Tag, 18x15

(and 18x13, and 18x14, and 18x11. Let’s just say it’s a multi-episode tag, spanning the entirety of S18, because I wanted to make up for the ones I didn’t write all season long. Inspired by the messy schedule, by Sonny’s temper, by Barba’s secret, and by my ability to see Barisi in everything. 16.4K.)

Note: This is a 3-part story. 3 mini-episode tags, rolled into one. Each “part” of the story takes place after each of the last 3 episodes, except I’m tackling them in their intended order, namely: 1) Know It All (18x15, with the reveal of Barba’s secret) 2) Genes (18x13, with Sonny’s subsequent outburst) and 3) Net Worth (18x14, with a happy Sonny doing a crossword puzzle). And I’m also heavily referencing Great Expectations (18x11, with the reveal about Sonny’s past).

Please enjoy.




Sonny braces himself before he enters Barba’s office.

It’s been a while.

He doesn’t know which Barba he’ll encounter. Worse than that, he doesn’t know which Sonny he’ll be.

Sonny swears there only used to be one of him. One Sonny, for all seasons.

Not anymore.

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enjoltaireious  asked:

26 because you are the Angst Queen ™

Listen, you can’t give me an angsty prompt, call me the Angst Queen™ and expect an angsty fic because I live to be contrary.

Much thanks to @ahumanfemale and @me-ladie who helped inspire this.

26. Broken, as you clutch my sleeve and beg me not to leave

Barba woke up one morning with the telltale buzzing heaviness echoing throughout his skull, the sure sign that despite copious amounts of Purell and Emergen-C, he had picked up the annual flu bug making its rounds through the DA’s office.

Normally, Barba wouldn’t have made a big deal out of it, would’ve headed into work, grabbed some files and taken the rest of the day off to return home and do what work he could while cocooned in at least three blankets and wallowing in his own misery. A few glasses of scotch would at least help with the headache and the sore throat (his abuelita had always told him that liquor burned the germs off the back of your throat when you were sick — Barba preferred to just follow this advice rather than question its logic).

It was practically an annual tradition, after all.

But this year, Barba realized that his normal plan was going to be derailed almost instantly by the cool lips pressed against his cheek and the low, Staten Island accented voice saying, a little concernedly, “You feel a little warm, Rafi.”

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The casual touches are back. The “Good Job!” is back. (Barba almost having a heart attack thanks to one of his witnesses is back, lol.)

The only downside is that Olivia obviously is not happy and is still fighting some demons from “Townhouse Incident”. I really miss her smile and hope the writers have some positive surprises planned for her during the second half of this season. They can’t just go on with destroying her.

Barisi Episode Tag, 17x16

(1.4K, as written by my ghost.)

~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~

Sonny spots Barba outside the courtroom, minutes after the jury has retired to begin deliberating.

Sonny knows this probably isn’t the best time, he can see that Barba is preoccupied, with good reason, he can see Barba is probably not in the mood for chitchat, but Sonny refuses to let that stop him.

Sonny has something to say.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think you could do yet another FBI one? (Your right people seem to love this lol) Where you got shot on the job and Barba is terrified he's going to lose you -- pacing in the hospital when you're in surgery, looking after you, all of that? Angst + fluff kinda thing? Thank you so much! I also wanted to say i love your dedication to this blog, you do a great job. feel better! :*

I am on the mend! Not 100%, but getting there. Thanks for the love. And now, sad Barba is sad.

Barba sat on the edge of his chair, head in his hands.

You were working in the office more than the field lately, a fact he’d been grateful for. He understood the risks associated with your job, but he knew how careful you were.

When you told him that you were working a case with Manhattan SVU, he was pleased to hear it. It meant you wouldn’t be hopping on a plane to assist on a case where he’d only be able to wonder what was happening. He wouldn’t be left at home wondering how dangerous this suspect was, wondering if your team was watching out for you.

Here, he knew the squad. He knew the case. He knew what kind of criminal element you were dealing with. And sure, the guy was unpleasant, as they all were, but you’d dealt with far worse.

You were there to lend your expertise. To help predict his next moves based on your years doing behavioral analysis.

Work you could do safely from the precinct.

