Tumblr I need ya'll to pray for me

I hope the title didn’t scare you guys too
Much but honestly pray that I get my job back tomorrow. I lost my temper with an ignorant piece of trash customer and I’ve been suspended for two weeks. Tomorrow is my meeting with corporate to determine whether I get my job back. Please pray that I do I really can not be unemployed right now(I get that I’m wrong in freaking out on a customer but we live and we learn). Thank ya’ll so much💕

Comunicado de Podemos ante la gravedad de la situación que vive Grecia
Ante la inmensa gravedad de la situación que vive Grecia tras la ruptura de las negociaciones por parte del Eurogrupo, Podemos quiere comunicar lo siguiente:

El pasado lunes, el Gobierno griego presentó una propuesta al Eurogrupo que incluía enormes concesiones y fue unánimemente recibida como sensata y viable. Los acreedores internacionales, encabezados por el FMI, no han aceptado que Grecia pague sus deudas mediante una subida de impuestos a las grandes fortunas griegas, como proponía el gobierno de Syriza. El FMI y sus socios han exigido que el gobierno griego pague sus deudas subiendo el IVA de los alimentos básicos y bajando las pensiones…

I have a prayer request!

I applied to be the worship intern at my church for this coming semester, & I had waited for about a month & a half with NO response either way about my application. I just got an email from the worship director at my church (she contacted me first, surprisingly) to say that they’re still looking through internship applicants & haven’t forgotten about me. I had honestly given up hope about it & figured God must have something else in mind, so that was encouraging news! Would you be praying that that staff makes the right decision & hires the person God has in mind even if it’s not me, that God would be equipping that person to serve in that way, & that He would give me peace & patience to trust Him since it’s back on my mind again?

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Please help me, or listen.

Ok ok…ok…i don’t like to make these posts. i don’t like to advertise, but the thing is i’m lost

i do not know what to do anymore in my life. 

here’s a tl;dr version of me and my situation:

My name is Kaytlin, i have been crippled for over 5 years, and now am being threatened of being kicked out even though i cannot work, let alone WALK, STAND, OR EVEN SIT COMFORTABLY.

I need a job BADLY. so please help me, let me know what i can do

  • are there disability benefits i can get somehow? maybe to make it easier to find a work at home job, or help pay rent??
  • is there any way i can find how to get a work at home job?

other than that I NEED 100$ a month to live in my house now, even though im crippled and am in constant pain (fun i know) 

so please let me know if you need commissions, i need commissions until i can find a stay at home job

you can find my deviantart here: 


i will literally draw anything for you unless its gross. no gore, no rape, no illegal fetishes or anything.

i do draw nsfw. (note for my examples if wanted)

other than that i will leave a more detailed story below:

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