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Benefit of the Doubt

It seems to be Molly POV Week at the geekmama estate. Still another post-”I Love You” fic, because I’m always disturbed when I run across a fic where Molly is so angry about that phone call that she’s ready to throw up her hands and give up on Sherlock. Never seems logical to me, considering the long years and other weirdness they’ve gone through.

She’s known him a very long time. Why wouldn’t she give him the benefit of the doubt?

“I love you.” 

And the line went dead. 

Molly set her mobile on the counter and raised trembling hands to her mouth. Then, realizing there was no use in fighting it, she went into her living room, dim in the fading light of late afternoon, sat down on her sofa and wept as though her heart had been ripped to shreds. 

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You know what makes me happy?

Banna, Dave, JoFro and my wonderful Beefs (Thank God and you all). But because I can’t post pics of my Beefs I’ll post some Bates looking at Anna as if she was the only woman in the world. And she is, to Bates, she is. 

Mind Games Part 1

Prompt: Being nobody in Gotham City and the Joker becomes obsessed with you.

Y/n was raised in the slums of Gotham. Same story as everyone else. One parent did heavy drugs and the other was a criminal. Her mother was on the Black Mask’s payroll, she smuggled drugs and sometimes helped in one of the standard car theft missions.

Until she fell off of a car and got ran over. Her dad died of overdose and you were only 7. She bounced from orphanage to orphanage and managed to even make friends with this kid named Jason. Y/n ran away after 3 months at that stupid place and last you’ve heard of Jason was that he got adopted by the richest man in this hellhole.

You worked your ass off in school and eventually college. I mean graduating from Yale with top honours was certainly an achievement, too bad you had no one to celebrate with. She decided maybe she could do a little good back home and became a Psychology Professor at Gotham City University. They couldn’t be more thrilled to have you on their staff. Y/n had been working there for about a month and half now. She owned a decent apartment and got an excellent salary but in her heart there was something missing. Ask anyone from Crime Alley to switch places with her and they would in an instant. There was something Y/n was looking for but no matter where she looked she couldn’t find it. A feeling or a person maybe?

Y/n was getting ready to go home and watch re-runs of The Flinstones when her co-worker, Joanne had called her and (Y/n was pretty sure Joanne was too drunk and high on something she did not wanna know). So being the good friend that she was, Y/n went to this club that oozed expensive money. She found Joanne in a booth, dancing on a pole and singing what Y/n knew was Bon Jovi.

“Joanne get down from there before someone takes a video of you gets you fired” Y/n said as she tried to drag her friend down from this death trap

“Y/n!! You’re here! You should try their special drink tonight they’re celebrating because their big boss is back!” said Joanne as she drunkenly tried to grab you (probably leaving a mark)  but unfortunately missed and almost fell face first if you hadn’t caught her. Y/n was left with no choice but to sedate Joanne so that she would calm down. Y/n turned around to make sure no one saw what you did. So much for trying not to cause a scene and get shot in the head. You weren’t dumb. You knew who owned this little joint.

“We are going home. Now” Y/n said and grabbed her friend’s purse and took Joanne by her arm and gently dragged her out the door and in your beaten down car. Unbeknownst to Y/n, a certain green haired man had just found his new toy.


Question to Joanne: who did you want Myka to end up with?

Eddie answers with a version of his Bering and Wells fanfic before Joanne answers.