But you joined the squad when they got a call that suggested the suspect had shown up at a woman’s apartment. Everything about this strike followed the predicted pattern, except the timeline.

He was escalating.

When your team and the squad arrived, the suspect panicked. Shots were fired.

You’d been wearing your vest, but the bullet hit your thigh. The only thing you’d remembered was Detective Tutuola and Carisi over you, trying to slow the bleeding.

There had been so much blood.

The first thing Barba saw when he arrived at the hospital was the blood on their clothes.

He looked at his watch, running his hands through his hair and stood up.

“It’s been four hours. Why hasn’t anyone told us anything?”

He spoke to no one in particular, Carisi and Benson still waiting with him.

“Surgery takes time, Barba. I’m sure they are just being careful.”

“Your girl’s tough. She’ll be okay.”

Barba didn’t say a word. He knew they were trying to help. But their words rushed by, his mind too occupied by one terrifying thought: he might lose you.

And he might lose you before telling you how he really felt.

“Mr. Barba?”

A doctor called his name as he stepped through the double doors. You hadn’t told him, but you’d made him your emergency contact just a few weeks ago. You’d watched a friend suffer through not being able to get updates about the person they were in a relationship with and while you weren’t sure where your relationship was going yet, you knew you didn’t want him to go through that.


“We were able to repair the nick to her femoral artery. She lost a lot of blood, but her stats are looking favorable. We’ll know more when she wakes up.”

“Can I see her?”

“I’m afraid not. We still need to monitor her until she’s conscious. Once she is, we’ll notify you.”

“But she’s okay?”

“She was in shock by the time we got her in surgery, but we are cautiously optimistic she’ll make a full recovery. With time.”

Barba bit his bottom lip, his eyes wet, and nodded. “Thank you.”

Detective Carisi squeezed his shoulder. “We should get you something to eat. You don’t want to pass out when you finally get to go in there.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“Of course not, but you need to eat. That’s what she would be telling you, and I don’t want to be in trouble with her when she wakes up.”

Barba choked out a sob and laugh simultaneously. “That she would.”

“Lieu, why don’t you get home to Noah. I’ll hang here.”

Benson nodded, grabbing Barba’s hand and squeezing it. “I’ll call you first thing.”

He nodded, squeezing back.

“Now, let’s go find you some food.”

Downstairs, in the quiet cafeteria, Carisi and Barba sat in silence. An unfinished sandwich and a cup of coffee sat in front of Barba, an empty plate across from Carisi.

“Well, at least you can tell her you ate something now.”

“There’s a lot I need to tell her, half eaten sandwiches notwithstanding.”

“You’ll have your chance, Barba. You’ll get to say what you need to say. Although, I’m sure she knows.”


“That you love her. It’s kinda obvious. The look on your face every time she led a briefing. I could always tell when you got a text from her at the precinct. You looked distinctly pleased, not your usual look when someone contacts you.” Carisi stood up, grabbing the empty plate. “I’m gonna head up to the Chapel. You wanna come?”

Barba shook his head. “No. I’m just going to head back to her floor. Just in case she wakes up soon.”

“Alright. I’ll put in a good word from both of us, then.”

Carisi walked off and Barba looked around at the empty cafeteria, taking a deep breath and bowing his head.


“Mr. Barba?”

His body jerked and he opened his eyes, unsure of how long he nodded off.

“She’s awake. And she’s asking for you.”

Barba rubbed his eyes and quickly followed a nurse down a hallway to your room, listening as she filled him in on your status.

“There you are,” you said as he walked in the room, your voice hoarse from the breathing tube they’d removed.

Before you could say more, his hands were cradling your head, his forehead pressed against yours, a tear falling from his cheek to yours.

“I was so afraid I was going to lose you.”

“I’m much harder to get rid of than that.”

He smiled, gently kissing your lips, smoothing your hair back from your face.

“How are you feeling?”

“Tired. But not in pain for the moment, so that’s good.”

“The doctor said you’re pretty heavily medicated.”

“Make sure they keep me that way, will ya?”

He took your hand in his, holding it to his chest. “Of course. He also said recovery was going to take some time, so when you are ready, you’re coming home with me. We’ll find you a great PT near my place, and I’ll be there to help you with whatever you need.”


