How To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

Starting your own business can be a ticket to the good life, where you decide when and where to work and set the rules. But some people struggle because they aren’t prepared for the change in mindset they need to thrive. Here’s how to succeed:

1) Build momentum and act on your vision at some point.

2) Don’t quit your day job, start your business as a side gig first if you can.

3) Create the right image—on a tight budget.

4) Win clients through public speaking in your area of expertise.

5) Find a time management system and stick with it

The site is a place to establish your online identity. This is a screen grab from Josiane Pilon’s page. For the last three-and-a-half years, Eric Chandler has been teaching a selection of ten courses in communications, marketing and public relations in New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional […]

Today at the spring festival I got tons of awesome low priced stuff!! When I walked into some beauty store I was jumping around like a puppy at all the awesome it’s they had!! I said to my mom I wished I could work somewhere that allowed me to have dyed hair like this. Someone working there was like you should work here! I filled out an application and they are all super nice!!! I need to work there its such an amazing place and I’ll get 50% off of items like Paul mitchell hair products like good stuff !!! AHHH IM EXCITED! Oh oh one of the workers complemented my hair well it is a wig but I’m SOOO HAPPY ALSO ITS NEXT TO A STARBUCKS YESSS YES #happy #transman #transgender #lgbtq #lgbt #hair #job #proud #socialanxiety #spring #pinkhair

Hey everyone

So I’ve had a dream for years now to go to England as an Au Pair but it hasn’t happened yet :-( 

But i got the idea of writing on here the worst thing that can happen is nothing right? 

A bit about me

So i´m a 19 year old girl from Denmark.

I’ve been working as an Au Pair in Denmark for two years now with two different families. In both families i was babysitting a girl aged 1, and in one of the families i was also taking care of a 7 year old and a 12 year old. I helped them with breakfast and getting to school then once they got home i helped them with homework + snacks + playing till the parents got home.                               Right now im babysitting twins two times a week, they are only 5 month old. 

Except from that i have to younger siblings aged 17 and 10, and i am often looking after my brother both now and when he was smaller. 

If you now someone who would be interested in having an Au Pair please tell them about me, also your welcome to ask me more question 

Please id love if you’d all do me a favor and reblog this post for as many people to see as possible thank you so much

This past week was definitely a little crazy and I’m still trying to process all that has happened. Well by “all” I mean my new job! As much as I am really grateful for it, I’m also aware of the fact that it will consume a LOT of my free time and so now I have to really set my priorities right and be sure to use my time wisely. With that said I realize that this week is probably going to be a little crazy and a little messy because it’s the first full week of me working (I worked just half of the last week) and I have to balance it with studying for finals. I am slightly frightened and terrified because frankly - I pretty much started a new job at the worst time possible lol. But with God’s peace and strength I should be able to overcome it and get through all of it, right?! So please bear with me if I don’t post as much here and prayers are appreciated! #selfie #toughweek #finals #student #work #job #newjob #newwork #newbeginnings #wishmeluck #hectic #new #busy #vscocam (at I live here 🏡)

this weekend, Casey and I assisted at a public writing/art event in Union Square, went on a milkshake date, and watched The Lincoln Lawyer

the Somerville Arts Council is literally paying this woman to pay me to take pictures, hang out in the outdoors, and write fun shitty poetry on typewriters

I have 5 more Ben and Jerry’s coupons with no expiration dates on them, only one college assignment left before my first year of college is Over, and only two days until my ortho appointment

I keep thinking of and writing down things I want to do this summer

my back hurts a ton and I keep undereating, which is bad, but I’m feeling pretty good and very excited for summer break

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A day in my life....

Me when I have to get up early for work:

Me when I lay in bed and I forgot to brush my teeth:

Me when I pour cereal in a bowl and open the fridge and see that I’m out of milk:

Me when my mom calls me:

Me when somebody tells me I shouldn’t eat that:

Me when people ask me what I want to do with my life:

Me when my boss tells me I’m late:

Me realizing that I hate everybody and I have to friends to hang out with:

Me when one of my friends call me to hang out:

Me when somebody interrupts me reading just to ask me what am I reading?:

Me taking the time to make this post, expecting 4387238947239848932 notes only to get 0: