After months and months of very hard work

It’s finally paying off. Just got a phone call from a company I’ve done so much work with and they are officially offering me a job. I’ve worked for myself/supported myself through forex trading. But I’m so excited to be apart of this company. I’ll share more when I can 😁

God is SO Good!

Story time:

I went to dinner with my dad and some of his work buddies a week or two ago. I was worried about it being awkward and was especially worried about someone (or everyone) asking me about my job search and what I was doing now that I have graduated from Michigan State. But I went (for the food). 

I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry, probably because of the intense heat Southeast Michigan has been getting lately, but I tried to stay chipper. A man that my dad works with brought his wife as well and she was the first to ask me about my job search. She was intense and supportive but intense. I got really emotional and didn’t know what to say or how to feel about my current standing. I didn’t know what I wanted because working a full time job, behind a computer, doing something repetitive and boring didn’t seem fun. I wasn’t very motivated to look but I had so much else to do.

I was reorganizing my room and getting rid of everything I could in order to make space for my apartment furniture from school. My room is small and there’s not much space and I was stressed. I had so many things to do to prepare for my job search and felt like I was drowning in this adult world that wasn’t warm or friendly or fun. But it was just a rough patch. I was feeling hopeless being one of the many graduates looking for a job. And my job search wasn’t specific. I’m in communications, not nursing. But I tried to shake it off and let it go. Take her advice and try to apply it in a way that I could.

Later in the evening, her husband asked me about my search. He was much less intense and because this was the second time around with the same questions, I felt more comfortable (and less emotional). He told me that he had an uncle that was the CEO of a company and there may be an opening there. He told me to send him my resume and he’d pass it along. 

Within the week I got emails from that organization stating that they wanted to schedule an interview with me. 

I hadn’t applied for a single job. I hadn’t done any work yet to network and job search. This job found me.

I scheduled the interview for mid August and the next day I received another email asking if I was available next week (pushing the interview back one month). I was pleasantly surprised and a bit anxious about this news. Of course, I said I was available and we scheduled the interview for today.

I just got back home and felt overwhelmed with this feeling that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. No, it wasn’t in my plan. I didn’t apply for the position. But honestly, this job sounds like a complete dream. The people are lovely, the facility is incredible, they all seemed happy to meet me and spoke highly of me. This job is right up my alley in terms of what I want out of a company and out of a job and with what I’m good at. 

I swear, God gave me this opportunity on a silver platter. He knew I was ready for this interview even though I didn’t. He knew what I wanted when I had absolutely no idea. My entire life seems like it has prepared me for this job at this company and I couldn’t be happier (unless I got the job!) And I didn’t even have to apply. It’s the craziest thing. Sometimes, God really does throw curveballs and you have to be flexible and open to things that He gives you because they could be exactly what you need and what you were born to do.

And, of course, this may not work out. I may not get the job and I would be heart broken. But God has brought me to an interview that has helped me figure out what I want to do with my life and my degree. He has opened my eyes to things I wasn’t sure I could ever do or accomplish. So, even if this particular  job doesn’t work out, I am much better off than I was before it all began.

God is so good.

God bless,


God is Good!

I just had my first interview for a full time position! For anyone who has interviewed for anything, you know how stressful it can be. It’s a time when everything is uncertain and you need to be flexible and be you but you also need to be everything they need you to be. In this case, everything I am, seems to be exactly what they need.

Nothing is certain, I do not have any answers back, but they really liked me. I will have to interview with one more person before any decisions are made, but they will be recommending that this person speaks with me. It could be any time between now and August 15 all the way to September but I am happy to say that I was not rejected. I made it through my first real interview for a full-time position that I didn’t even apply for. And it’s a perfect fit. If you want to read more about how I came upon this job (or how God gave me this opportunity (shoved it right in my face, actually), read my next blog post:) 

God is so good!

God bless,


I don't think I actually have anyone on here who follows or pays attention to me at all. but if you do:

I got my new job! it’s at a restaurant in a hospital. with benefits. and really good pay. and weekends off. and I’m so excited and happy. I need this.

I hate the double-standard concerning authors

So many times I’ve seen things like,

“Wow, that author wrote ANOTHER book in that series…? Isn’t that kind of overkill?”


“They’re writing more?? It’s not like they need any more money!”

and I just find it absolutely ridiculous.

You don’t go to an architect and say, “Wow, you’re constructing another building? Don’t you think you’ve made enough by now?”

And you don’t tell directors, “Shouldn’t you stop making movies now? You’ve already made plenty of money…”

Authors are not magical beings who write your favorite book and then just stop because “their job is done”. 

Writing is their job, their career. Authors write what they wish to write, they write to live. That’s their job. It’s how they make money, how they survive. Just because they love what they do doesn’t make it any less of a job for them. So of course they’re going to continue to write, even in series that have tons of books already, because maybe that’s what inspires them and so that’s what they write.