Ok, so I know tipping your waitress is not a normal thing in a lot of places outside of the USA.
But please, please for the LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. Understand something for me. I know where you’re from it’s not normal, and that you arnt used to tipping. But keep in mind here in the USA servers basically live off their tips.
I make 4.50 an hour American currency. That is half of our legal minimum wage because they can legally do that if we make tips.
Please be aware of this when you visit our country.
Thank you.

Heute bei einer Vorstellungsrunde (10 Leute) für einen Job:

Nachdem er seinen beruflichen Werdegang grob schilderte, fügte er ehrlich hinzu: “Naja, ick brauch uch mal wieder wat, damit der Lebenslauf besser aussieht, wa?”

Mein persönlicher Held des Tages!! :)

Taco Bell

I’m excited im 18 years old and about to get my first official job I hope :3 I had my first interview today at Taco Bell.im not really fond of tacos but Idc I need a job and I know I can do well I have another final interview on Thursday I can’t wait because if I get this job I can have a start on my future c:
I am almost positive I’ll get it because I showed my out going personality and waited the extra long time unlike the other lady who left because they took so long but idc I WANT THIS JOB

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