Esao Andrews for “The Gilded Age” at Thinkspace Gallery.

Opening on Saturday, September 12th at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles, California is the extremely anticipated three person exhibition, “The Gilded Age,” featuring the epic work of Esao AndrewsAaron Horkey, and Joao Ruas.  Above is Esao’s contribution for the show which as a whole is described as “[A] fortuitous result of a seemingly unlikely petproject, and a rare and unprecedented opportunity for collectors, fans and enthusiasts to see these three illustrative giants wring life from inanimate sands.”

Esao is considered (and I strongly share this sentiment) a master of the New Contemporary art world, for Andrews creates “emotive narratives and allegories through the intuitive juxtaposition of imagery. Often combining human and natural worlds in a mashup of symbolic gestures, Andrews’ highly detailed works resonate with the ghosts of our sub-conscious.”

If you’re in Los Angeles, do not miss this show.


João Ruas’s “Alien” Screenprint.

João Ruas recently had the chance to work on a screenprint film poster for the movie “Alien,” one of his dream projects.  He certainly blew the final design out of the spaceship - it’s hauntingly beautiful.  Of the process João said he started with the two beasts of the film, the xenomorph and… the cat.  The screenprint will be available soon.

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