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Key things that ensure a food business success in my opinion based on experience:

  1. Higher ups - It really starts with the higher ups, the corporate people, the people with the last say. Management of a business can, either go, really well or go sour real quick if management doesn’t have the right attitude, whether it’s attitude towards the business or attitude towards employees. I believe that management issues can trickle down the company and hurt a company if the issue is not addressed. So if management treat their workers like they are there just for them to boss around and use then your company will not flourish.  It’s essential to make your employees happy because that plays a huge role in customer service. If an employee hates his job and hates working under a horrible corporation/manager then customer service can turn out bad too. 
  2. Marketing/Promotion - This plays a huge role in the success of a company. A company that invest more into marketing and promotion will come out on top. It can range from promotion on Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets. 
  3. Incentives - A job can get really repetitive. I’ve been working the same job for 4 years now and it’s super repetitive but incentives can keep me going. Having pay raises (sometimes can be really hard to do), having a group party, or end of the year gifts and prizes for awesome workers (small business do this a lot) have proven to be great incentives. I mean if an employee loves his job and never wants to leave, you can bet he works harder or better than someone that has no incentive to work.
  4. Don’t Expand Too Quickly - Stay small. The reason for that is it ensures your loyal customers get quality service and consistent food/products. Franchising should be last when it comes to expanding. If a company plans to expand, corporate should only expand slowly with corporate (as in open another store is ok) and not by franchising (having other people open your store). This ensures quality, consistency, and great customer service. A business actually becomes weaker and weaker the more you franchise (if you don’t have a good training team). 
  5. Have a training team - A training team is essential too. When you start to build new stores, an amazing training team is what helps keep your new store running smoothly. Not everyone works the same way so training your new employees how to correctly communicate and how to correctly respond to customers can help your store in the long run. Smiling and acknowledging the customer, even though its a small gesture, can actually get a customer to come back again so that’s where training comes in. 
  6. Be in touch with your employees - Be in touch with your employees. I love it when the higher ups appreciate and acknowledge my hard work and effort. Maybe even working with your employees once in a while can positively help your business. 
  7. Put customer service first - Have you heard the saying, “the customer is always right?” Of course, they are not always right but treat a customer like they are always right. This can result in a happy customer and who knows they might tell their family members about your store and how amazing it is. 
  8. Have a positive attitude - Be the one that believes the cup is half full. Have a positive attitude with your employees and positive outlook on your business. 
  9. Know who you’re catering to - Have a target population. Do you know who you want to sell to? Figuring out who to cater to can reduce your cost in opening a store. Catering to the whole population can cost you a lot more. 
  10.  The name of your store can be a deal breaker - Sometimes the name of a store can be a deal breaker for a customer. If it’s difficult to read or understand then the store will not thrive but be creative with the name. Keeping it simple but creative can separate you from the competitors. 
  11. Interior Design - A business can simply fail because of the interior design. If the interior is not appealing to the eye then for sure customers will not come back. This also goes hand in hand with color scheme. Red and yellow are mainly used in food industry because they believe it stimulates appetite. 
  12. Keep track of EVERYTHING - Keep track of every single thing(or try to) in your business. Know how much you use of a certain product a day. This can help you when it comes to ordering more food. You don’t want to have excess food and you don’t want to have too much leftover.
  13. Have a solid menu - Businesses that continually change their menu can fail miserably. Having a small but consistent and good menu is much better than constantly changing the menu. This also helps you when it comes to inventory. 
  14. Location, Location, Location - You can have a solid store, with really good food, and great customer service and not get any customers. A store can’t survive anywhere. Taking into account the geographic location can make it or break it. When it comes to picking a location be sure to check if that location has enough parking to go around. If you have an awesome store with horrible parking space, you for sure will lose customers.  

This is just based on my experience and from what I see when it comes to food businesses. This is not a comprehensive list and should not be consider as such. I’m just doing this for future reference and for others to see if they plan on opening a food business. Good Luck :]
Bernie Sanders Warns Democrats They May Not Win in 2016 Without Him
Taking his outsider message into the heart of the Democratic establishment, Bernie Sanders warned party leaders that the huge crowds he has drawn may not vote for Democratic candidates in 2016 unless he is at the top of the ticket.
By Patrick Healy
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“While working, there are times that impulsive thoughts of wanting to quit my job come into my head. Whenever I have those moments I tell my wife and she tells me to just quit. She says, ‘if you don’t like your job honey then go ahead and quit.’ When she understands and listens to my side completely like that I then weigh the pros and cons of my actions and end up rationally thinking it through. I think that’s what it means to be a family.”

“사회생활을 하다보면 직장을 관두고 싶다는 생각이 울컥 들 때가 있어요. 그 때 집에 와서 아내한테 그 얘길하면 아내는 오히려 관두라고 말해줘요. ‘여보가 맘에 안 들면 직장 그만둬도 돼’라고. 그렇게 전적으로 제 편을 들어주고 다독여주면 저는 오히려 제 행동의 득실을 따져보고, 이성적으로 생각을 하게 돼요. 가족이란 게 그런 것 같아요.”

The Democratic primary is one joyless Bataan Death March to a Hillary Clinton nomination. Sure, Bernie Sanders is drawing crowds in the thousands, but for some reason the ‘media’ has decided you can’t be a serious candidate if your hair looks like your dick got caught in an electrical socket
—  Jon Stewart