“Don’t. I love you and I need to do this.”


“According to Carisi, you should already know this. Apparently, I’ve been really obvious about it.”

“He may have mentioned something to me about that when we were working the case. He’s surprisingly perceptive.”

You lifted your free hand to his face, touching his stubbled cheek.

“Did you get any rest?”

“I fell asleep for a little bit.”

“Did you eat something?”

He laughed, wiping his eyes. “A few bites of sandwich.”

You let your hand fall back to the bed and smiled.

“Well, if you plan on taking care of me, you need to take care of yourself. Promise me you’ll go track down a proper breakfast.”

“I will.”

He kissed your hand and you could feel your eyelids growing heavier.

“Go,” you said, taking one last look at him before allowing your eyes to stay closed. “I’ll see when I wake up. And I love you, too.”

Barisi-centric thoughts on Ep 17x09

i.e. did I just dream an entire episode of SVU?


Before the trial

Sonny “has been talking” to Barba about shadowing him. Which means they have been talking. Off-screen. About Sonny’s studies.

Barba’s “I’ve alerted the bar association” was a perfect joke, and Sonny’s little reaction, that scoff/laugh mixture, was perfect as well. Barba has clearly moved on from actual insults to jokes. He’s messing with Sonny. He doesn’t dislike Sonny, nor does he think Sonny is an idiot. Barba just likes saying that to get a rise out of poor bb Sonny, because it amuses him for some reason (I wonder why).

And Sonny clearly knows that, which to me is a sign of his increased confidence. Sonny used to just scoff, he used to get a little defensive, even. Now he just rolls his eyes and laughs because he knows Barba is just teasing him, and that’s fine by Sonny.

I also loved how Barba tried to turn Sonny down politely, half-assing an excuse, all “um are you sure, the precinct is short-staffed”, mumbling almost, like he didn’t really want to say no but he had to keep up the façade of hating Sonny.

Except Sonny was like “no, Liv thinks it’s OK, come on counselor, pretty please?” and Barba immediately caved. Because of course he did. He can never say no to Sonny.

By the way, the defense attorney being all “who’s the arm candy?” was a great touch. And then she totally eyed Sonny a little bit, didn’t she? And she touched his arm? Right after she had interrupted his rambling? She clearly thought Sonny was just a pretty face. Meanwhile, Sonny’s actual pretty face was like “wtf lady? My boyfriend is standing right here.”

Lastly, Liv and Barba talking about Carisi? All “no you can keep him!”, “no you take him”? That was hilarious. As if either of them could spare Sonny :’)

Thank you, Doctor Carisi

That scene was everything to me. Like, I’ve written it. Sonny hunched over notes and books, Barba coming up behind him, watching him for a split second before speaking in a low, breathy voice. Inquiring about Sonny’s future plans with a smile. Just. I couldn’t believe we got to watch that type of lowkey, sweet interaction between them.

Barba said “you’re gonna take up medicine AFTER you pass the bar”, by the way. I want to point that out. That could have been phrased differently. Like “what, if you don’t pass the bar you’re gonna take up medicine?”. Instead, Barba spoke like Sonny passing the bar is a given. Not Sonny getting a law degree; Sonny passing the bar. Barba has faith in his boyfriend, and it’s lovely to watch.

I wrote it in my Sonny-centric post too, but I loved that Barba genuinely thought Sonny could provide assistance. Watching a confession, helping prep a witness. Barba really put Sonny to work, he didn’t just tolerate Sonny’s presence.

Also, when Barba tried to explain why Benson wouldn’t be in the court when the mother testified, and Sonny got all sassy and “I get it, counselor” and Barba literally said “goooood” with that fond smirk and the eyebrow raise? I mean come on.

Barba was loving every minute of his interaction with Sonny. He was teasing, he was smiling. Constantly. Since when is Barba so upbeat and jokey? What other character brings out that mischievous quality in him? Only Sonny :’)

The Tell (i.e. My Premature Death, So Long, It’s Been Real Y’All)

Again, I wrote more about this in my Sonny-centric post, about how Sonny used his interrogation skills to pick up on something Rafael himself might have missed. Sonny figured out Hodda’s tell, the way Hodda stumbled when he tried to say the words “little boy”. And Sonny wrote it down, and subtly showed it to Barba. In turn, Barba didn’t dismiss Sonny; he read the note, and he immediately understood what Sonny meant, and he took it and ran with it. They were in perfect sync.

