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What's your ocupation ?

Right now I’m living as a minimalist and adhere to a strict budget. I sell trivial, material possessions I’ve accumulated during a period of time where I was owed significant money, and find convenient jobs that offer high pay for little work, usually two to three times a week, nothing detrimental to my focus here.

I utilize what little I have efficiently, while refining networking strategies (both online and offline) to establish financial security as a life coach providing counselling via one on one sessions and as a writer compiling the writing archived here into cohesive lessons on both e-book format and paperback. I’m also in the process of developing my youtube channel and a clothing line with dramatic, symbolic imagery and insightful messages to go along with them.

Once all of this takes off over the course of the next year, I’ll be tweaking the online site here into a community for others to contribute their own insights and creativity with “self-empowerment through critical thinking” as the foundation.

These alternative, strategic methods of maintaining income are a testament to the discipline and analytical disposition that I advocate, and is not only a convenience to my own personal sustenance, but acts as an example that derails the cynical notion that submission to the status quo is the only option.

I have never in my life undertaken something so wildly ambitious, and acclimating myself to this magnitude of responsibility has been incredibly overwhelming, but I would rather find stress in my ambition, than consent to a lifestyle of self-disgust where I perpetually mourn my lack of initiative.

Tips For Winning Over Your Boss

Here are a few tips for winning your boss’s approval:

1) Do your job, and do it well.

2) Assist and support your boss’s professional goals.

3) Make your boss’s priorities your priorities.

4) Take the initiative with projects and assignments.

5) Show an interest in an activity your boss is passionate about.

6) Demonstrate a long-term interest in your organization.

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Ways to take care of yourself when you’re doing the multiple job shuffle
by Becca Rose

It is the nature of the 20-something years to include a certain amount of hustle. You know what I mean, my friends: ‘the hustle’ refers to the practice of working your tail off to get to where you’re determined to go. Sometimes that means waitressing nights and interning days, with little sleep in between. Some of us live at home to save money, though we’re barely there because we’re always on the run from one job to the next[…]