I'm bleeding from the eyeballs

Not really, but this online training just started with an explanation of “what is a database.” References to filing cabinets and index cards have been made.

I do so wish I could test out of this shit.

enfpiss  asked:

Hey again! What do you think about an ENFP 7w6 in Public Relations? Also, are you into photography?

I am not even going to look at the specifics because I am one of those people who do not belive that personality description shall in any way define what one can be good at.

I believe there can be an amazing INFP CEO (because some companies are very people-oriented or need different boss attributes than what one gets to mind immediately) as well as an ENTP doing a detailed analyst job.

If you enjoy this direction, then congratz, you are already on a good path. When you get a job there, exploring your options, look at how often you say “I have to do…” instead of “I want to do XY” or “I need to do XY”. (To me there is a huge difference between having to and needing to - need in my definition comes from an importance you feel for the job. If your job is important to you for other reasons than survival, you are bound to love it easily.)

I hope this helped a bit.

EDIT: I love photography but I personally never made it a priority to learn it properly.

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Overheard at the zoo today

“ugh look at the tortoise it’s so depressed. All it does is lay there. It doesn’t even have the motivation to move.”

I want to address that. First of all, this is anthropomorphism and it is dangerous. Animals do not have the same kind of thought process, patterns, or emotions as we do. You are applying your feelings to an animal that doesn’t think the way we do.

No, the tortoise is not laying there because he is depressed or bored… He is laying there because THAT IS HIS NATURAL BEHAVIOR. In fact, if he were up and moving around excessively we would all be VERY concerned that something was wrong. He’s a 500 pound tortoise. His legs get tired. He is laying there because all of his needs have been met NOT because he is “sad” or “has given up on life.” That’s just what he does. If you went to their natural habitat, they would be doing THE SAME EXACT THING AS IN THE ZOO. That’s a good tortoise life!!

Same with the sleeping lions. They are not understimulated, THEY NATURALLY SLEEP FOR 16+ HOURS A DAY. that is what they do. That is their existence. Our experiences tell us that it means the animals are sick or bored, but it’s untrue! That is the way they have adapted. It’s what they naturally do!!

A lot of this misinformation stems from the human idea of “the wild.” Just because humans associate the wild with nature and freedom DOES NOT MEAN THE WILD IS ANY FRIENDLIER.

Predators, disease, resource competition, all those are VERY REAL concerns an animal must deal with in the wild (in addition to human caused threats such as climate change, poaching, and habitat loss).

So next time you want to say “that animal is sad/depressed/pissed that it’s in a cage” you need to ask yourself if you are qualified to make a judgement on that animal’s behavior. Have you spent countless hours watching and studying the natural behavior of the animal in question? Have you spoken with other professionals about how to properly keep or improve upon keeping the species? Have you spent days/weeks/months out in the wild observing these creatures?

We don’t just toss animals in a fence and call it good, folks. Every single aspect of their care is painstakingly thought out and managed.

I can guarantee that your average person’s pet dogs and cats are more bored with their life than our animals are at our zoo.

Stop and think.