And afterwards? When Sonny initiated physical contact and praised Barba, only for BarbA TO RETURN THE COMPLIMENT WITH A SMILE I MEAN DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN?







I MEAN THE CUTENESs ok I’ll stop.

But that was an amazing scene, and the display of mutual respect we saw was fantastic. This wasn’t one-sided flailing. Barba actually praised Sonny as well, genuinely, without a hint of mockery, for a job well done. Barba directly expressed his approval to Sonny. He didn’t downplay Sonny’s contribution. He acknowledged it with a smile.

I literally don’t know who was more excited, me or Sonny himself :D

Sonny Cares about Barba (no, seriously)

There was another moment of empathetic Sonny. One that really spoke to me. After the mistrial was declared, when the mom touched Barba’s chest, so kindly, Barba took her hand for a moment, and was clearly affected by her touch.

Notice Sonny’s face in that moment. Olivia was looking at the mom walking away, but Sonny was looking right at Barba’s face. Sonny didn’t look away for a second. Sonny saw that Barba got emotional, and I think that affected Sonny himself.

Sonny saw Barba working through a grueling case, but he also saw that the case left Barba with emotional residue, if you will. With a burden. And that gave Sonny pause. Maybe it made him look at Barba a little differently, just like Sonny’s performance during the trial made Barba look at him differently.

Maybe Sonny saw Barba as a human being, in that moment. As a sensitive human being. Not as a badass ADA. Just like Barba saw Sonny as a funny, hardworking, intelligent man. Not as an overeager cop.

Stray observations

When the defense attorney was all “are you gloating?” and Barba sassed her and Sonny stood by smirking, all “tell her, Rafi! That’s my boyfriend right here!” that was pretty great too :’)

Also, shush. Shush was everything.

Overview of the status of Barisi as of this episode

I really think that this episode established a kinship between Sonny and Barba. In a strange way. It showed us that Sonny is somewhere in-between; he is a cop but he can see things from Barba’s perspective as well, in a way that the other cops can’t.

The episode also recontextualised Barba’s little insults as jokes. It demonstrated that Barba enjoys messing with Sonny, and that Sonny doesn’t mind, not now that he knows Barba doesn’t mean any of it. It’s all in good fun, and fun is something that Barba truly needs in his life.

On a professional level, this episode also showed that Barba and Sonny complement each other extremely well. Barba utilised Sonny’s skills in the best possible ways, and he wasn’t shy about appreciating Sonny’s input. Earnestly. That’s something we hadn’t seen before. Before, Barba would only say “Carisi’s right” while making a face.

Now, Barba has come to respect Sonny. But since Sonny is a hilarious sweetheart, Barba isn’t letting his respect get in the way of his teasing Sonny, because that’s pretty much the only joy Barba has in his life right now :’)


Link, for those who missed it.

Sonny trying to learn? To figure out Barba’s thought process? Asking about Barba’s reasoning behind specific decisions during the selection of the jury? Barba explaining? Sonny making a  joke? Barba actually laughing at Sonny’s joke? Well-naturedly? Sonny grinning happily when Barba laughed at his joke? Sonny giving Barba a totally unnecessary little smile?











Chapter Two

Mini Masterlist 

For some reason, the mobile version isn’t bolding everything that I have bolded in the real version, idk why, so just pretend that it all looks uniform.

It was exactly 1 a.m. when the knock sounded at your door. Sighing to yourself, you grabbed your suitcase, giving your apartment one last lingering gaze before opening your front door. Another man you didn’t recognized took the suitcase from your hand, introducing himself as ‘Agent Smith’ before rushing you from your building.

Sliding into the backseat of the SUV, you were surprised to find it empty.

“Where’s Barba?”

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It’s complete puzzling that Barba even needs to be defended here? He was doing his job? Is there a reason that it is okay for everyone else to do their job but not Barba? Why is everyone suddenly so far up Tucker’s ass that the hate needs to be directed towards the guy who always does his job no matter what. 

