Imagine kissing Pope to stay undercover on a job

You and Pope were pulling a job in an apartment building, some crazy rich people or something. You hadn’t really cared, you’d just been excited to go on a job with Pope alone for the first time in quite a long time.

After you had gathered up the money and other expensive items you’d found in the apartment it was time to get out but Pope was hell bent on checking the entire apartment though you had easily over 20.000 in the bag.

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Chicago public schools to withhold diplomas if students don’t have job, college or military plans

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that Chicago will require high school students to have a job, college acceptance letter, gap-year program enrollment or military enlistment before receiving their diploma. 
  • Detractors are questioning if the new requirement is possible.
  • The measure, passed by the Board of Education in May, will affect current sophomores graduating in 2020. Critics of the ruling — like Karen Lewis, the president of the Chicago Teachers Union — have pointed out some of the major flaws. Read more (7/5/17)
Zodiac Bad Interview Answers

Twitter users inspired 

Aries: “Why are you a good fit for this company?”  “No. Why don’t YOU tell ME why I’d be a good fit for this company.”

Taurus: “What’s your strengths and weaknesses?” “Strength: Loves money. Weakness: Spends a lot of money.”

Gemini:  “If your friends had to describe you with one word, what would it be?” “Insane”

Cancer: “Tell me about yourself”   “…..No.”

Leo: “What do you think of the current work our company produced?” “It’s crap, that’s why you need me.”

Virgo: “What are some of your biggest accomplishments?” “I know all the words to every Disney song”.

Libra: “So what are your positive points?” “I’m good looking.”

Scorpio: “Describe yourself in one sentence.” “Mysterious as the dark-side of the moon.”

Sagittarius:  “Why do you want to work here?” “Because I need a job….”

Capricorn: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” “Being your boss.” 

Aquarius:  …. “I can’t answer that without my lawyer present.”

Pisces: “Why did you leave your previous job?” “Haters gonna hate”.