Cooler (New Girl AU)

“So?” Dean spreads his arms. “Look how handsome I look.”

“That is a woman’s leather jacket, Dean,” Cas informs him.

“This jacket has clean lines,” Dean points out, “and pockets that won’t quit.”

“And room for your hips,” Victor says.

“And when I wear it I feel hot to trot.”

“Okay, do not say hot to trot,” Benny says.

“My coat makes me say things like that!” Dean exclaims, his face jubilant.

“First of all, it’s not your coat,” Victor says, brandishing the package it had come in that morning.

“True, it may have been delivered to the wrong address,” Dean says, “but then tell me… why does it fit like a damn glove?”

He moonwalks very poorly across the floor; the rest of the loft watches him with judgmental grimaces.

“It’s someone else’s woman’s coat,” Cas says slowly.


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( YOU’LL NEVER LEAVE HARLAN ALIVE ) [listen/download✸ a justified fanmix, requested by mycharmingcaptain 

ain’t no grave -johnny cash ✸ barton hollow - the civil wars ✸ little lovin’ - lissie ✸ the plains / bitter dancer - fleet foxes ✸ dustbowl dance - mumford & sons ✸ run daddy run - miranda lambert ✸ personal jesus - johnny cash ✸ long hard time to come - gangstagrass 

“Our collaboration works, Watson. Even when things are less than ideal between us… It works. When I look back on the last 18 months, I often categorize it as a kind of grand experiment. The results of which have demonstrated to me, much to my surprise, that I am capable of change. So I will. Change. For you.” — Sherlock Holmes to Joan Watson

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cas is heaven’s resident bad boy lbr. all the other angels have posters of him hidden under their beds.

cas is the angel that all the mom angels look at warily and there are murmurs of “he used to be such a nice boy, never blasphemed at all” when they see him go by and all the younger angels sigh dreamily over