5 Steps To Making Sure You Land That Job Interview

One day you open your inbox and there it is: an email alert about a new job posting that describes your dream job, with a company you’ve always wanted to work for! This sounds like the perfect opportunity, but what can you do to make sure you land an interview? 

Step 1: Make Sure Your Profile Fits the Job Requirements

Step 2: Tailor Your Resume to the Job Description

Step 3: Give Your Resume a Creative, Descriptive Title

Step 4: Do Some Research on the Hiring Manager

Step 5: Do Not Let More Than 2 Days Pass Before You Send in Your Application

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Hey everyone,

I got a new job that I’m starting tomorrow so I’ll be posting a lot less. Might have to unfollow a few people since I’ll have less time for tumbling… (so, yeah, nothing personal)…

Also, I’m hopefully working for the pacific science center over the summer as a lead educator for their camps. Really hope that works out, that’d be awesome. 

Self-employed is the nature of things because who we are are not jobs, but artworks. The other option would be cooperation because of believing in/being inspired by another and dying to support their vision into fruition.

Productivity/Work Ethic/Busyness are factory working mentalities that BURN a person’s natural creativity and joy for life. People are not machines, nor should they be.

Even if you choose to take a job that has a boss, do so in full respect of yourself. Do it for your comfort (money), your desire to be of service (but not subservient), your joy of togetherness (take the job with the best people, not credentials). Always do it for you. Do not sell yourself. Being paid does not mean being owned.

We pull out big guns for big projects. #maythe4thbewithyou #starwarsday #starwars #adagency #AgencyLife #miniature #lego

“Job” or “Work”

“Job” is a noun meaning a profession or a particular task:
“My job is as a human resources professional.”
“My wife’s given me some jobs to do this morning.”

“Work” is mainly a verb and is not used easily as a noun:
“I have to go to work.”
“Have you finished that piece of work?”
“You really are a piece of work.” (“piece of work” means “bad person” in this context)

They are not interchangeable. You can’t have “a work” or “go to your job”.

How To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

Starting your own business can be a ticket to the good life, where you decide when and where to work and set the rules. But some people struggle because they aren’t prepared for the change in mindset they need to thrive. Here’s how to succeed:

1) Build momentum and act on your vision at some point.

2) Don’t quit your day job, start your business as a side gig first if you can.

3) Create the right image—on a tight budget.

4) Win clients through public speaking in your area of expertise.

5) Find a time management system and stick with it