This is who Barba is. This is who Barba has always been. Liv is a friend but she is not above the law. He’s not going to take that risk for someone who couldn’t even let him in on the little secret? Nothing he did was malicious or out of jealousy, but you can’t expect him to go the extra mile for someone who wasn’t upfront in the first place. I love Liv and she had reasons, but don’t hold Barba to some higher standard.

anonymous asked:

1. He always looks great - with Barba please!

This may not be what you meant when you said with Barba, so hopefully you like it. For some reason, it’s where my head went immediately.

“Barba was on fire today.”

You nodded in agreement as you stood there with Sonny and Amanda, discussing the verdict, but your attention was elsewhere. You were watching Barba further down the courthouse steps, talking to reporters.

You’d also been impressed with his skill in the courtroom, but lately you found yourself admiring much more than his legal ability.

It was more than a little distracting.

“That last witness for the defense, he completely tore him a new one. He was great,” Amanda said. “Right?”

Still staring and half listening you nodded again, mumbling a response. 

“Yeah, he always looks great.”

Sonny nudged you with an elbow. “What was that?”

The nudge broke you out of your trance-like state. 

“I said he was great.”

Amanda and Sonny exchanged looks.

“You did not. You said he always looks great. And judging by how long you’ve been staring over there, I have a feeling you’ve been thinkin’ that for a while.”

You turned your back completely to where Barba stood on the steps. 

“I didn’t get much sleep last night, and my head was somewhere else. It was just a slip.”

Sonny pursed his lips. “Uh-huh.”

“Nothin’ to get embarassed about,” Amanda added. “I mean, he’s not my type, but I can see it. Nice butt, too.”

You did your very best not to respond. You could tell by her smirk she was baiting you, and as hard as you tried, you couldn’t help but smile.

“Okay, yes, I think he’s attractive. Big deal.”

“And you think he has a nice butt,” Sonny teased. “Say it.”

“Will you both shut up and never speak of this again if I do?”

They both shrugged and gave a half-hearted nod.

“Yes, I not only think ADA Barba is cute, but I think he has a cute butt.”

“Well, that’s flattering.”

Your eyes widened and your stomach dropped as you saw the huge grins on both Sonny and Amanda’s faces, Barba’s voice behind you. You mouthed some choice words to the two in front of you before turning around.

“Nice job in court today, Barba.”

He smirked, eyebrow raised. “Thanks. I’d like to think it was my great legal prowess, but it might just be these new pants.”

“You’re not gonna let this go, are you?”

“Not anytime soon.”

A thought about Sonny’s future

I don’t know if this makes sense, and I especially don’t know if the writers are mapping out Sonny’s character arc in such detail, but something occured to me after rewatching this week’s episode.

Sonny seemed to be taking a separate position, more than once, compared to the other cops (even Benson).

First of all, like I said in my earlier post, Sonny asked for a warrant before he even went to search the poor guy’s apartment, and Benson practically said “find something linking him to the rape, forget about the warrant”. Then, as he was searching the apartment, he was acting all intense but it was clear he was fronting, it was clear that he was panicking because, after some point, he started realizing they had shot the wrong guy.

That’s why he asked about the guy’s haircut; because, even though Sonny was supposed to be trying to pin the crime on the suspect, he was actually trying to figure out if the guy was guilty. Which he wasn’t. That’s why Sonny asked about a warrant again, for a second time, on the phone with Benson (and she shut him down again); he knew they were searching that apartment of an innocent man. There’d be nothing there.

But Sonny stood apart one more time; at the end of the episode, when all the other cops were openly dissing Barba, Sonny was the only one who spoke up to defend him. Even Rollins was quiet, or just focusing on the ‘silver lining’ (for her and her cop friends), on the fact the cops would probably walk.

Sonny didn’t act like an angry cop; he considered the facts, and he correctly deduced that Barba never would have overcharged like that, so it must have been the grand jury.

So, twice in one episode, Sonny was shown to act differently than the rest of the cops. Could that be because he’s more than just a cop? Could this be a hint that Sonny might be considering becoming a lawyer? That he’s not as hardcore as the other cops, because maybe he doesn’t necessarily see himself as a cop in the long term?

Could that be why Sonny was the only one who empathized with Barba? What do you think?