New Job Tomorrow...

I’m kind of freaking out a little… I start tomorrow. I’m just all nerves right now. I shouldn’t be nervous…. There are two others who are going to be learning with me… My Aunt works there and I should be okay right? Why am I so nervous!?

At work today....
  • Two kids came through my line today
  • Boy:*holds up krazy glue* look it's the kragle!
  • Me:you can by that, only if you promise not to glue people in place
  • Boy:*eyes widen* you know what a kragle is?
  • Me:of course. Every special knows what a kragle is.
  • Boy:then how do you know what it is?
  • Me:*bangs counter* darn! I gave away my position. I guess that means it's time for me to appoint a new special, or in this case, two new specials.
  • Both kids:*squeals*
  • Me:*holds up hand* but first, you must answer me one question.
  • Kids:*nods*
  • Me:what day of the week does president business plan to use the kragle? Hint: taco....what?
  • Kids:*same time* Tuesday!
  • Me:*claps* congratulations, you both are the new specials! *bows*
  • Kids:*cheers*
  • Their grandma:*smiles and winks at me* let's go specials.
  • Me:have a good night, my specialties! *bows again*
  • Kids:*bow back and run out of store*
Top Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Do you dream of not just working for yourself, but blazing trails? If so, there are a few characteristics successful entrepreneurs have in common:

1) They’re not afraid to make well-planned leaps.

2) They’re usually early to rise.

3) They’re a people person (or can fake it)

4) They know their strengths and weaknesses.

5) They match their passions with the right industries.

Want to be the next great entrepreneur? Be realistic, be ambitious and make a plan. Some of the greats have forged ahead for you, and given you a path to follow.

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Got my own personal stuff @ work

My own desk, my own pc etc etc and im allowed to go anywhere in the company, like, i’m A real employee now and it feels so goooooooddd! I finally feel like i’m getting somewhere with my life! Can’t wait to move out, have a stable life and job, woohoo

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